The Best of Tahaa French Polynesia

The Best of Tahaa French Polynesia -located just north of Raiatea, and only a few minutes by shuttle boat, the fragrant scent of vanilla envelops Tahaa, giving it its nickname, “the vanilla island.” The island produces more than 80% of French Polynesia’s vanilla, and visiting a vanilla plantation here will be a blissful experience as the plantations are located in luxuriant valleys among pineapples and coconuts.

Life slows down on Taha’a island. This charming and quiet island sweeps you deep into the typical Polynesians’ easy going life. Tiny motu with luminous white sand beaches surround the flower-shaped island with a soft mountain rising from the calm waters of a lagoon.

Vanilla-scented air wafts on breezes that pour down the hillsides from the island’s many vanilla farms, and those gentle aromas ride the ocean breezes proclaiming the island’s soul long before you can see it on the horizon.

The island of Taha’a is captivating. Slanted palm trees rise above pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and overwater bungalows. Le Taha’a by Pearl Resorts is among the finest resorts in The Islands of Tahiti. You can learn more about The Best French Polynesian Islands here, or the Most Beautiful Beaches in French Polynesia here, or on Pinterest.

Tahaa Weather – Best Time to Visit Tahaa

Like all Society Islands, the ‘best’ time to visit Tahaa is during the dry season (May – October). During this time, the temperature is slightly lower and most importantly – there are less rain and clouds. Average temperatures range from the upper 60s to the mid-80s, which is ideal beach weather. Plus, the humidity is at its lowest. It is peak tourist season and hotel prices are high. Keep in mind also, that during these months, the southeasterly wind blows in this direction so the lagoon might be a bit choppy (and chilly at night).

Best Things to do in Tahaa

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Visit the Vanilla Valley

Tahaa is famous for its vanilla production which is among the purest in the world. There is nothing like buying vanilla directly from the island’s vanilla factories in the purest Polynesian tradition. One of them stands out: the Vanilla Valley. Located on the eastern side of Tahaa, the establishment is a small family farm, where visitors are welcome.


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Drift Diving at the Coral Garden

The Coral Garden is the must-see spot for snorkeling in Tahaa. It is a shallow passage between two strips of sandy land. Carried by a weak incoming current, you will drift in the crystal clear waters above the corals of all colors. Very well preserved, these coral massifs are the natural habitat of an extremely rich and varied aquatic fauna. Hundreds of butterfly fishes accompany you next to clown fishes, parrots and many others.

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Take the Coastal Road to Discover the Local Crafts

Touring it by car or bicycle is one of the best things to do in Tahaa. You will first take the coastal road before taking the cross-country road. The landscapes are enchanting. Sparsely populated, the island has little infrastructure and lives to the rhythm of eight small villages. This is an opportunity to promote small businesses, often family owned. These are one of the links in the social fabric of Tahaa. The experience itself remains above all warm and human. The hospitality and benevolence of the resident population are real.

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Hiking to the Belvedere of Vaiautea

In the heart of a preserved nature, you will discover fantastic panoramas on the bays of the main island. As the hiking trails are not well marked or cross private properties, the alternative to wilderness excursions is to go up the crossing road between the villages of Haamene and Ruutia. After a two-kilometer climb with a medium gradient, you will arrive at the Vaiautea pass.

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World Class Snorkeling on Motu Tautau

The real treat lies beneath the ocean’s surface. A carnival of sea life, from sharks to clownfish, inhabit the waters surrounding the island; the best views are located in the shallow channel adjacent to the motu of Tautau. Dubbed Tahaa’s Coral Garden, this snorkeling spot is easily accessible from Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa or by boat charter. Snorkelers can expect pristine scenes of marine life and colorful coral that can sometimes be harder to spot on other Polynesian islands, where the waters are constantly churned up by tourists. The Coral Garden is best enjoyed during high tide so there’s enough water to avoid self-injury.

Best Tahaa Restaurants

Tahaa Matai $11 – 30

Cuisine: French, Polynesian Address: BP 209 haamene 98734 Tahaa Telephone: 689 40 65 70 85 Web: Tahaa Matai TripAdvisor Rating

Ma’a Viti Pizza $10 & Under

Cuisine: Italian, Pizza, Vegetarian Friendly Address: B.P 250 Patio, 98733 Tahaa Telephone: 689 87 73 57 11 Web: Ma’a Viti Pizza TripAdvisor Rating

Le Ficus $11 – 30

Cuisine: Polynesian Address: 123 Rue Principale Poutoru, Baie de Apu, 98734 Tahaa Telephone: 689 87 34 98 38 Web: Le Ficus TripAdvisor Rating

Le Vanille $30 & Up

Cuisine: French, Bar, Pub Address: Motu Tautau, 98733 Web: Le Vanille TripAdvisor Rating

Best Tahaa & Area Hotels


  1. Liam Tremblay

    Great topic. If you are suffering from crowded streets i definitely recommend you Tahaa french polynesia where life slows down. It’s charming and quite.
    I’m crazy about drift diving and i think it gonna be such a great experience. Wow, It’s amazing just close your eye and think about the silence under the sea.
    If you are searching to buy souvenir don’t forget to visit Vanilla valley.

  2. Mark

    What an incredibly beautiful island!

    Kudos to beautiful pictures and especially the drone video! I’m sold. Book me now!

