The Best Moorea Travel Guide

The Best Moorea Travel Guide – Tahiti’s sister island. At 12 miles from Tahiti, the landscape that resembles a vast star-shaped garden branching out into eight valleys. Captain Cook’s island has one of the most beautiful lagoons. Its turquoise waters reflect the sumptuous harmony of the underwater world where divers might meet turtles, leopard rays or even some scorpion fish amidst coral roses hosting many other species.

Moorea is a tropical garden filled with silver pineapple fields, the main agricultural product of the island. Visit beautiful Afareaitu’s waterfalls or the famous Cook and Opunohu Bays, and make this a magical place to stay. Despite the growth of pensions, hotels, bars and restaurants of all kinds, Moorea has not long any of it’s charm. With plenty of land and water activities, children and parents can experience this tropical world together.

The central focus of a Moorea vacation is the water. From boating and snorkeling to the discovery of gentle sea creatures, you and your family can enjoy and learn about this pristine aquamarine world. And transportation is cheap from Tahiti island (due to the Ferry transfers which are less expensive then airplanes), Moorea is a must do island for a great family vacation. Visit The Best French Polynesian Islands here, The Most Beautiful Beaches in French Polynesia here, or visit us on Pinterest.

Moorea Weather – Best Time to Visit Moorea

High Season For Hotels: June Through October

During the “winter” months the temperatures are a bit cooler and the humidity is a bit lower. Also, rainfall tends to be far less frequent, but you’ll still get an afternoon cloud burst or two each week during this period.

In July in particular there are many local Polynesian festivals on the islands, so even though most tourists don’t attend them, it’s worth noting if you are the type that might enjoy it.

With the weather being more ideal, a major reason why June and July have the highest rates for hotels in the area, including over water bungalows, which is an enormously popular destination for honeymoons, and summer is prime time for weddings in North America. Hotel rates will be higher and availability will be more limited, but those who plan in advance should find an excellent resort with availability and rooms that are only 10 to 20% more than their off-season rates.

Best Scuba Diving: June Through November

The scuba diving and snorkeling are quite good all year, but it’s considered even better during the drier months from April through November, when fewer downpours upset the clear water below. With this in mind, those who are coming mostly for diving should consider April, May, or November, to take advantage of great conditions and lower room rates.

Off Season: November Through May

The lowest room rates can be found from November through May, though the December holidays do tend to get busy as well. December through March are the wettest months, although as mentioned above, the differences can be quite minor depending on the week you are actually there.

It’s more humid during this period, but cool sea breezes are never far away, especially in the afternoons. There’s also more persistent cloud cover, so if sunbathing is your main focus then this time of year is not ideal, but for other purposes you’re likely to find that the fast-moving clouds around sunset can produce some of the most beautiful scenes of your life.

Best Moorea Beaches

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Ta’ahiamanu Beach

A large golden sand beach awaits visitors at the tip of Opunohu Bay. The view of the lagoon and the sailboats is breathtaking, and the place benefits from a very active aquatic fauna due to the presence of a pit nearby. It is a spot appreciated for snorkeling and the discovery of turtles, rays and multicolored fish. Bordered by palm trees and coconut palms, the beach is well maintained and offers regularly cleaned showers/toilets. During the week, the beach will be deserted, and thus perfect to enjoy nature intensely. The sunsets are exceptional and contribute to make this place a must-see.

The Private Beach of the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort, Moorea French Polynesia, Best Time to Visit Moorea, Moorea Weather, Best Moorea Beaches, Best Moorea Restaurants, Best Moorea Nightlife, Best Moorea Hotels & Resorts, Best Moorea Over Water Hotels, Best Moorea Tours & Activities, The Best Moorea Travel Guide, The Best Moorea Travel Guide
The Private Beach of the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort

Most of the hotels and resorts offer their clients beautiful, private and well-maintained beaches. The general public does not have access to them, even if in principle no regulations prohibit it. However, it is still possible for non-residents to eat in the hotel restaurant or bar and then go to the beach. Some hotels prefer to sell a day pass like the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort. For 80€, you will have access to one of the finest private Moorea beaches, to snorkeling and kayaking equipment. Directly across from the Hilton’s private beach is one of the finest diving spots in Moorea.

Temae Beach, Moorea French Polynesia, Best Time to Visit Moorea, Moorea Weather, Best Moorea Beaches, Best Moorea Restaurants, Best Moorea Nightlife, Best Moorea Hotels & Resorts, Best Moorea Over Water Hotels, Best Moorea Tours & Activities, The Best Moorea Travel Guide
Temae Beach

Probably the most popular beach in Moorea, Temae is located in the northeast of the island. Bordered by a row of coconut and palm trees, its white sand and crystal clear waters make it a must for swimming, snorkeling and contemplation. The lagoon is not deep, so the beach is ideal everyone. In these warm waters and thanks to a light current, the aquatic fauna and the coral massifs are right on. Stingrays and multicolored fish accompany you during your snorkeling trips.

