Providenciales Turks & Caicos

Providenciales is an incredible tropical vacation destination, and there’s a tremendous selection of things to do for all ages.  With some of the nicest beaches and water in the world, it’s no surprise that most activities on Providenciales involve the ocean. There are exquisite reefs for diving and snorkeling, extensive marine wetlands that are perfect for kayaking and birdwatching, and incredible coastal environments.  There’s a ton of boat tours and excursions to choose from as well, which visit secluded beaches, uninhabited cays, snorkeling reefs and great nature sites. Cruises are a great way to get out on the water and experience the beautiful environment of the islands.  For those who who’d like to get a little closer to nature, there are several national parks and nature reserves on Providenciales and the nearby islands of North and Middle Caicos, which offer distinct coasts, lagoons, wetlands, and caves to explore.

Relaxing on an incredible beach is of course one of the top things to do in the Turks and Caicos, and there’s an impressive number of perfect white sand beaches across the archipelago.  These spectacular beaches are complimented by some of the most vibrant turquoise and blue waters in the Caribbean – a view that has to be seen to be believed.  The widely-recognized Grace Bay Beach is the most-popular beach in the Turks and Caicos, and is the nation’s hallmark. There’s miles of soft sand, vivid turquoise water, and no crowds.

Grace Bay in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos is listed as one of the top 20 beaches in the world.  Here you can find information on all of the 20 most beautiful beaches of the world.  Read our Providenciales Turks & Caicos travel guide to start planning your vacation to this wonderful beach destination.

Weather (When to Go)

The main factors to consider when visiting the Turks and Caicos are accommodation prices, hurricanes, and for some of the islands, the presence of mosquitoes.  December to April is typically the high-season. During this period, the rates for accommodations and activities are often at least 30% to 50% percent higher compared to the rest of the year, and availability may be limited as well.  The low season occurs during the late summer and early autumn months, which coincides with the Atlantic hurricane season. Due to the relatively limited number of visitors at this time, some businesses either temporarily close down or take the opportunity to renovate.  If you are able to reschedule your vacation in the unlikely chance that a hurricane threatens the Turks and Caicos, booking during the low season can result in substantial savings.

The Turks and Caicos is located in the tropical Atlantic, and as such is at risk of being hit by a hurricane or tropical cyclone. In the Atlantic, these storms largely form between June and November, and this period is commonly known as the hurricane season.  A hurricane or tropical storm can obviously ruin your vacation, so you’ll want to be aware of the likelihood of such an event. If your personal vacation schedule and airline tickets are flexible and allow for date changes, definitely consider visiting during the hurricane season as you’ll likely have a great stay. If you’d rather avoid any chance of a major storm, book during the winter and spring months.

The presence and quantity of mosquitoes varies greatly by season, by island, and most significantly, by the amount of rainfall experienced. On the whole, the typically dry weather in the Turks and Caicos isn’t conducive to the pests, and as such mosquitoes are only a problem after unusual flooding.  When there has been heavy rainfall, the mosquito situation on Providenciales varies highly depending on location. Grace Bay and other tourist regions typically see far fewer mosquitoes than the remote west coast does, and mosquito problems in regions exposed to the constant eastern trade winds usually fade quickly.

Getting to Providenciales

The Turks and Caicos Islands currently have 2 full service international airports on Providenciales and Grand Turk, and all other inhabited islands have domestic airports, some with limited international entry facilities.  Most visitors fly into Providenciales upon entry to the islands and then can easily take a commuter flight to the other islands.  Visitors from the US are reminded that effective January 8, 2007, all US citizens visiting the Caribbean must be in possession of a valid US passport.  For a list of countries that does not require a visa to visit Turks & CaicosTurks and Caicos Entry Requirements / Immigration.

Getting Around Providenciales

Taxi Service is available at all our airports and seaports, as well as throughout the islands. Many drivers will also serve as your local tour guide and show you the undiscovered attractions of the islands.  Are you looking for reliable car rental company?  SUV’s,  Jeeps and scooters are available in Providenciales and Grand Turk. A valid driver’s license from a visitor’s place of residence is required. A government tax of $15 is levied on all hired cars and $5 on motor scooters. Remember we drive on the left.  The three best rental car companies are:  

Island Hopping

There are many great islands and beaches to visit in the Turks and Caicos so explore them all.  There are two options for visiting other islands: airplane or boat.  Ride the TCI Ferry to explore North Caicos, Middle Caicos and South Caicos. There are daily departures.  Chartering a boat for the day is the ideal way to island hop, arrange a secluded beach picnic or beach BBQ with a group, help you hunt for sand dollars and shells, or just get you up to the next island. Many services double as scuba, snorkeling or fishing guides too.

