Antigua and Barbuda Travel Guide

Hurricane Irma badly damaged Barbuda on September 6, and more damage with Hurricane Jose on the 9th.  Many buildings were destroyed and Barbuda is still evacuated.  There are no reports of damage to hotels or the tourist infrastructure on Antigua, and the airport is open.  You can visit the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency to help with relief for Barbuda, or to get further information.

The beauty of Antigua, and its sister island, Barbuda, is the 365 gorgeous beaches, “one for every day of the year,” as locals love to say.  Even the locals haven’t combed every patch of sand.  On Antigua, life is a beach. It’s coasts have hundreds of perfect sandy spots with beautiful emerald-blue water, with lots of sheltered bays. Yet Antigua is the typical Caribbean island, full of candy-colored villages, a rum-infused mellowness and  locals that greet you smiles and open arms.

If life on Antigua is a beach, Barbuda is a beach: one smooth, pink-tinged strand hemming the reef-filled waters. Birds, especially the huffing and puffing frigates, greatly outnumber residents on this Caribbean dream island.  

Most of the action takes place on Antigua, where you will see expensive yachts in the harbor, honeymooners, and scuba divers exploring the colorful reefs.  You can also find lush rainforests, historic sites, and a military lookout.  Also, there are wondrous national parks and blow holes such as Devil’s Bridge.

Barbuda is much quieter, but just as beautiful.  The island is a haven for wild deer, exotic birds, and is home to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary. There are also Amerindian rock carvings at Two Foot Bay, and sumptuous beaches proliferate the island.  To learn more about all the beautiful beaches on the island of Antigua and Barbuda, visit here.  Now view our Antigua and Barbuda Travel Guide to help plan your next Antigua and Barbuda vacation!


Antigua has a tropical climate with the weather being warm and mostly dry all year round. The winter months are December through to March and still have an average pleasant daily temperature of 27°C or 81°F.
The typical temperatures on Antigua are in the region of 24°C in January and with an average rainfall of 1.5 inches, the islands are also quite dry. October is one of the hottest months and also has the least amount of rain, with a minimum temperature of 25°C an average of 24 mm of precipitation. The excellent weather means that water sports are one of the main pastimes on the islands and most people indulge in diving or sailing.

Hurricane season is June to September although there is also a chance of earth quakes and flash floods. The area is also prone to periods of drought during the dry season. The islands experience hurricanes frequently and most houses have been built to withstand the strongest winds.  There is an average of 8 hours of sunshine each day, and even more during the dry season. Antigua and Barbuda are amongst the driest of the Caribbean islands in spite of the hurricanes.

Best Time to Travel

The best time to visit Antigua is from May to November, the island’s off-season. Rates are cheapest at this time, and although there is a slight threat of hurricanes, the weather rarely escapes 80 degrees. You’ll encounter less rain between December and April, but rates are expensive and crowds are abundant.  The dry season begins in January, and though there are sometimes droughts, the sunshine creates one of the most pleasant climates in the Caribbean. But you’ll have to make flight and hotel reservations several months in advance as this is the peak tourist season.  Antigua is often overlooked by the Spring Break crowds, so it’s perfect for dodging co-eds. However, the cruise crowds won’t taper off until the end of April, meaning that hotel rates remain relatively high during March and AprilGetting To Antigua & Barbuda

Getting To Antigua & Barbuda

To get into Antigua and Barbuda, you will need a passport valid for at least six months beyond the end of your stay, along with a blank page in your passport.  A visa is also not required to visit Antigua and Barbuda, with the exception of nationals of Croatia.

There are direct flights going into Antigua and Barbuda.  These include flights thru British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Delta, American Airlines, and United.  You can also fly inter-Caribbean with Caribbean Airlines or LIAT.  Prices flying to Antigua & Barbuda can drop dramatically if you fly between May and mid-December.

Getting Around in Antigua & Barbuda

By Boat

The Barbuda Express has a catamaran service between Antigua and Barbuda five days a week, which takes 90 minutes to get from one island to the other.  The Barbuda Express also offers day tours around Barbuda, where you can visit many of the main attractions.

