The Best Luxury Hotels in Elba

Visit the beautiful island of Elba and continue reading to plan your stay at the best luxury hotels in Elba. Elba is the biggest island of the Tuscan Archipelago and is part of the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, the largest marine park in Europe. What Elba is really famous for is it’s renowned clear and blue sea and beautiful beaches. The richness of its landscapes, both land and marine, turns the island of Elba into a unique destination in Tuscany. 

Elba is the perfect place for outdoor activities. You can enjoy diving and snorkeling here thanks to its rich seabeds with lots of different species of fish. Outdoor lovers can also enjoy hiking, mountain biking, golf, sailing or complete relaxation at the thermal baths of San Giovanni.  Favignana is the main island of the Egadi archipelago, located close to the Sicilian west coast, near the city of Trapani. The island is only 9 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide, with a characteristic butterfly shape split in half by mount Santa Caterina, the islands highest peak. Favignana is surrounded by warm crystal waters with a seafloor rich in marine which is ideal for sea lovers of all kinds. Continue reading to learn and plan your vacation to Favignana, and to discover the best luxury hotels in Favignana Sicily. Visit all of the best beaches of Italy here or visit us on Pinterest.

Elba Weather – Best Time To Visit

The best times to visit Elba are between late September and October and between April and May. During these months, you will find comfortable temperatures and fewer crowds. During September and October, the crowds thin and the temperatures drop into the low 70s, making fall an ideal time to visit. In April and May, you’ll beat all the summertime visitors and you’ll enjoy kind temperatures in the 70s.  In the summertime, the average highs are in the upper 80s. This is the busiest time for tourism, so it will be crowded with visitors. You should also keep in mind that many restaurateurs, hoteliers and shopkeepers go on vacation in August, closing their doors to tourists. If you want Elba all to yourself, visit during the winter, but it will be cold with plenty of rain. 

Best Elba Beaches

Cavoli Beach Elba Tuscany Italy, The Best Luxury Hotels in Elba, best time to visit Elba, best Elba Tours & activities, best Elba restaurants, best Elba bars, Best Elba hotels
Cavoli Beach

Cavoli Beach is on the southern coast of the island. Its 300 meters of fine white sand and is considered the coolest on Elba because there’s always plenty parties and young people there. Cavoli beach is usually quite crowded, so it is not ideal for those looking for peace and tranquility.



Sansone Beach,  Elba Tuscany Italy, The Best Luxury Hotels in Elba, best time to visit Elba, best Elba Tours & activities, best Elba restaurants, best Elba bars, Best Elba hotels
Sansone Beach

Sansone Beach is located after the beaches of Acquaviva and La Sorgente, and before the Enfola headland, along the road from Portoferraio. Sansone Beach is a white pebble beach that has wonderfully crystal-clear waters. It is quite popular and a perfect backdrop for photographs!



Fetovaia Beach Elba Tuscany Italy, The Best Luxury Hotels in Elba, best time to visit Elba, best Elba Tours & activities, best Elba restaurants, best Elba bars, Best Elba hotels
Fetovaia Beach

The town of Fetovaia is about 8 km from Marina di Campo. It has breathtaking views of the Punta di Fetovaia, stretching out to the sea, and it also boasts golden sandy beach, and crystal-clear waters, with the mountains and rocks in the backdrop.



Chiessi Beach Elba Tuscany Italy, The Best Luxury Hotels in Elba, best time to visit Elba, best Elba Tours & activities, best Elba restaurants, best Elba bars, Best Elba hotels
Chiessi Beach

Chiessi Beach is on the west side of the island and has a pebble beach, bordered by unusual rocks with smooth sides. If you like to slide off rocks and have fun in the water, this is your place!



Sant'Andrea Beach Elba Tuscany Italy, The Best Luxury Hotels in Elba, best time to visit Elba, best Elba Tours & activities, best Elba restaurants, best Elba bars, Best Elba hotels
Sant’Andrea Beach

Sant’Andrea Beach is a wonderful small sandy beach with big rocks on the sides, in the Sant’Andea creek in the north-west side of the island, about 6 km from Marciana Alta. The tiny beach of Cotoncello, located at 800 meters on the right side of Sant’Andrea, also deserves a visit.