Attractions in Providenciales

Chalk Sound National Park, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, Providenciales beaches, Turks & Caicos Beaches, Grace Bay, things to do in Providenciales, best restaurants in Providenciales, best bars in ProvidencialesChalk Sound National Park

Chalk Sound is a highly scenic natural lagoon on the southwest of Providenciales. This national park features shallow and brilliant turquoise water with hundreds of small rocky islands.  Chalk Sound is nearly landlocked, yet a winding channel does connect it to the ocean and Caicos Banks off the south of Providenciales.  Because of Chalk Sound’s protected status as a national park, powered watercraft use is prohibited. The main attraction for most visitors is sightseeing by road on the southern side, or as a kayaking and paddle boarding destination.  The water in Chalk Sound is clean and algae-free. The incredible turquoise hues are created by refraction of sunlight off the fine limestone sand and particles of the area.

The Hole at Long Bay Hills, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, Providenciales beaches, Turks & Caicos Beaches, Grace Bay, things to do in Providenciales, best restaurants in Providenciales, best bars in ProvidencialesThe Hole at Long Bay Hills

The Hole is a naturally-formed limestone sinkhole located in the Long Bay Hills area of Providenciales.  The Hole has a diameter of about 50 feet, and a depth of about 60 feet to the brackish water below.  The Hole is semi-tidal, which suggests a partial connection to the ocean or nearby marine ponds of Juba Sound.  The Hole is simply a fascinating geological site. Much of the wall face on the edges of the feature exhibit overprinting by erosion factors and is decaying, yet a tunnel and cave features can still be seen on the southern side.

The Caicos Conch Farm, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, Providenciales beaches, Turks & Caicos Beaches, Grace Bay, things to do in Providenciales, best restaurants in Providenciales, best bars in ProvidencialesThe Caicos Conch Farm

The Caicos Conch Farm on Providenciales is the world’s only conch farm. This educational site and functioning seafood farm offers a close-up look at the queen conch (strombus gigas), and the unique process that was developed locally to raise these giant ocean snails.  At this attraction you’ll see conchs of all sizes, the hatchery, algae vats that produce food for the conchs, and large ocean corrals in the shallow turquoise waters of Leeward Going Through Channel.

Grace Bay Beach, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, Providenciales beaches, Turks & Caicos Beaches, Grace Bay, things to do in Providenciales, best restaurants in Providenciales, best bars in ProvidencialesGrace Bay Beach

Found off the northeast coast of Providenciales, this pristine beach is the hallmark of the Turks and Caicos Islands. This beach is the recipient of many designations, Grace Bay currently holds the position of World Travel Awards’ World’s Leading Beach Destination, and Trip Advisor’s 2nd best beach in the world.  The entire beach is consistently excellent, with clean water, white sand and no rocks, seaweed or pollution. The barrier reef found a mile out protects Grace Bay from the ocean swells of the Atlantic.


Long Bay Beach, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, Providenciales beaches, Turks & Caicos Beaches, Grace Bay, things to do in Providenciales, best restaurants in Providenciales, best bars in ProvidencialesLong Bay Beach

Long Bay is a three mile long beach on the southeast coast of Providenciales. The water here is clear with two to four foot depths going out thousands of feet. Due to being on the southern shallow Caicos Banks side of Providenciales, Long Bay does not get any of the larger ocean swell waves that the northern beaches do, and only at times experiences small choppy waves caused by local winds.  The south-western end of Long Bay Beach tends to be quite tranquil and features quite a few luxury vacation rental villas. Many of these beautiful accommodations include amenities such as kayaks and stand up paddle boards. A villa can be the perfect choice for kiters or families as it allows for seclusion and more time on the water.