By Taxi

This is one of the best ways to explore the islands, since the drivers are happy to double as tour guides (in hopes of a higher tip).  This is convenient, but it can also be expensive.  Get a quote from the driver before getting in the taxi.  Taxis are identified by “TX” on the license plate.

By Car

Rental cars are another popular mode of transportation, but you’ll have to get an Antiguan driver’s license. They can be issued by most car rental agencies and require a valid driver’s license from home, as well as an additional $20 fee. Don’t forget you need to drive on the left side of the road.  Rental cars are identified by “R” on the license plate.

By Bike

You can also rent bikes from the car rental companies, or from various hotels.  Motorcycles are also available for rent at Jolly Harbor.

Must See Places

Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua, Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles, things to do in Antigua, best beaches in the Caribbean, Antigua Beaches, Barbuda beachesNelson’s Dockyard

Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Antigua’s most famous attraction is the world’s only Georgian-era dockyard still in use, a treasure trove for history buffs and nautical nuts alike. Today its restored buildings house restaurants, hotels and businesses.  The Dockyard Museum relates tidbits about Antigua history, the dockyard and life at the forts. The Dockyard Museum is in the Naval Officer’s House, and presents ship models, mock-ups of English Harbor, displays on the people who worked there and typical ships that docked, silver regatta trophies, maps, prints, antique navigational instruments, and Nelson’s very own telescope and tea caddy.

Pink Beach, Antigua, Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles, things to do in Antigua, Barbuda Beaches, best beaches in the Caribbean, Antigua BeachesPink Beach

You can sometimes walk miles of this classic strand without encountering another footprint. It has a champagne hue, with sand soft as silk; crushed coral often imparts a rosy glint in the sun, hence its unofficial name (officially the part in front of the exclusive former K Club has been renamed Princess Diana Beach). The water can be rough with a strong undertow in spots, though it’s mainly protected by the reefs that make the island a diving mecca. Hire a taxi to take you here, since none of the roads are well marked.  This beach is great for snorkeling, beach walking, and solitude.

Devil's Bridge, Antigua, Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles, things to do in Antigua, Barbuda beaches, best beaches in the Caribbean, Antigua BeachesDevil’s Bridge

This limestone arch formation, sculpted by the crashing breakers of the Atlantic at Indian Town, is a national park. Blowholes have been carved by the hissing, spitting surf. The park also encompasses some archaeological excavations of Caribbean artifacts.



Half Moon Bay, Antigua, Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles, things to do in Antigua, Barbuda Beaches, best beaches in the Caribbean, Antigua BeachesHalf Moon Bay

Water the color of Blue Curacao laps this undeveloped white crescent in the remote southeast. Bodysurfers head to the north end, snorkelers to the calm waters south, and everyone meets at the two beach bars for grilled-fish lunches and rum cocktails. For shade, unfold your towel beneath the shrub and sea grapes.


Frigate Bird Sanctuary, Antigua, Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles, things to do in Antigua, Barbuda beaches, best beaches in the Caribbean, Antigua BeachesFrigate Bird Sanctuary

Off Barbuda’s northwest coast, Codrington Lagoon National Park protects a vast estuary that supports one of the world’s largest colonies of frigate birds. More than 2500 of these black-feathered critters roost amid the scrubby mangroves. The birds’ nesting sites are all abuzz with squawking, and the sight of all those blood-red inflating throat pouches is mesmerizing. The lagoon can only be visited by licensed sea taxi from the Codrington jetty. Make arrangements at least a day in advance through your hotel or the tourist office.

Outdoor Activities

Stingray City Antigua, Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles, things to do in Antigua, best beaches in the Caribbean, Antigua Beaches, Barbuda beachesStingray City

Your Stingray City Antigua Snorkel Adventure will be the highlight of your vacation, and an experience that will live with you forever. Enjoy a unique experience of interacting and feeding a Stingray, together with snorkeling amongst magnificent coral reefs and colorful tropical fish.  For more information, call 268-562-7297, or visit them on the web at Stingray City.

