The Berry Islands

Discover the Berry Islands.  Miles of secluded swim-ashore beaches, invigorating dive sites, and championship sport fishing are just a few of the highlights that make The Berry Islands a desired destination. Composed of a cluster of 30 cays, a majority of these islands are uninhabited. It’s not uncommon to stumble across a footprint-free beach or private cove. You could spend an entire day without seeing a single soul. The Berry Islands are also home to a number of cavern, reef, wall and wreck dive sites, as well as a 600-foot-wide blue hole, wonderful bill fishing, and ancient churches.

The Berry Islands Bahamas are just north of Nassau, making them a common stop for cruises from Florida to the Bahamas. Of all the islands and cays to visit in the Berry Islands Bahamas, Great Harbour Cay is the largest, and is home to the main settlement known as Bullocks Harbour. The Berry Islands will introduce you to some exciting wildlife, fascinating geological formations and an endless stream of outstanding sights.

For more information on the best beaches in The Berry Islands, visit The Best Beaches in the Bahamas Guide.

Berry Islands Weather – When to Visit

The Berry Islands have a slightly different high season than most of the other Bahamas islands. Because of their close proximity to Florida, boaters make the crossing in droves from spring break through summer, especially to Bimini. Waters tend to be calmest during these months. All the islands and their resorts peak on the various U.S. holidays: Thanksgiving, mid-December through January 5, Easter, and Labor Day. Generally, February to June are busiest months, and rates are higher at these times and during the Christmas season. Fishing and diving are good throughout the year, although cold fronts in winter can cause rough seas. Temperatures usually remain steady enough to enjoy the beaches year-round, but occasionally drop into the 60s. From November to April the cool, breezy, and drier months mean flying insects are minimal. Hurricane season technically runs from June through November; August and September (the most likely months for hurricanes) can be hot and steamy, and many resorts and restaurants are closed.

Berry Island Attractions

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This blue hole, located in the southern Berry Islands, is about 600 feet wide and has a cliff that hangs 20 feet above the water. Those who jump into it from the cliff speak of an adrenaline rush as they venture into its mysterious depths. Its only living inhabitants are said to be oysters.



Haines Cay Beach, The Berry Islands, the Berry Islands beaches, best beaches of the Bahamas, Bahamas beaches, best beaches of the Caribbean, best beaches of the Berry Islands, Berry Islands travel, best Berry Islands hotels, best Berry Islands Restaurants, things to do in the Berry Islands, Berry Islands AttractionsHaines Cay Beach

At low tide, walk across from Shelling Beach estuary, round the point, and walk south a half mile and you’ll discover one of the Bahamas’ most unspoiled, beautiful beaches. It’s 2 miles long with excellent snorkeling on its north end and swimming all along. Wear some sturdy footwear for the land walk. It’s also reachable by kayak. There are no trees for shade, so an umbrella, lots of fluids, and sunscreen are advisable.  This beach is best for swimming, snorkeling, walking and solitude.


Chub Cay BeachChub Cay Beach

As well as the 400-yard beach right at the marina, Chub Cay has a splendid 1¼-mile strand with great swimming and nearby snorkeling. The Club House with its pool is a mere 400 yards away for refreshments.  This beach is best for swimming and snorkeling.




Sugar Beach, The Berry Islands, the Berry Islands beaches, best beaches of the Bahamas, Bahamas beaches, best beaches of the Caribbean, best beaches of the Berry Islands, Berry Islands travel, best Berry Islands hotels, best Berry Islands Restaurants, things to do in the Berry Islands, Berry Islands AttractionsSugar Beach

Sugar Beach is a distinguishable relaxation spot because it’s one of the best spots for escaping the typical tourist haunts. Other nearby beaches you’ll come across in the Bahamas may be just as beautiful, but tend to be more crowded since they’re near some of the most popular hotels.  With nothing on the beach save the occasional villa, Sugar Beach is the perfect place for anyone looking for a quiet, tropical beach to relax at. Of course, the beautiful clear water is ready for anyone who is looking for a dip.