Best Elba Tours & Activities

Tuscany Experience Tour

This is a unique opportunity for you to spend a day with a local driver-guide, a day off the beaten path where you will visit villages and locations where Italians go and spend their time. We will explore the coast and the countryside of Tuscany, we will stop for lunch where “WE, Italians” go, a day like no other to make you experience the real Italian and Tuscan lifestyle. You will enjoy a relaxing, simple and stressless day!  Book Your Tuscany Experience Tour Here.

Exclusive Maremma from Florence: The Secret Wines of Suvereto

You will discover its secrets by visiting two top quality wineries, that employ a unique blend of the old and the new. What strikes you first is the modern architecture combined with traditional, organic practices. This trip combines refinement with simplicity and aims to offer you a memorable experience in the secret land of Suvereto wine area. Book Your Exclusive Wine Tour Here.

Guided Cycle Tour by E-Bike on the Island of Elba

For this experience with an expert local guide, you will have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the area and its naturalistic, landscape and cultural peculiarities in complete tranquility. Together with the guide you will be able to customize the route based on your physical preparation and your passions and curiosities. Book Your Guided Cycle Tour Here.

Jeep Tour at Ripalte

Spend a day on the vast private promontory south-east of the Island of Elba! Take part in an exclusive visit aboard a vehicle for over 1000 acres of estate included in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. At the Grand Jeep Tour spend leisure time at Ristorante Tenuta Ripalte for lunch and pair the Tuscan Cuisine with the wines Cantina Tenuta delle Ripalte.  Book Your Jeep Tour at Ripalte Here.

Best Elba Restaurants

Ristoro Agricolo Montefabbrello $11 – 30

This organic restaurant on the Montefabbrello farm grows its own wheat to make pasta, grapes to make wine and olives to produce oil. Fruit and veggies are homegrown too. Tasty pasta dishes, homemade bread and plenty of rustic meat and game dishes (unusual on Elba) make it an essential stop on every foodie itinerary. Telephone: 39 0565 940020 Web: Ristoro Agricolo Montefabbrello

Locanda Lo Sgarbo $11 – 30

No resort-style glamour or pretension at this popular spaghetteria – just friendly down-to-earth service and exceptionally tasty seafood pasta served in a small dining room or at one of the outdoor tables. Everything is fishy and superfresh, and the homemade dolci (desserts) are legendary.  Telephone: 39 348 298 7970 Web: Locanda Lo Sgarbo

Ristorante Salegrosso $11 – 30

Those on the hunt for Elba’s best fish dish need look no further – the fish stew here is a flavorsome pile of shellfish, tomato and saffron topped by a garlicky slice of bruschetta. Dine on it or other fishy treats, including excellent homemade pasta. Telephone: 39 0565 996862 Web: Ristorante Saiegrosso

Osteria del Noce $11 – 30

This family-run bistro in hilltop Marciana is the type of place where the bread is homemade and flavoured with fennel, chestnut flour and other seasonal treats. The pasta, seafood dishes and sweeping views from the terrace are all truly magnificent.  Telephone: 39 0565 901284 Web: Osteria del Noce


The floor-to-ceiling windows at this formal, hillside restaurant at the lower end of Poggio village create the sense of eating in a classy treehouse, while the vistas from the stylish roof terrace make you feel you’re suspended above the sea. The refined Tuscan menu profiles fish and mountain produce, prepared with much pride and TLC by the Fontana family for 40-odd years. Telephone: 39 0565 99208 Web: Publius

Best Elba Nightlife


Steps lead down from the panoramic terrace at the far end of the central Piazza Matteotti to this party-hot enoteca (wine bar), a strictly after-dinner address cooking up well-made cocktails, excellent local wines, live music and piccola cucina (little snacks) made with local, often organic produce. Telephone: 39 389 8407711 Web: Fandango

Garden Beach

Be it breakfast at dawn, mid-morning coffee and artisan pastries, an afternoon gelato, or cocktails at dusk, this beachfront bar has you covered all day and is the address in Marina di Campo to party until late. Homemade sushi and various fast-food bites pander to late-night munchies and live music kicks in at weekends. Telephone: 39 0565 976036 Web: Garden Beach