Catch the Cat Private Sailing Charters, Antigua, Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles, things to do in Antigua, best beaches in the Caribbean, Antigua Beaches, Barbuda beachesCatch the Cat – Private Sailing Charters

Private day sailing charters aboard Catch The Cat offers a unique, intimate and exclusive experience. Catch The Cat is the newest catamaran sailing the coastal waters of Antigua. If you prefer More Sailing or snorkeling, relaxing at a secluded bay or spending time on a deserted beach- they can change your day to suit you at a moment’s notice. For more information call 268-464-7113, or visit them on the web at Catch The Cat.

WTC West Coast Tours Antigua, Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles, things to do in Antigua, best beaches in the Caribbean, Antigua Beaches, Barbuda beachesWCT – West Coast Tours Antigua

Experience on the water excitement with our two person Reef Riders! Enjoy great views and snorkeling at Cades Reef. You don’t need any experience to enjoy this tour. Have a thrill of a lifetime that is safe, sturdy, reliable and tons of fun! They offer guided 3 hr. snorkeling tours. For more information call 268-728-5239, or visit them on Facebook at WTC Antigua Reef Riders.

40Knots, Antigua, Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles, things to do in Antigua, best beaches in the Caribbean, Antigua Beaches, Barbuda beaches40Knots Kitesurfing & Windsurfing School

Their school offers high quality kitesurfing and windsurfing tuition with IKO certified instructors (International Kitesurfing Organization) with the latest and safest equipment.  The kitesurfing lessons will start from the beach of Green Island, a tiny island windward to Nonsuch bay, with white sand and crystal blue water; a perfect landing/launching area for kites.  For more information call 268-788-9504, or visit them on the web at 40Knots.

Snorkeling Antigua W.I. Antigua, Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles, things to do in Antigua, best beaches in the Caribbean, Antigua Beaches, Barbuda beachesSnorkeling Antigua W.I.

With a passion for Exploring, Experiencing and Learning; they want to share that passion with you. They noticed the search for a go good snorkeling spot and also that a lot of people miss out by not having the right place to go and learn.  Explore – Experience – Learn snorkeling at your own pace.  For more information call 268-732-2577, or visit them on Facebook at Snorkeling Antigua W.I.

Best Rated Restaurants

$-Inexpensive     $$-Moderate     $$$-Pricey     $$$$-Ultra High End

$$  La Bussola

Bleached-wood ceilings, old island photos of Antigua, boating paraphernalia, and brightly painted plates enhance the relaxed, romantic mood. Try the artichoke-shrimp pie in satiny garlic sauce, lobster-asparagus risotto, shark tartare with grapefruit nestling on a bed of arugula, mahimahi with olive “pâté” in filo, or the “fishermen’s” spaghetti. Or savor the “true Italian-style” thin-crust pizzas. The carefully considered, affordable wine list showcases lesser-known Italian regions. For more information call 268-562-1545, or visit them on the web at La Bussola.

$$$$  Sheer Rocks

The menu encompasses a tapestry of creative tapas, many of which can be served in larger portions. Try the foie gras parfait with onion puree, lentil vinaigrette, and seven-grain toast; decadent truffle mac-and-cheese infused with porcini stock; or slow-cooked mahimahi with bok choy, black olives, and saffron sauce. Add a dash of sultry music, season with smashing views, complement with an admirable wine list for a remarkable experience. For more information call 268-562-4510, or visit them on the web at Sheer Rocks.

$$  Russell’s Bar & Seafood Restaurant

Russell’s delivers a delightful dining experience. Jazz and reggae on the sound system (live music Friday and Sunday, with open mike Monday), beamed ceilings, cool canvases of musical instruments in fevered Fauvist hues, and red or black hurricane lamps lend a romantic aura to the stone-and-wood terrace. The limited menu—local specialties emphasizing seafood—includes fabulous chunky conch fritters and whelks in garlic butter. For more information call 268-462-5479, or visit them on the web at Russell’s Bar & Seafood Restaurant.

$$$  Papa Zouk

Seafood is king, from butterfish to Barbudan snapper, served either deep-fried or steamed with a choice of such sauces as guava-pepper teriyaki or tomato-basil-coriander. Tangy Caribbean bouillabaisse with garlicky Parmesan mayonnaise and the tapas platter are specialties, as are the knockout rum ti’ punches. For more information call 268-464-0795, or visit them on the web at Papa Zouk.

$$  Coconut Grove

Coconut palms grow through the roof of this open-air thatched restaurant, flickering candlelight illuminates colorful local murals, waves lap the white sand, and the wait staff provides just the right level of service. Top choices include pan-seared mahi mahi served over cauliflower puree with fingerling potatoes and mango-pineapple chutney, and sautéed shrimp with roasted plantain and hickory bacon finished with champagne-Parmesan sauce. The signature coconut shrimp is the best lunch option.  For more information call 268-462-1538, or visit them on the web at Coconut Grove.