Great Stirrup Cay Lighthouse, The Berry Islands, the Berry Islands beaches, best beaches of the Bahamas, Bahamas beaches, best beaches of the Caribbean, best beaches of the Berry Islands, Berry Islands travel, best Berry Islands hotels, best Berry Islands Restaurants, things to do in the Berry Islands, Berry Islands AttractionsGreat Stirrup Cay Lighthouse

Built by the Imperial Lighthouse Service in 1863, the Great Stirrup Cay Lighthouse has since warned passing ships of the nearby rocks and shoreline.  While not particularly tall, the colonial architecture makes Great Stirrup Cay Lighthouse very pretty to look at and take pictures of.



Great Harbour Cay Beach, The Berry Islands, the Berry Islands beaches, best beaches of the Bahamas, Bahamas beaches, best beaches of the Caribbean, best beaches of the Berry Islands, Berry Islands travel, best Berry Islands hotels, best Berry Islands Restaurants, things to do in the Berry Islands, Berry Islands AttractionsGreat Harbour Cay Beach

Great Harbour Beach has The Beach Club, a popular daytime bar and grill with a cute arts, crafts, and gift shop. Here, the residents schedule beach volleyball, activities, and games, as well as yoga and exercise classes—and everyone’s welcome. This beach is best for the sunset, swimming, and  walking.



Things to Do in the Berry Islands

Stingray City

Enjoy this unique once in a lifetime experience swimming, snorkeling and interacting with our friendly rays. A short comfortable boat ride will whisk you to Stingray City Park. You’ll love the beautiful white shallow sand where you can stand up or swim with the Rays who will greet you with the familiarity of an old friend. Your encounter includes feeding, snorkeling and taking lots of pictures with your new Stingray friends. Telephone:  +1 242-364-1032  Web:  Stingray City

Berry Islands Eco Tour

This narrated Eco Adventure Boat Tour will take you on a trip aboard a custom-built touring catamaran through the waters of Great Stirrup Cay and nearby islands. You can see stingrays and sharks in their natural habitat, just a few feet from your seat. Other highlights include touching a conch and a starfish.   Telephone:  242-451-8255  Jeremy Crawford

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

This great family fun activity is the ultimate way to experience undersea environs without getting wet. You will get to see some of the most beautiful gardens of corals and exotic fishes, in addition to a narrated tour.  Telephone:  242-359-9346 or 242-636-6714  Cardinal Rolle

Percy’s Bone Fishing

Capt. Percy Darville was the winner of The Bahamas’ “Cacique Award” for Sports and Leisure in 2007. He can provide you with the best bonefishing, bottom fishing, and deep-sea fishing experience that any Guide can offer, in addition to snorkeling and tours.  Telephone:  242-464-4149   Web:  Percy’s Bonefish

Joe Darville Fishing

Captain Joe Darville is known as the all-around captain, who offers great boating experiences to his clients. He specializes in Deep-Sea Fishing and Fly Fishing.  Telephone:  242-376-3200 or 242-367-8105

Best Berry Islands Restaurants

CarriEarl – $31 – 60

The Restaurant serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and is open to non guests. Serving a fine selection of International Cuisine and Chef Marty always has a culinary surprise up his sleeve.  Their Restaurant offers the finest food with dishes from all over the World – the perfect venue for Weddings, Birthdays, or that special Celebration.  Telephone:  242 451 8785  Web:  Carriearl.

Bimini Twist & Island Sushi  $11 – 30

Bimini Twist at the South Bimini Beach Club has an exceptional sushi bar and an elegant dining room. Time your dinner for the dipping sunset show. If you’d rather not do sushi, start with conch, shrimp, lobster, or tomato ceviche. The chef is at the top of his game, and will prepare special requests with panache. Entrées provide good variety from pasta pomodoro and conch linguine to chicken sautéed with mushroom and onions, and sirloin steak.  Telephone:  242-347-4500  Web:  Bimini Twist

Coolie May’s Sunset Restaurant  $11 – 30

Her bright sign makes the casual 60-seat restaurant, on Bullock’s Harbour’s central seafront, easy to find. A couple of outside tables give heightened views of a sleepy anchorage, the ocean, and gorgeous sunsets. Midday, try the conch salad, pan-fried grouper, or a tasty burger. Broiled lobster, steaks, pork chops, and fried conch along with peas ‘n’ rice and macaroni and cheese are dinner specialties. The menu changes daily, but the world-famous guava duff is always available for dessert.  Telephone:  242-367-8730  Web:  Coolie May’s Sunset Restaurant