Things to Do

Aqua TCI, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, Providenciales beaches, Turks & Caicos Beaches, Grace Bay, things to do in Providenciales, best restaurants in Providenciales, best bars in ProvidencialesAqua TCI

Aqua Tci was formed to encompass all the great dive practices that Steph and Bill Wallwork, the founders, have seen and experienced from diving around the world.  The Turks and Caicos Islands diverse aquatic wildlife, clear waters, relaxed diving and chilled island lifestyle, provides the ideal location for them to share with you their passion for diving.  The idea is simple: the freedom provided by a small group of certified divers, combined with higher levels of personal service and professionalism, results in the best possible scuba diving in the Turks and Caicos.  For more information call 649-432-2782, or visit them on the web at Aqua TCI.

Turks and Caicos Kiteboarding, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, Providenciales beaches, Turks & Caicos Beaches, Grace Bay, things to do in Providenciales, best restaurants in Providenciales, best bars in ProvidencialesTurks & Caicos Kiteboarding

Turks and Caicos Kiteboarding is the number one rated kiteboarding school in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos!  Check out their  Kite Safaris and boat tours for those of you who are already experienced kiters! No wind? No problem! Go with them on a guided paddle board tour of the beautiful Turks and Caicos Islands!  For more information call 649-442-2423, or visit them on the web at Turks & Caicos Kiteboarding.

Nautique Sports, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, Providenciales beaches, Turks & Caicos Beaches, Grace Bay, things to do in Providenciales, best restaurants in Providenciales, best bars in ProvidencialesNautique Sports

The leader in motorized watersports in the Turks and Caicos. They offer MasterCraft boats made for Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, Wake surfing and Tubing. All of their captains are certified instructors and offer the best and safest experience on the stunning waters of our beautiful Islands. So come on out and enjoy the trill of the action sports or just sit back and enjoy the stunning scenery.  For more information call 649-431-7544, or visit them on the web at Nautique Sports.

Sail Beluga, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, Providenciales beaches, Turks & Caicos Beaches, Grace Bay, things to do in Providenciales, best restaurants in Providenciales, best bars in ProvidencialesSail Beluga

Adventure, romance, snorkeling, sunsets, you’ll find it all aboard Sail Beluga. The longest running and most experienced sailing charter vessel in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  For more information call 649-231-0732, or visit them on the web at Sail Beluga.

Provo Ponies, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, Providenciales beaches, Turks & Caicos Beaches, Grace Bay, things to do in Providenciales, best restaurants in Providenciales, best bars in ProvidencialesProvo Ponies

Provo Ponies is a small riding stable located on the southeast end of the island of Providenciales. They do two guided rides a day, morning ride at 9:30am and an afternoon ride at 3:30pm during winter hours, 4:30 during the summer. They can take all experience levels from 7 years old and up.  The shallow waters of the Caicos Banks off Long Bay make it an ideal place to take your horse into the ocean. You can book a one hour ride or a 90 minute ride. They can arrange for transportation to and from your hotel.  For more information call 649-241-6350, or visit them on the web at Provo Ponies.

Best Rated Restaurants

$-Inexpensive $$-Moderate $$$-Pricey $$$$-Ultra High End

$$ – $$$  Bay Bistro

Oceanfront dining, open air or indoor. Breakfast, lunch and dinner overlooking the sea, directly on Grace Bay Beach. Comfortable and popular bar featuring drinks by Junior Brown. Chef Clive Whent offers creative international cuisine with fresh local seafood specials. Saturday and Sunday brunch 7am – 2pm. Available for events and catering. Call for full moon pig roast dates! Located at Sibonné Beach Hotel, between Sands and Somerset, just walk on down the beach! Dinner reservations recommended. For more information call 649-946-5396, or visit them on the web at Bay Bistro.

$$ – $$$  Baci Ristorante

Baci Ristorante located in Turtle Cove, Providenciales (Provo), Turks and Caicos Islands. Fine Italian dining with a wonderful wrought iron and Spanish tile ambiance. Nightly fresh fish specials. Veal is a specialty, excellent pasta, chicken, lobsters in-season and brick oven pizzas. Popular and comfortable bar. Open for dinner and drinks from 6:00pm six nights and lunch served Monday thru Friday. Indoor and shaded terrace dining. Closed Sunday. Dinner reservations recommended.  For more information call 649-941-3044, or visit them on the web at Baci Ristorante.

$$$$  Stelle

The setting is chic —some would even say swanky—with white fabrics blowing in the wind, diners dressed for clubbing, and tables surrounding a courtyard with views of the lighted pool.  Enjoy an intimate gourmet dinner at Stelle, under the stars by the pool or on our beautiful garden terrace. Savour modern mediterranean cuisine showcasing the very best local ingredients, featuring fresh fish and seafood. Come to relax, come to celebrate!  For more information call 649-946-5746, or visit them on the web at Stelle.

