Water Sports Gear

Essentials:  Water Sports Essentials

Water Sports Gear, Fun Beach Games, Things to do at the beach, best games for the beach, games to play at the beachFun Beach Games

As soon as the weather gets warm, the beach begins to call. And nothing makes a beach visit more fun than some good beach games. Beach games for kids keep them entertained when they are out of the water. Beach games for adults provide both exercise and fun.  Of course, every beach has sand and included are some great sand games your whole family will enjoy. Visit our Fun Beach Games, and have some fun on the beach!

Flowboarding:  Best Body Boards and Flowboards

Flowboarding is a hybrid board sport, which has been evolving since the 1980s.  The sport combines the progression, maneuvers and skills from the core action sports of skateboarding, surfing, bodyboarding, snowboarding, and to a lesser extent, wakeboarding and skimboarding.  Visit our Flowrider Indoor Surfing page, and have some fun in the water!




Stand-Up Paddle Boards:  Best Stand Up Paddle Boards

Stand up paddleboarding, or SUP for short, is one of the more popular water sports at the beach. There is minimal equipment needed and anyone can do it. The sport involves standing on a surfboard-like piece and using a paddle (like a kayak or canoe) to propel yourself through the water.   Learn more about this activity and find everything you need to start on our SUP Paddleboarding post.


Kayaks:  Best Kayaks for the Beach

A relaxing day on the water, a warm breeze rolling by and some incredible scenery you could never see on two feet—those are just some of the simple joys that come with kayaking and a few of the many reasons you should give it a try.  Visit our Best Kayaks for the Beach guide on everything you need for your kayak adventure.


Personal Watercraft Water Sports

Come have fun on the water!  Get everything you need here for your Personal Watercraft.  Enjoy your summer with fun on the beach and in the water!  Get started now with our Personal Watercraft Water Sports.


Kite Surfing Equipment

Kitesurfing is a sport which can be learned relatively easy by every active and willing person. Anyone can learn how to kite surf, and no one is too young or old for this sport!  Come on in and learn all about the fun water sport kitesurfing, and learn how to kite surf!





  1. sue

    I love this website. It looks beautiful and is chock full of luxurious destinations. I am a beach person! I live in northern California at the moment. My real estate is in Florida. I have been missing the horizon.

    I love the content here. I especially like the beach games and gear sections. Beaches rock!

    Thanks for all this information!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Sounds like you and me could be sisters 😀 I am a beach bum true to heart. I love going to different beaches, I love everything about beaches, as you can probably tell. Thanks for visiting Sue and reading about Water Sports Gear 🙂

  2. sarah

    Wow, thank you so much for your amazing reviews. This water gearing activity always looks fascinating to me and I will try this one day. Thank you for your amazing share, I really love they way you have explained everything in your review.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I am glad you found it interesting Sarah. There is so much to do at the beach, and in the water. The water calls my name, so I love all types of water sports. I do believe you will too once you start! Thanks for reading about Water Sports Gear for the beach.

  3. Jessica

    I would love to own my own kayak. I’m curious if there are suggestions for roof racks on cars for carrying a kayak?

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I should have reviewed roof racks! Thank you for letting me know. Here is the link for the best kind of roof rack for your vehicle. Thanks for reading!


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