Bars & Nightlife

Ana's On The Beach, Antigua, Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles, bars & nightlife in Antigua, best beaches in the Caribbean, Antigua Beaches, Barbuda beachesAna’s On The Beach

A chic new restaurant and bar with Mediterranean cuisine situated on Dickenson Bay, with an open-air bar, beach cabanas and lounges, and al fresco as well as interior, open air dining, emphasizing luxury lifestyle and service.  For more information call 268-562-8562, or visit them on the web at Ana’s On The Beach.

C&C Wine House, Antigua, Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles, bars & nightlife in Antigua, best beaches in the Caribbean, Antigua Beaches, Barbuda beachesC&C Wine House

A casual, but sophisticated wine bar – perfect for lazy days and cooling out in the evening – a great place to take in the ambience of St John’s.   For more information call 268-460-7025, or visit them on the web at C&C Wine House.

Castaways Beach Bar & Restaurant, Antigua, Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles, bars & nightlife in Antigua, best beaches in the Caribbean, Antigua Beaches, Barbuda beachesCastaways Beach Bar & Restaurant

The quintessential Caribbean beach bar — a rustic setting on a perfect white sand beach with a laid-back, Riviera-type vibe, and featuring unique Caribbean cuisine as well as barbecue, salad, steak and fresh fish.  For more information call 268-562-4446, or visit them on the web at Castaways Beach Bar & Restaurant.

Darkwood Beach Bar, Antigua, Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles, bars & nightlife in Antigua, best beaches in the Caribbean, Antigua Beaches, Barbuda beachesDarkwood Beach Bar

Located on Darkwood Beach, on the South West coast of Antigua. It offers a restaurant, bar, beach chair and umbrella rental, snorkeling equipment rental, free wifi and more.  This is a great spot to watch the sun set over the Caribbean sea, while sipping a delicious tropical cocktail.  For more information call 268-462-8240, or visit them on the web at Darkwood Beach Bar.

Sottovento Beach Club, Antigua, Leeward Islands, Lesser Antilles, bars & nightlife in Antigua, best beaches in the Caribbean, Antigua Beaches, Barbuda beachesSottovento Beach Club

Sottovento Restaurant is an enchanting restaurant located on the beach, a few steps away from the sea on the north coast of Antigua.  The bar serves cocktails, fresh fruit juices, soft drinks and good selection of wines and beers to sip while listening to the waves of the sea. It is a romantic place.  For more information call 268-562-8378, or visit them on the web at Sottovento Beach Club.

Top Antigua and Barbuda Hotels

Carlisle Bay

This property is 2 minutes walk from the beach. On Carlisle Bay, Carlisle Bay features a private beach, an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center with personal training and a spa. The property features a tropical garden and free Wi-Fi.  Carlisle Bay features 3 restaurants and bars that serve a range from Italian and Asian dishes and seafood. Room service is available 24 hours and breakfast and afternoon tea are included in the room prices.  The property has laundry and dry cleaning service. On-site customers find a library, a tennis court, a children’s’ club, a private screening room and a gift shop. Activities in the vicinity include windsurfing, sailing, boat excursions and hiking.  For more information, pricing, or to reserve your room, visit Carlisle Bay.

South Point Antigua

Showcasing an outdoor pool and sun terrace, South Point Antigua is located in English Harbor Town in the region of Antigua Island. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant. Free private parking is available on site.  For more information, pricing, or to reserve your room, visit South Point Antigua.

Hermitage Bay – All Inclusive

Showcasing an outdoor pool and sun terrace, South Point Antigua is located in English Harbor Town in the region of Antigua Island. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant. Free private parking is available on site.  This hotel has a private beach area and car rental is available. The nearest airport is V.C. Bird International Airport, 9 miles from South Point Antigua. For more information, pricing, or to reserve your room, visit Hermitage Bay.