The Beach Club  $11 – 30

This is the island’s cool locale for breakfast and lunch, across the road from the airport, overlooking the beach and turquoise water. At breakfast, go for the eggs and ham with home grits. At lunch, have a grilled cheeseburger or whatever fresh fish is on the menu for the day. Takeout is available, including fishing lunches. Dinner is available on request, but if you eat at the open-air tables, be sure to have insect repellent, especially if the wind is down or at sunset.  Telephone:  242-367–82108  Web:  The Beach Club

Rocky Hill Pool Bar & Restaurant  $11 – 30

This quaint open air restaurant and bar offers Bahamian and International dishes for lunch and dinner, along with a pool. They cater to visiting yachtsmen, who enjoy sharing their escapades over a refreshing tropical drink.  Telephone:  242-367-8051  Web:  Rocky Hill Pool Bar & Restaurant.

Best Berry Island Bars

Bimini Big Johns

This waterside sports bar and restaurant, patronized by the younger set, is one of the most popular places on-island to party, dance, and grab a cold beer, burger, or native snack. It’s open from 11:30 am ’til late. It now sports a snazzy humidor with (apparently) authentic Cuban cigars. Come nightfall Thursday to Saturday, a fabulous local Bimini band plays live music combining pop, Bahamian hits, reggae, and soca. At midnight, a local DJ takes over and spins until 3 am.  Telephone:  242-347-3117  Web:  Bimini Big Johns

End of the World Saloon (The Sand Bar)

The back door of the small, noisy End of the World Saloon, better known by locals as “Sand Bar,” is always open to the harbor. This place—with a sandy floor and visitors’ graffiti, business cards, and other surprises on every surface—is a good spot to meet local folks over a beer and a lobster-and-conch pizza, while playing a game of ring toss. The bar is near the heart of Alice Town, 100 yards from the Compleat Angler ruins, just steps away from Big John’s.  Web:  End of the World Saloon

OneTwoThreeFloor Sports Bar & Night Club

Midway on North Bimini, west of the big park in Bailey Town, is the islands’ latest addition to the bar-and-nightclub scene. You’ll notice a big black wall on King’s Highway painted with the club’s funny name. Open from noon to 2 am daily, drinks are affordable especially during the Happy Hour, all day until 8 pm. OneTwoThreeFloor serves bar food such as buffalo wings, burgers, and cracked conch snacks, which you can enjoy in cool air-conditioning while watching sports on wide screens from the bar. On weekend nights until 2 am, a DJ plays everything from R&B and hip-hop to pop and golden oldies.  Telephone:  242-359-8133

The Backside Bar

This is the local hotspot for dancing and fun, and we are known for great chicken wings and other things, like conch fritters. You can enjoy the fish fry experience every Tuesday night, plus fresh conch salad every night.  Located just before you reach St. Bartholomew Anglican Church in Bullock’s Harbour.  Telephone: 242-367-8622 or 242-451-0770

Best Berry Islands Hotels

The CarriEarl Boutique Hotel

Located on Great Harbour Cay, the largest of The Berry Islands in The Bahamas, a minute’s stroll down a winding path leads to seven miles of pristine, white sandy beach.    The fine cuisine and friendly English hospitality ensure that your unwind continues.  For more information, pricing, or to reserve your room, visit The CarriEarl Boutique Hotel.

Chub Cay Resort & Marina

“More than just a fisherman’s paradise.” Chub Cay is a private island paradise in the southern tip of the Berry Islands, Bahamas with full resort and marina amenities. Located right next to the edge of the infamous “Pocket,” Chub Cay boasts miles of untouched, magnificent beaches surrounded by those classic Bahamian blue waters. Whether you are joining us for world-class fishing, or simply just to detach and relax, there is something for everyone at Chub Cay Resort & Marina.  For more information, pricing, or to reserve your room, visit Chub Cay Resort & Marina.

