Rosarito Vacations

From the moment you step onto Rosarito’s boardwalk you can feel the gentle sea breeze while the sound of the pleasant waves takes you to a stress-free world, as it accompanies the sound of seagulls flying to break free and enjoy surfing, diving, hiking or bask in the nightlife.

Imagine lying on the beach while the sun rays tan your skin tersely and, in the distance, you see the whales migrating to warm waters. Going out after a relaxing massage in one of their spas, then enjoying a huge lobster… that’s just a pinch of what you’ll get in Rosarito.

For a list of all the beaches in Rosarito, and the Sea of Cortez area, go here.

Rosarito Weather – When to Visit

Rosarito Beach enjoys a dry and warm climate year-round. Popular times to visit are spring (Apr–May) and July – August.  Annual events include Rosarito Art Fest (May/June) with art exhibitions and music performances.  In Rosarito, the summers are short, comfortable, arid, and mostly clear and the winters are long, cool, and partly cloudy. The average temperature varies throughout the year from 49°F to 76°F.  From mid July thru the beginning of October is the warmest weather with an average daily high temperature above 73°F. The coldest part of the year runs from the beginning of December thru mid April with an average daily high temperature below 67°F.

Rosarito Attractions 
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Islas Coronado

A group of four islands located off the Northwest coast of the Mexican State of Baja California, Islas Coronado or the Coronado Islands are an ideal trip from Rosarito. Due to being largely uninhabited, these islands are the perfect place to go for a calm and relaxing day without the tourists of the mainland. Along with being a serene place to go for surf and sun, the islands are also a wildlife refuge, and are home to numerous species of amphibians, whales, birds and more! 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Christ-of-the-Sacret-Heart-300x169.jpgChrist of the Sacret Heart

Standing 75 feet tall with his arms open, overlooking the clear blue beaches of the Pacific, is Christ of the Sacred Heart, a large statue of Jesus Christ, and a Rosarito landmark. This immense sculpture can be seen from miles away, but to get the best view of it by driving, exit the toll road at Rosarito, continue south on the free road toward Ensenada, and head inland near the town of El Morro at kilometer 44.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is La-Vid-300x169.jpgLa Vid

While Mexico may not be the first place you think of when you think of “fine wine,” visiting La Vid in Rosarito will change how you view Mexican wine. This wine bar is a favorite for both locals and tourists who are looking to enjoy tapas and wine, while learning more about Mexican wine culture from La Vid’s knowledgeable staff. After spending a day at the beach in Rosarito, winding down with a wine tasting at La Vid is the perfect way to end a day well spent in Mexico.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Rosarito-Beach-300x140.jpg Rosarito Beach

Here you can enjoy gorgeous ocean-views and sea breezes all day long. Unlike many other beaches in Mexico, Rosarito is less about the party and more about the relaxed vibes and the sunshine. So pack a book, some sunscreen and a pair of sunglasses and lay out by the ocean all day long.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Cerro-El-Coronel-300x200.jpg Cerro El Coronel

Cerro El Coronel is a 4.5 kilometer lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Playas de Rosarito Municipality, Baja California, Mexico that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as difficult and is primarily used for hiking and trail running.



Things to Do in Rosarito
Rosarito Ocean Sports

Rosarito Ocean Sports provides Camel rides, horseback riding tours, water sports, scuba diving, quad rentals, stand up paddle boarding, and boat tours.  A company with excellent TripAdvisor reviews.  Great staff and excellent service.  Telephone:  52 661 100 2196  Web:  Rosarito Ocean Sports.

Baja Diving Adventures

Baja Diving Adventures is a scuba diving tour operator certified by PADI (Professional Association of Divers Instructors) under the category of DIVE RESORT. They have specially designed facilities for scuba diving enthusiasts inside the Puerto Nuevo Baja, Hotel & Villas.  Telephone:  52 646 132 5331  Web:  Baja Diving Adventures.


They are a family owned business with an alternative to fun offering adventure and adrenaline in front of the sea. They have the adventure  circuit which includes a 4 ziplines, a hanging bridge and a quick jump.  They also have a pool, children’s playground, and a restaurant and bar.  Telephone:  52 664 648 0998  Web:   Pikin.

All the Pretty Horses of Baja – Rescue and Rides

Enjoy ocean-view horseback riding in the hills of Baja area, wine and rides with a cowboy BBQ, with several stops to sample tapas with local wines following by a real Mexican cowboy BBQ.  A must do event if you are in the Baja.  All proceeds and donations go to Pretty Horses rescue efforts and the care of their growing herd.  Telephone:  call 52 619 483 9252 Web:  All the Pretty Horses of Baja.

Best Rosarito Restaurants
El Gaucho Argentino  $11 – 30

This restaurants provides the full authentic and unique Argentinian experience that you will love! Their Parillada (BBQ) is perfect for outdoor casual events. They use delicious fresh ingredients and pride themselves in providing full satisfaction to each customer.  Telephone:  52 664 440 5984  Web:  El Gaucho Argentino.