The Private Beach of the Coco Beach restaurant, Moorea French Polynesia, Best Time to Visit Moorea, Moorea Weather, Best Moorea Beaches, Best Moorea Restaurants, Best Moorea Nightlife, Best Moorea Hotels & Resorts, Best Moorea Over Water Hotels, Best Moorea Tours & Activities, The Best Moorea Travel Guide
The Private Beach of the Coco Beach Restaurant

Ideally located on an islet in the northeast of the island, Coco Beach offers a magical dining experience. It offers an extraordinary view of the turquoise blue lagoon and the green mountains of Moorea. You can reach it by shuttle from the pier of the Tipaniers hotel. This small beach allows a time of bathing or digestive relaxation. Enjoy snorkeling here, and seeing black tip sharks and rays in abundance. When you come to Coco Beach, it is an enchanting experience.

Tiahura Beach, Moorea French Polynesia, Best Time to Visit Moorea, Moorea Weather, Best Moorea Beaches, Best Moorea Restaurants, Best Moorea Nightlife, Best Moorea Hotels & Resorts, Best Moorea Over Water Hotels, Best Moorea Tours & Activities, The Best Moorea Travel Guide
Tiahura Beach

Tiahura Beach is located on the west coast of Moorea. The beach offers a relaxation area and amenities such as showers/toilets. All this in the shade of palm trees and close to shops to better enjoy a picnic in the park and a morning at the beach. The beach is beautiful with an incredible view of the lagoon and the immensity of the ocean. Less popular with tourists and day-trippers, it offers peace and quiet, and snorkeling is as easy as ever: the areas are indeed shallow. The west orientation offers breathtaking sunsets until the last rays and the play of colors becomes quite stunning.

Best Moorea Restaurants

Moorea Beach Cafe by Bruno Jamais $11 – 30

Featuring Polynesian-Asian-French-fusion cuisine, this contemporary-chic beachfront eatery in Maharepa, owned by French-born restaurateur Bruno Jamais, is a sunny spot where you can indulge in some upscale Papeete-meets-Paris dining—maybe paired with a glass of bubbly. Telephone: 689 40 56 29 99 Web: Moorea Beach Cafe by Bruno Jamais

Restaurant Te Honu Iti $30 & Over

Over on Moorea, the Restaurant Te Honu Iti offers you a chance to eat on a deck over the water while watching rays swim around. It’s a bit more affordable than comparable Papeete restaurants, and has well-prepared food. The crowd’s here for the rays, amazingly soft and velvety, who are drawn by the restaurant’s underwater lights and swim right up to the edge of the deck. Telephone: 689 87 79 29 98 Web: Restaurant Te Honu Iti

K Restaurant $40 – 200

For a truly special and elegant dining experience, book dinner at K. The restaurant, on the grounds of the Sofitel la Ora Beach Resor. The tables are draped in white linen and decorated with shells and driftwood. Candles create a romantic glow and the floor is sand. Dinner is a 3-, 5-, or 7-course tasting menu by renowned Chef Guillaume Burlion, and the house has a superb vintage wine list that sommelier Fabrice Jarry is happy to help pair. Telephone: 689 40 55 12 43 Web: K Restaurant

Holy Steak House

Located in Haapiti, this Moorea restaurant boasts unique, contemporary decor indoors with floor-to-ceiling windows and wood-beamed ceiling with modern chandeliers. The varied menu changes monthly, though you can, of course, expect excellent steaks. An elegant outdoor wine bar, with comfortable chairs and water views, has a strong wine (and cocktail) list, with vintages from around the world. Reservations suggested. Telephone: 689 40 55 15 14 Web: Holy Steak House

Snack Mahana $11 – 30

This family-owned eatery, with its shady tables right next to the lagoon, has a delicious and affordable menu options with generous, freshly prepared plates of poisson cru, garlic shrimp (a specialty), grilled mahimahi, burgers and more. Lunch only; cash only. Telephone: 689 40 56 41 70 Web: Snack Mahana (TripAdvisor)

Best Moorea Nightlife

Eimeo Bar (Located in the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa

This newly refurbished lounge bar has wonderful views over the pool and the lagoon, making it perfect for evening cocktails. There’s live music most nights. Telephone: 689 40 55 11 11 Web: Eimeo Bar

Hotel Kaveka

This lively three-star hotel right on Cook’s Bay has a traditional island band on Friday and Saturday nights. Telephone: 689 40 56 50 50 Web: Hotel Kaveka

Motu Iti Bar

Savoring a breathtaking sunset sinking into the lagoon at this lovely little spot on the island’s northwest corner is a great end to the day. Telephone: 689 40 55 05 20 Web: Motu Iti Bar

Rudy’s Moorea Steak & Seafood

Owner, Syd Pollock, has been running restaurants and bars in French Polynesia for 40 years. Now his elder son, Rudy, is turning on the fun with live music Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday nights to accompany the good food. Telephone: 689 40 56 58 00 Web: Rudy’s Moorea Steak Steak & Seafood