Galley Bay Resort & Spa – All Inclusive

This property is 3 minutes walk from the beach. Featuring a private white sand beach, this Galley Bay resort is 4.8 miles from V C Bird International Airport. Indulge Spa, Sea Grape restaurant and spacious rooms with 42-inch flat-screen TVs are offered.  Free snorkeling equipment, sailing and wind surfing are offered at Galley Bay Resorts. Guests can exercise in the air-conditioned gym. A tennis court is also available and the resort can arrange personal tennis lessons.  Gauguin offers private dining in 2-person candlelit cabanas. A weekly Caribbean barbecue with live steel-drum music is offered at Sea Grape. Ismay’s Restaurant & Bar boasts local island dishes. For more information, pricing, or to reserve your room, visit Galley Bay Resort & Spa.

Keyonna Resort & Spa – All Inclusive – Couples Only

This property is 1 minute walk from the beach. Set on the beachfront of Turners Beach, this boutique hotel offers panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and of Monsterrat Island. Keyonna Beach All Inclusive features a restaurant and a bar.  Featuring a wooden terrace with lounge chairs and Balinese beds, the Beach Restaurant serves fresh seafood and daily specialties. The bar features a selection of international wines, Caribbean spirits and rums.  For more information, pricing, or to reserve your room, visit Keyonna Resort & Spa.


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    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, the rates do go down in general during the hurricane season, as that is their off season. It is still a great time to go. This year was bad for hurricanes, but that is certainly not the norm. If saving some money, while being on a dreamy Caribbean beach is something that appeals to you, then just check the weather before planning. They seem to have it down to a science as to if and when a hurricane might show up 🙂 Thanks for reading the Antigua and Barbuda Travel Guide 🙂

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      Chuckling about the pasta in the suitcase 😀  I am glad you enjoyed the Antigua and Barbuda Travel Guide.  Yes, there are actually a lot of Italian restaurants in Antigua.  Your husband will feel right at home 🙂  Thanks for visiting!

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      You are very welcome Dorothy! I am sure that once Antigua starts receiving visitors again, that you will have a wonderful time visiting the island of Antigua! Thanks for reading!

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    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Hi Jeremy,

      Everybody needs to experience the Caribbean.  Whether you are a beach lover, or a history buff, or just like the Caribbean culture and atmosphere, there is something for everyone.  I hope that you can plan a trip to one of these beautiful islands soon!

  5. Arie

    These areas look truly breathtaking, I wish I could be there now!

    Seeing as how you first mention that it has 365 beaches, one for each day of the year, leaves almost endless possibilities of gorgeous views to see right off the bat!

    The weather also has me wanting to go there considering I have lived in the same state of Wisconsin for my whole life and I get sick of the frequent cold weather that comes and goes.

    One of the outdoor activities that caught my attention is the Stingray City one and seeing as how I was never good with swimming and afraid to go underwater most of the time, I would not mind learning about going under with snorkel gear. I also would be interested in going on a sailing cruise.

    I looked at some of the restaurants you mentioned and I think the Coconut Grove looks and sounds amazing! The chicken Linguini Pasta sounds good to me and it looks to have a breathtaking view!

    In terms of the hotels, I say the Galley Bay Resorts and Spa definitely caught my eye when I visited their site. The rooms look great, the outside environment feels breathtaking, and overall seems like a great escape!

    My question is, which of these areas would you say is the most exciting out of the places you visited? Also, what would you be looking forward to checking out during your next visit?

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Sounds like you are ready to go to Antigua and Barbuda!  Honestly, there are quite a few good restaurants, beaches, and things to see and do that I would want at least two weeks for a visit.  The place I am looking forward to travelling to?  I am actually planning a trip to Aruba.  My son graduates next year, and I want to take him on a Caribbean beach vacation, as he loves to surf, so I know he would have a blast.  Why Aruba?  I guess because, it is not a particularly heavy Caribbean hotspot, so a hair cheaper for hotels and such.  Also, I don’t like to be wall to wall on the beach with other people 🙂  Thanks for visiting

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    After reading your article on these beautiful islands,  I know loads more about the islands in terms of what to do, what its known for and when the best time of year to go is.