The Ocean Club – A Four Seasons Resort (Paradise Island)

Discover the legendary chic of The Ocean Club, combining elevated Four Seasons service with laid-back Bahamian style to create one of the most sought-after resort experiences in the Caribbean.

Warwick Paradise Island All-Inclusive Adults Only

Warwick Paradise Island Bahamas offers the ambiance of a private escape for anyone seeking a modern, relaxed resort. The new getaway welcomes guests, aged 16 and above, and provides an intimate, relaxing, and enjoyable vacation experience. Singles, couples, friends, adult families, and groups – all will enjoy a calm on-harbor escape that will provide them with the opportunity to indulge, unwind, and enjoy all that the resort has to offer. A signature feature of the resort is the 10,000 sq ft harbour terrace overlooking the harbour marinas.

Hilton At Resorts World (Bimini)

Welcome to Hilton At Resorts World Bimini, a nice option for travelers like you. Rooms at Hilton At Resorts World Bimini provide a flat screen TV and air conditioning, and guests can stay connected with free wifi. In addition, while staying at Hilton At Resorts World Bimini guests have access to room service, a rooftop terrace, and a concierge. You can also enjoy a rooftop pool and a swim-up bar.


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    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      How exciting!  You will have a great time.  It really depends on where you stay.  But generally you will taxi a boat to take you to the beaches.  You can find a great list of the best beaches in the Bahamas here.  This way if you know where you want to be, you can plan ahead on  transportation.  If you need any assistance, please let me know.  Thanks for visiting, and I am sure you will have a wonderful time in The Berry Islands.

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    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, I too live in Florida, but there is something different about the water in the Bahamas.  We sure don’t have that amazing crystal clear water, and the crowds in the Bahamas are going to be substantially less.   It is the perfect place for a change of scenery in beaches and well worth it!

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    Hi, Leahrae,

    Whenever I think of the Bahamas, and being a big James Bond 007 fan my entire life, I recall the 1965 movie “Thunderball” which was set in the Bahamas. At one point trying to find a secluded “cay” in which the criminal mastermind had possibly hidden a nuclear bomb, Bond and another person were flying by helicopter over so many of these uninhabited small islands.

    Gorgeous settings, also seen in the YT vid that you embedded in your review article, Leahrae!

    I can imagine that if a couple wants to be off on their own in a nice tropical setting, as opposed to vacationing in a densely populated setting, (Waikiki, Hawaii) that the Berry Islands, which you did a fantastic job of explaining in full detail, would be the perfect place to visit.

    With so many water activities to choose from, people could not possibly get bored even if on certain days they saw few other human beings.

    You mentioned that one restaurant, “Carriearl” as being extraordinarily expensive as far as eating a meal. I would gather that this place is not your average fast-food place, even one that serves seafood – Popeye’s seafood eating establishments located in many Southern U.S. states.


    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thank you for your wonderful comments on my website.  Yes, you are right about the Carriearl Restaurant.  It is one of those places that I would dine at for special occasions, or just for a wonderful meal.  So, yes it is miles apart for your average “nice” restaurant and well worth it.  I also agree that, the Berry Islands is that type of place for couples to go and just enjoy.  Thank you so much for visiting!

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      Yes, the Bahamas tend to be a little more expensive because of their location and popularity, along with all the amenities you get then you are there.  I think it will be doable for you for your birthday if you are already planning 🙂  Yes, it is totally safe there.  With the Berry Islands being a huge tourism area, they take great effort in keeping their visitors safe.  Thanks for reading!

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      No all inclusives at all on the Berry Islands that I could find anyway.  If you head to some of the more popular destinations in the Bahamas, you will find the all-inclusive resorts.  I cannot really put a dollar figure on the hotel $ rating as this is something that is part of the actual hotel information.  I would probably click on the hotels you are interested in to get a better idea of the rates.  Thanks for visiting!

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    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Bill fish is a term used to cover such fish as the Marlin, Sword fish, and sailfish.  So a “bill fish” is a broad term for these fish.  I am glad you enjoyed reading and yes Hoffman’s Cay Blue Hole is definitely worth seeing while in the Berry Islands.  Thanks for visiting!


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