Bar Five

Best Moorea Hotels, Resorts & Over Water Bungalows


  1. Kevin

    Wow, this really is the best Moorea travel guide! I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and it is freezing here. Everyone is catching COVID, the flu, or colds, and the photos in this article make me wish I was in a tropical place right now. If I were to plan a trip, do you know what the current restrictions for Canadians are (if any)? I would love to visit Moorea.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      All you are going to need is your passport and an airplane ticket to fly into Moorea.  Pretty simple 🙂  

  2. Alisa

    So many private beaches! This is the destination of my dreams! If something is important to me when I choose where to go on a summer vacation that’s peace and privacy. Of course, the beauty of the beaches is also what I consider while making a decision, but without peace, beauty isn’t that valuable to me. I can’t wait to discover more destinations like this.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I totally agree with you, and Moorea sounds like the perfect place for you.  You will find beautiful beaches where you can have the peace and privacy you want!

  3. Carol Barnes

    What a dream a vacation this would be! Moorea sound like it has everything that you could possibly want in a vacation. I think I would need more than a week or two here to see everything that it has to offer. The beaches, the restaurants, the nightlife it all sounds like so much fun. 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I agree Carol!  3 weeks is the perfect time to spend in Moorea 🙂

    2. Leahrae (Post author)

      I agree Carol!  3 weeks is the perfect time to spend in Moorea 🙂

  4. Mimi

    Beautiful beaches, affordable hotels, realistic prices, and especially nicely explained, diving, and staying in the wonderful waters of Tahiti, in the beautiful blue lagoons. Maybe my next vacation will be right here. Thanks for the detailed information! Good to know that the temperature is good and that the water is pleasant for swimming. Wonderful!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I’m glad you enjoyed the Best Moorea Travel Guide Mimi!  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

  5. angelce903

    Hello, Moorea seems to be a beautiful island and deserves to be visited. If I had to visit this place, I’d go during the hotel season. I am completely the kind of person who would attend festivals with the local population. I enjoy partying! I’ll also go hiking, and I’ll probably come with someone who enjoy scuba diving to completely benefit from a trip like this!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, sounds like you have it all planned out!  There is plenty to see and do for everyone in Moorea.  Thanks for visiting Beach Travel Destinations.

  6. Vasile

    I haven’t heard of Moorea.  
    That’s why it’s good for me that I read this blog which gave me a view on this topic.
    To stay in a hut over the water, would just be heaven really.  Not to mention the great beaches!
    I like quiet and picturesque places.
    You have given me great information for everything!
    I really liked the video, which gives a wonderful overview of the place.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thank you Vasile for visiting Beach Travel Destinations and taking the time to leave me comments.  I am glad you enjoyed reading and learning about Moorea.

  7. Ashley

    Wow! This place sounds amazing and there is so much to do.  The Hilton looks AMAZING with those little huts that jut out into the lagoon.  Are those private suites? I can’t wait to eat at the restaurant with all the sting rays!!! That sounds so cool and of course, I will have to bring my snorkeling gear.  If I can’t fit it in my luggage, is there a place to rent it? 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, the Hilton is amazing and private and wonderful.  And yes, they are private huts (suites).  All first class!  You would enjoy Moorea sounds like 🙂

  8. Robert

    Wow, what a nice website I have never heard of Moorea it looks amazing with lots of choices in where to stay and eat. and lots to enjoy. I would love to scuba dive there to see all the wildlife and to see the waterfalls and everything there. I have never been anywhere away from North America it would be exciting to go there.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, very exciting and relaxing and amazing 🙂  I am glad you enjoyed learning and reading about Moorea.  Thank you for stopping by.

  9. Pickwick Publishing

    What a fabulous post! Your mixture of words and photos leaves little to the imagination…it’s almost as if you could reach out to touch the sandy beaches. I also enjoyed your recommendations for additional tours and activities. Moorea is not an island I am familiar with, but you have convinced me that it should be.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I am glad I to lend to your imagination and give you a slight push towards a vacation in Moorea.  Thank you for taking the time to leave me comments 🙂

  10. Horatius

    Looks like the prices aren’t as high as I thought they were, at least as regards the local venues. It would be interesting to know more about the climate outside of the main season. Is it an equally enjoyable location in, say, February or March? I assume flight prices are going to be lower in those months. Thanks for the list of activities. I love scuba diving and the pacific islands seem like the dream location for that!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Moorea in February and March will average a temperature of 86°F.  Pretty nice weather for sure, and yes great place for scuba diving.  Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave me comments.

  11. pasindu dimanka

    I like to travel in places like this. This moorea is just like Maldives. There are similar huts there too. I love places like that. I like this kind of beach very much. And the prices of the restaurants are very reasonable. Thank you very much for this kind of guide. Keep posting like this. I share that this is a must.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You are so welcome!  Glad you enjoyed 🙂


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