    I know that hurricane irma recently did a lot of damage to the islands but I was wondering how frequent is it for them to be affected by natural disasters such as Hurricanes?

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Jacob, you would absolutely love Antigua and Barbuda.  Since the early 1950’s, Antigua along has been hit with 16 hurricanes, not all destructive.  This is about the biggest natural disaster that hits these two islands, plus tropical storms.  It will take some time to rebuild Barbuda who was right in Irma’s path. 

      I am glad you learned something about the islands, along with all the things you can see and do on the islands.  Thanks for reading the Antigua and Barbuda Travel Guide.

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    wow! 365 beaches! That is amazing! The pink beach and Devil Bridge is now at the top of my MUST SEE PLACES. Thank you for the heads up on the Frigate bird sanctuary knowing that I need to book this trip in advance will save me some time. It is so helpful knowing what time of year is best to avoid the crowds!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes Lizel, I thing that Pink Beach and Devil Bridge are two must see places.  Not to mention the bird sanctuary.  I just love the birds 🙂  I am glad I could help fill in some of your planning 🙂

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    I love the Caribbean and have visited many of the islands. But I have not made to these islands yet. Hopefully, I get there someday.

    This is a great resource for visiting these islands. So much in depth information about restaurants, hotels and things to see. I love getting a local taxi as a local tour guide. The tours are so much more personal than the organized tours. I had one taxi take me by his home and I met his mother and whole family.

    Hopefully, these islands are able to recover quickly from these recent hurricanes.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I do hope they recover quickly as well.  So much beauty to share with the islands visitors.  Thank you for reading and glad you enjoyed the Antigua and Barbuda Travel Guide.

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    As for your travel guide, oh my… it is such a complete one. To me, places like these are really like paradise & I hope I get there one day. I think I will definitely feel at home with its weather, as I am from the tropical country of Malaysia.

    There are so many interesting places that you have covered in your article & really, they sounded like paradise!

    Great guide and I think it will definitely be of a great help for anyone who is planning a trip to Antigua & Barbuda.

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      I am glsd you enjoyed my comprehensive Antigua and Barbuda Travel Guide 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

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      You are most welcome Safrina 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed visiting!

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    Antigua is a heaven on earth based on your article and the picturesque photos.
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    And I for sure will visit ‘Ana’s on the beach’.:)
    Thank you for basically planning my trip for me, LOL
    It’s too pity that nature was cruel to this paradise but I hope that everything will come to together again for them!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You are very welcome Asen! I am glad you have found your destination to start planning a vacation to! Thanks for visiting the Antigua and Barbuda Travel Guide.

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    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, Antigua has a nice mix of sun, beaches, history, and wildlife!  Perfect for anyone really.  Glad you enjoyed reading the Antigua and Barbuda Travel Guide.  Let me know if you need any other information.

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    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thank you so much Cath!  Boy, that is a tough decision.  If I went with the states, it is hands down St Pete in Florida.  Then Cabo in Mexico and Aruba, Anguilles, an Saba 🙂  Those are all wonderful 🙂  Thanks for visiting my Antigua and Barbuda Travel Guide!

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    Ya, how awful to read about the incredible damage the hurricane left behind. It will probably be at least 6 months to a year before they will be able to rebuild enough to entertain tourists again. I am looking up your site to ascertain whether great deals can be had, considering the economic plight of the islands ? We would love to visit Aruba, but it is usually way too expensive. What do you recommend ?

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, Barbuda got hit really hard, yes Antigua was mostly untouched. I guess that is a blessing in disguise and Barbuda evacuated to Antigua. I would definitely go in off season when rates go way down. The weather is still wonderful. The only downside is that some islands do close down to make their annual repairs during off season. The other idea is to plan way ahead, and get everything booked in advance so you can take advantage of the lower rates. Aruba can be quite affordable actually if you go in their off season and they are not in the Hurricane Belt either. So, I really would check into the rates for off season if that is a time frame that is doable for you. If you let me know when you want to travel, I can give you my recommendations. Thanks Rico, for visiting my Antigua and Barbuda Travel Guide.


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