$$ – $$$  Shark Bite Bar & Grill

At this casual local favorite, the standard fare includes everything from the local catch of the day, sandwiches, and island specialties to wings or nachos and beer along with other bar snacks. For those French Canadians visiting, they have a great poutine. It’s a casual place for lunch—the deck overlooks Turtle Cove Marina, where you may be lucky enough to see sharks passing by. Friday-night happy hour is very popular, but don’t take the table at the corner of the deck; several locals might get annoyed if you sit there! Live music makes this a very lively spot later on. For dinner there is an excellent almond-crusted grouper. For more information call 649-941-5090, or visit them on the web at Shark Bite Bar & Grill.

$$ – $$$  Mudjin Bar & Grill

The restaurant at Blue Horizon Resort is a fabulous spot to enjoy lunch, dinner, or as an afternoon respite over a refreshing cocktail. The view overlooking the beautiful Mudjin Harbour and miles of north shore beach just may be the best in Turks and Caicos. Daily lunches concentrate on seafood items such as Lobster Bites, when in season, cracked conch and conch fritters, and fish-and-chips, although there are also burgers, Caesar wraps, and some vegetarian options (rare in these parts). Dinner is by reservation only and features a choice of several daily specials.   For more information call 649-946-6141, or visit them on the web at Mudjin Bar & Grill.

Best Nightlife

Infiniti Bar, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, Providenciales beaches, Turks & Caicos Beaches, Grace Bay, things to do in Providenciales, best restaurants in Providenciales, best bars in ProvidencialesInfiniti Bar

Leave it to the Grace Bay Club to have the sexiest bar in town: Infiniti, with its long, reflective table that looks out over the beach. You’ll find seafood starters and Caribbean-themed dishes here. The drink menu lights up when opened—a nice touch when it’s dark out—and has a long list of rums for sipping and cocktails inspired by various Caribbean islands. The bar area is always lively with a mix of hotel guests and visitors, but there’s also outdoor seating by the beach for a bit more peace and quiet.  For more information call 649-946-5050, or visit them on the web at Infiniti Bar.

Sandbar, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, Providenciales beaches, Turks & Caicos Beaches, Grace Bay, things to do in Providenciales, best restaurants in Providenciales, best bars in ProvidencialesSandbar

This casual bar in the Saltmills Plaza area is a great place for a quick drink before or after dinner. Happy hour here, with two-for-one drinks, goes until 8 p.m. every night, and there are a few TV screens in the bar for sports games (for those who prefer a quieter alternative to Danny Buoys across the street). Dim lighting and comfortable seats set a laid-back mood at the bar, which attracts expats and tourists. Try their specialty drinks, like mojitos and French 75, or a coffee cocktail if you need a pick-me-up before a long night out.  For more information call 649-232-7079, or visit them on the web at Sand Bar.

Shark Bite, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, Providenciales beaches, Turks & Caicos Beaches, Grace Bay, things to do in Providenciales, best restaurants in Providenciales, best bars in ProvidencialesShark Bite

Sharkbite, in Turtle Cove Marina, is great for a casual drinking—go early to grab a table on the outside deck that overlooks the water and yachts. The bar menu includes frozen cocktails like daiquiris and pina coladas, as well as a delicious Rum Runner with rum, blackberry liqueur, banana, and grenadine. They also have Turk’s Head lager and amber on tap, at $5 for a glass it $16 for a pitcher. If you get hungry, turn to the special wing menu, with nearly a dozen sauce options. There’s also heartier fare for a full meal—sandwiches, seafood entrees, conch chowder, and a spicy firecracker conch that packs a real punch.  For more information call 649-941-5090, or visit them on the web at Shark Bite.

Somewhere, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, Providenciales beaches, Turks & Caicos Beaches, Grace Bay, things to do in Providenciales, best restaurants in Providenciales, best bars in ProvidencialesSomewhere

This rowdy bar is one of the most fun on Provo, with happy hour and different drink specials every night. To find the bar, follow signs for the Coral Gardens Resort, enter through the hotel, and walk along the path to the back, where Somewhere is located. The best drinks are rum-based, like the Big Sexy with Bambarra Gold, triple sec, and pineapple juice. And the bar doesn’t skimp on comfort food, with dirty fries (topped with pulled pork, cheese, and sautéed peppers and onions), sandwiches, and meat-centric entrees. Come for happy hour, which lasts for the hour before and after sunset, or live music on Thursdays and Fridays. And bring a crowd, because this is the type of place you’ll want to stay at all night.  For more information call 649-941-8260, or visit them on the web at Somewhere.