    Very exciting to have opportunities at this vacation location to go meet and talk to the locals as well as browse and purchase their locally grown produce and crafts!

    And I can hardly believe how clear the water is!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, French Polynesia and beautiful clear waters.  You would love Tahaa.  Please let me know if I can help in any way with your vacation plans to Tahaa!

  3. Carol Barnes

    I liked your article on Tahaa French Polynesia. Your description of Tahaa so makes me want to visit. The thought of smelling vanilla in the air from the vanilla farms sounds like heaven. I like reading about what Tahaa French Polynesia is like during the different times of the year and your recommendations. Your articles are amazing.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thank you Carol and thank you for taking the time to leave me comments.  I am glad you enjoyed my guide to the Best of Tahaa French Polynesia.

  4. Alisa

    So much valuable information about the magnificent destination in one place. If I could I would book a flight immediately.  When the time for planning this kind of vacation comes, I will certainly come back to your website. It is perfect for inspiration same as for getting all the information you need.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thank you, Alisa, I am glad you enjoyed reading about the Best of Tahaa French Polynesia.  It really is a dream destination!

  5. Vasile

    I was amazed by the vanilla plantations among the pineapples and coconuts.
    What special things: white sand, lagoons, palm trees; it’s amazing.
    I have not heard of Tahaa French Polynesia.
    How wonderful it looks from the drone; I noted it for viewing and tranquility.
    Beautiful snorkeling images; with butterfly fish, clown fish, parrots and sharks.
    Here I would like to see Tahaa’s Coral Garden; I dream with my eyes open.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I like that, you dream with your eyes open.  Sounds like you will truly enjoy Tahaa!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

  6. Vai

    All Polynesian Islands share their beauties in the color of their surrounding beaches, clear and sparkling sea waters and their beautiful landscapes. Tahaa is no exception. One of Polynesia most beautiful island known for its vanilla farmers and productions.

    Being a Polynesian, I am very familiar with the similarities of all Polynesian Islands. Your post brought forward information about the best beaches, best places to eat, best time to visit and the best hotels to stay. Valuable information for visitors wanting to tour the Island of Tahaa.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I agree Vai, and thank you for visiting Beach Travel Destinations.

  7. angelce903

    Tahaa is an extraordinarily beautiful island! And since I love vanilla smell, I need to go there! I really enjoyed your review about the activities. You don’t need to go only to the beach, but you can hike or visit the vanilla island. Many things that I would really enjoyed if I went there! Please keep up with giving us the best destinations for holidays.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I agree, Tahaa is an extraordinarily beautiful island!  And you are right, there is so much to do besides hit the beach!

  8. Jessie

    I have been here before!!  This is the first place I have been to that you have posted about.  I have to say, if your readers want to go here they HAVE to check out the culture.  They need to kind of leave the beach for a bit and see how the locals live and how amazing the people are there.  It is such a friendly culture even to people who do no look or think like them.  I actually highly recommend this area even just to travel and experience!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I always like to immerse myself in the culture, and I’m a foodie as well.  So I totally agree with you!  It is worth the experience for sure!

  9. Parameter

    Such a beautiful terrain. Your excellent description gives me a good imagination of the Tahaa. With the vast plantation it shows its a vast land that brings one close to nature. With the long dry seasons coming between May and October. It obviously has a long duration for visitors to visit. I strongly look forward to seeing the vast coastline,  beautiful beaches, and enjoying the food and culture.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      It is a wonderful place and you will truly enjoy.  Please let me know if I can provide you any additional information.

  10. Ashley

    Yet another great review of a beautiful island destination. I so long to go lay on a beach in Tahiti and Tahaa looks like the perfect choice.  It just looks so beautiful and the water looks so clear. 

    I will definitely be checking out both of your recommendations for snorkeling. 

    Also, how cool is it that the actual breeze smells like vanilla? I think it would be so neat to go walk around one of these vanilla plantations. Vanilla is my favorite scent! I buy candles, lotions, and anything else that can be scented with vanilla. Is it possible to buy these types of things  at the vanilla plantations?

    Also, I cannot wait to bike down the coastal road and check out all the local crafts!! I may need to buy an extra suitcase to carry back all the wonderful things I plan on buying.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, take an empty suitcase with you 😀  That is what I do!  You will find some great finds.  and the beaches are beautiful, the people warm, and then you have the culture and food to immerse yourself in.  Tahaa is a great choice for a beach destination and so much more!

  11. Remote Vagabond

    I wish I could book a flight ticket immediately after reading this article! 

    Great drone footage and photo. Love the best things to do. I have always been interested in getting my PADI, diving license. I think French Polynesia would be amazing to dive. I already do a lot of snorkeling whilst on holiday. 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Oh yes, perfect place to get your PADI for sure!  Yes, I wish I could head out to French Polynesia too, sigh.  So beautiful and exotic.  

  12. pasindu dimanka

    Thank you very much for this valuable post about best of tagaa french polynesia. I actually heard this today. I had never heard that before. But it is a very beautiful place. Thank you very much for the video you have attached. It made me want to travel there even more. I love to dive and see coral. It can also be done there. Keep posting like this. I definitely share this.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Tahaa is wonderful, heck all of French Polynesia is.  It is one of those places I could spend months vacationing to, shoot I would live there on the beach in a hut if I could!  Thanks for taking the time to leave me comments.


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