Bar Rodriguez

A local institution, this hybrid cafe-bar on a people-busy square is a quintessential spot to lap up local life over a chill prosecco, cocktail or what is rumoured to be the finest cappuccino in town.  Telephone: 39 0565 938352 Web: Bar Rodriguez

Il Rifrullo

Il Rifrullo is a well-established spot for listening to live music over a beer, cocktail, grilled meat or tasty pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven. Summer dining is on an attractive, greenery-draped verandah, and a roaring fire in the hearth warms the cockles on cooler nights in the red-brick and beamed-ceiling interior. Telephone: 39 0565 915432 Web: Il Rifrullo

Giannino Live Music

An old farmhouse on a hill overlooking Marino di Campo, 4.5km north of town along the SP25, is the on-trend venue for Elba’s biggest music club, firmly on the international DJ set circuit since 1980. Telephone: 39 340 3326868 Web: Giannino Live Music

The Best Luxury Hotels in Elba


  1. Ashley

    Wow.  Now this looks like the perfect place for a honeymoon.  Thanks for the suggestions of when to travel to avoid high tourism months.  Personally, I will have to shoot for April/May, as mid seventies sounds perfect.  (I’m an arizonan so anything cooler and I would need a jacket!)

    Italy is always somewhere I have wanted to explore but I was not sure where to start.  You have helped me make my decision!  

    Not only are there plenty of activities, but snorkeling in crystal Clear blue water is something I have always dreamed of doing.  So that will be my first excursion.  

    Out of the all the beautiful parts of this place, the beaches, waters, activities….the restaurants are what convinced me to start booking.  Mmmmm who doesnt want real italian food for breakfast and lunch everyday on a honeymoon?

    Thanks again.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I really don’t know who wouldn’t LOL.  I have relatives in Italy, which kind of makes it easy for me.  Cannot be beat, that is for sure.  Thanks for taking the time to leave me comments.

  2. safia

    Hello mate,

    Many people dream of getting away to the Italian island of Elba. The island’s perfect for those looking to relax on the beach, go hiking, or explore the island’s natural beauty. What people may not know is that there are many luxurious hotels to choose from throughout Elba. so now my question is How can I make my stay in Elba more rewarding?

    Waiting your answer mate as I am heading there in next summer.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I think rewarding is defined differently for everyone.  For me it is embracing the culture, enjoying the food, seeing the history, and relaxing on the beaches.  That makes it rewarding for me!

  3. Vai

    I have never been to Europe, but I have always wanted to go there some day. There are countries I hope to go someday, like Great Britain, France, Spain and Italy to name a few. One of the things that concerned me the most is safety. It’s one thing to worry about the Pandemic, and another is to worry about crimes. I haven’t the slightest idea of which country to visit when it comes to safety. Could there be any suggestion?

    Now to Elba, it looks so beautiful and seems like a nice island to go on a vacation. There is a lot to enjoy, and beaches looks sparkling clean. Being from the islands of Tonga, I am no stranger to beautiful beaches. Of course, the islands of Hawaii and some of its’ beaches lend a lot to be desired.

    Still, one can wondered about the difference, the location the culture and how friendly are the people of Elba. As I mention earlier, crime is another thing that worries me. One should take precaution when visiting anywhere they are unfamiliar with. However, sometimes we just have to face our fear, right?

    There are people who love to travel in spite of any threat or danger. And there are people like me, who would take into consideration any danger regardless of destination. That is my opinion.

    As for the post and what has been promoted, I will take another look at it in the future. Elba will remain, a dream island to visit, but not now.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Well I know that I do not talk about places that are not safe to travel.   It just doesn’t make any sense to do that. Take the Philippines.  I have highlighted many islands, but only the islands that are safe.  So it would be hard to narrow it down to countries to avoid.  It is really particular areas of countries, not necessarily the whole country.  Take Mexico for instance.  I have been there many, many times.  But only to safe areas…touristy areas.  The more popular a location is with tourists, you can generally assume that the risk is minimal.  Of course you want to take precautions where ever you go.

  4. Aubin Tshiyole

    Where is Elba, I don’t know why but I feel like it is a place in Europe. I like to travel and try out new places so this would be a great place tostart. I will be sure to share this article with my partner. Hopefully one day we will be able to visit this place. 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, it’s in Italy.  Beautiful Italy that I believe you and your partner would love.


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