Deck, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, Providenciales beaches, Turks & Caicos Beaches, Grace Bay, things to do in Providenciales, best restaurants in Providenciales, best bars in ProvidencialesDeck

A beach bar and grill at the Seven Stars Resort, this is a wonderful place to start a night. Come before sunset, and stake out one of the large lounge chairs or high tops that face the beach. Once the sun goes down, the beach is lit up with torches and the string lights strewn on the trees add a romantic feel. The specialty cocktails here are made for sipping all night—try the watermelon margarita (with tequila, watermelon, lime, and Cointreau) and the Dark and Stormy (made with Bambarra Gold). And the bar menu includes perfectly spiced jerk chicken wings and an award-winning conch salad. The best part of being at a hotel bar? The service is absolutely top-notch—you won’t want to leave.  For more information call 649-941-7777, or visit them on the web at Deck.

Best Hotels

The Oasis at Grace Bay

This property is 3 minutes walk from the beach. Located in Grace Bay, 6 miles from Providenciales, The Oasis at Grace Bay features a year-round outdoor pool and views of the pool. Guests can enjoy the on-site bar. Free WiFi is provided throughout the property and free private parking is available on site.  A flat-screen TV with cable channels, as well as an iPad and an iPod docking station are available. You will find a 24-hour front desk at the property.  The hotel also provides free use of bicycles.  For more information, pricing, or to make reservations, visit The Oasis at Grace Bay.

The Venetian on Grace Bay

With an amazing beachfront setting on Grace Bay, The Venetian on Grace Bay features luxurious accommodations, an outdoor swimming pool and a spa. On landscaped grounds, this beautiful resort also includes a range of sports facilities.  Each spacious suite at The Venetian on Grace Bay has terrace and ocean views. All suites have attractive, white décor and dark wood furnishings. There is also a kitchen, which can be stocked upon arrival, upon request.  Guests can enjoy Caribbean and international cuisine, including tapas dishes, in the Venetian’s restaurant. A private chef is also available. A grocery store can be found a 5-minute walk away.  The spa offers treatments including massage, facials, manicures and pedicures.  For more information, pricing, or to reserve your room, visit The Venetian on Grace Bay.

The Tuscany on Grace Bay

The Tuscany is on the Grace Bay Beach and features an extensive garden, a tennis court, a golf course and spa treatments. The resort’s terrace has a swimming pool.  The apartments feature classic décor, air conditioning, a living area and a full kitchen. The bathroom includes a soaking bathtub and the balconies have stunning Grace Bay views. All of the rooms have free Wi-Fi.  BBQ facilities, massage services, car rental and a gym are available as well at The Tuscany on Grace Bay. Activities such as diving, horseback riding, boating, fishing, hiking and snorkeling can also be arranged.  For more information, pricing, or to reserve your room, visit The Tuscany on Grace Bay.

Beach House – All Inclusive Adults Only

Beach House – All Inclusive Adults Only is a small, Adults-Only boutique resort on Grace Bay Beach that offers its guests a fitness centre, outdoor pool and free WiFi connection throughout. Private parking is possible on site.  All meals at the any of the resort’s restaurants as well as unlimited domestic and premium beverages at any of the resort’s restaurants, bars and swim up pool bar are included. All-inclusive access is also provided to sister resorts as well as complimentary shuttle between all three resorts.  The accommodations feature equipped kitchenettes, balconies and terraces.  Free use of resort amenities including exercise room, tennis courts, non-motorized watersports including water trampoline, snorkeling, kayaks, stand up paddle boards and sail boats.  For more information, pricing, or to reserve your room, visit Beach House.

Turks & Caicos Grace Bay Beach Walk Villas

Turks and Caicos Grace Bay Beach Walk Villas is a detached villa with an outdoor pool, located in Grace Bay. It provides free private parking.  The kitchen has a dishwasher. A flat-screen TV is available. Other facilities at Turks and Caicos Grace Bay Beach Walk Villas include a year-round outdoor pool.  The property has a private beach area and free use of bicycles is available.   For more information, pricing, or to reserve your room, visit Turks & Caicos Grace Bay Beach Walk Villas.


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    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Temperatures in January and February are going to be in the high 70s.  Not too hot for you.  It really is a beautiful beach destination.  And you are right that you won’t find yourself bored with nothing to do 🙂  Thanks for reading!

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    Are there many islands which can be visited locally? Great site!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      The area cordoned off is where boats or jet skis are not allowed to enter.  We have that here where I am as well.  Yes, you can rent a boat, and you can go island hopping in it 🙂  There are 40 low-lying coral islands to explore.  Thanks for visit Providenciales Turks & Caicos.

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      Hi Alexander and great questions. Definitely visit Grace Bay Beach (#1 beach in the world), and also the Conch Farm (very interesting). As far as restaurants, Stelle (but it is spendy) and Shark Bite Bar & Grill. I would definitely see/do these items 🙂 Thanks for visiting Providenciales Turks & Caicos.

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    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Providenciales Turks & Caicos was hit by Hurricane Irma and Maria in 2017. Prior to that they were hit by Hurricane Kate in 1985 and Hurricane Donna in 1960. Both of these did damage. Other Hurricanes of course passed in the area, but no damage other than some flooding. September is the month that if they get hit by a hurricane, it will be during this time. Glad you enjoyed reading Eliane.

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    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Ok, riding horses on the beach John, does not get any better. This is something of a ritual for me and son when we vacation. I too, have gotten many conch shells in Florida. Now all I can do is look for unique and different ones. Yes, update your passport and check out some of the world! So many beautiful destinations besides Providenciales Turks & Caicos.

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    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Great choices Tony! It does have the most beautiful beaches and yes the color of the water, amazing! Thanks for visiting Providenciales Turks & Caicos.

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    Other than the conch’s and mosquitoes what types of wildlife inhabits the chain of islands? Also how much time does it take to travel between each island? Curious how you would get back to the hotel if some type of storm hit all of a sudden.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thanks for the great questions Eric! There are about 200 different species of birds, a huge variety of marine life (why diving is so great here), humpback whales migrate here (between January and March), and then of course you have the donkeys, bats, butterflies, rock iguanas, geckos (croaking, dwarf, house), worm snakes and boas, and great blue land crabs. One thing is that if there is a storm forecasted, they will not take you out 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Eric, and leaving me some great questions!

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  15. Michael

    Hi This is paradise on earth and the more I see it. the more I want to go there. brilliant insight and you articulate very well in great detail, what grabbed my attention is there is a lot to see and do in Providenciales. this is definitely one place. thanks for sharing

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Glad you enjoyed this piece of paradise in the Turks and Caicos! It is definitely a place worth visiting, especially if you love gorgeous beaches!

  16. Mick Krug

    Ah Turks and Caicos! One of my favorite places in the Caribbean. We stay at The Sands on Grace Bay. Grace Bay is truly one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The video captures it perfectly. Plenty to do on the island. Great restaurants and hotels. Just avoid the hurricanes that on occasion come near the island and you will have a great vacation.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, it is a GREAT destination and you stayed at a wonderful hotel! It is definitely a bucket list destination. Thanks for stopping by Mick.

  17. Tom

    I’m impressed with how much information is on here! I’ve never been to the Providenciales but after reading this it’s got me intrigued to check it out. Keep up the content!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I am glad you enjoyed reading Providenciales Turks & Caicos. It is a wonderful beach destination….one of the best in the world. Thanks for visiting!

  18. Christina Bohannon

    Wow, great information on Providenciales! We have been thinking about vacationing to the Bahamas. This looks like a great place, and to visit one of the top beaches, Grace Bay Beach, in the world, would be so amazing! It is on my bucket list now for sure. Thanks!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Glad you enjoyed reading Christina, and that you have found a wonderful bucket list item! Thanks for stopping by.

  19. daniela

    Thanks for so much info! We are planning our 35yr. wedding anniversary, and now we have lots to choose from! Your website has so much information on so many great beach destinations. Thanks so much for putting this together. Bookmarked!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      This is definitely a great destination for a wedding anniversary. Intimate and romantic, as well as gorgeous. Thanks for visiting Providenciales, Turks & Caicos.


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