Mi Casa Supper Club  $31 – 60

Mi Casa Supper Club is based in Rosarito, Mexico and was created by a group of food and wine lovers to establish a new breed of dining alternatives. The menus are focused on bold flavors and locally, sustainable fresh ingredients in a unique, elegant locale, while creating a sense of community and friendship through good food and exciting cocktails.  Telephone:  52 664 609 3459  Web:   Mi Casa Supper Club.

Cocina Silvestre  $31 – 60

This is a great Baja Kitchen and Jazz Club.  They have a seasonal menu using local, organic, and the freshest of ingredients.  Telephone:  52 661 613 2308 Web:  Cocina Silvestre.

Misión 19  $31 – 60

Their cuisine is an art and flavor is only a part of what they will serve at your table.  Every dish that they prepare has a special care and attention for the guest. Their objective is to take you in a gastronomic journey where your five senses will awake for a great experience.  Telephone:  52 664 634 2493  Web:  Misión 19.

El Grill Steakhouse  $31 – 60

They invite you to live the experience, with the best atmosphere, music and always serving the best quality USDA Prime meat and the best 100% fresh seafood. Allow them the pleasure of serving you and making El Grill a memorable experience.  Telephone:  52 664 681 7677  Web:  El Grill Steakhouse.

Best Rosarito Bars & Nightlife
Rosa & Rita Bar

The Rosa & Rita hacienda-style bar is located just to the right of the hotel entrance.  Decorated with wonderfully historical photographs of the hotel from 1926 to the present, it provides guests with an inspiring trip of the grand history of our legendary hotel. But it’s not just a history lesson that awaits guests it’s also one of Baja’s most famous and fun karaoke bars. Come and enjoy yourself, let it all out and sing along to your favorite songs in the only place in town where you are the star!  Web:  Rosa & Rita Bar.

Sunio Beach Club

One of the most exclusive beaches in Rosarito is right in front of the Sunio Beach Club deck.  The ideal place to live an incredible experience in terms of food, atmosphere, landscape, and facilities.  They are located inside the Hotel Castillos del Mar. Telephone:  Web:  Sunio Beach Club.

Papas & Beer

With 7 fully stocked bars, the best drink combinations and recipes in all of Baja, and the most fun, talented, and quick bartenders you’ll ever come across. Their drinks have been deemed the best drinks at any club by hundreds of Papas clients time and time again.  Web:  Papas & Beer.

Plan B

Friendly atmosphere, great food, lot’s of flat screen TV’s, draft beer, always neat and clean and great service. Always likely to meet some friendly people here, locals and visitors. Javier is the best!  Web:   Plan B.

Bombay Beach Club

Atmosphere and ambience is typical tourist party in Mexico.  Purchase the wristbands is a great deal with  its 2 clubs Bombay and CocoBeach for free entry and no cover charge all night, with  all you can drink till 6am.  This does not include beer until 8pm and they do run out of beer FAST.  Beware that the mixed drinks are very strong!   Great view out on the sand with swings at the bar as stools.  Telephone:  52 661 120 2037 Web:  Bombay Beach Club.

Best Rosarito Hotels

Rosarito Beach Hotel

The Rosarito Beach Hotel is located right on the beach and features a spa center and Wi-Fi in all areas for a fee. Ensenada’s vineyard zone is a 1-hour drive from this modern hotel.  There are two restaurants available at the hotel. One serves typical Mexican food, and the other one has fusion cuisine of Mexican-Mediterranean food. There is also a karaoke-bar.

Las Rocas Resort & Spa

Located 20 minutes south of Tijuana on the shores of Rosarito Beach, this resort and spa features 2 restaurants and bars, an infinity pool, and a holistic spa.  El Meson, the elegant on-site restaurant, serves gourmet cuisine. Café Del Mar is more casual and open for breakfast and lunch. The Palapa Bar is enclosed in glass and situated on a cliff over the ocean, offering beautiful views and specialty drinks.

Rosarito Inn

This Rosarito hotel is 20 minutes south of the U.S. border and is 15 minutes from Puerto Nuevo. The hotel features an outdoor pool with hot tub and apartments with fully equipped kitchens.  Shuttle services to the San Diego and Tijuana Airports are available for and additional cost. Washer and Dryer are available on each condominium.  Downtown nightlife is a 3 minute walk away. La Bufadora is south of Ensenada, within driving distance from the Rosarito Inn. Guests are also nearby deep sea fishing and golfing in Bajamar.

Del Mar Inn

Contemporary hotel in downtown Rosarito Beach just 3 minutes from beach. 86 rooms including two suites with private jacuzzi. Pool, kids pool, outdoor jacuzzi, restaurant and cool bar. Private parking, safety deposit boxes. Friendly staff ready to assist you.

Posada Don Luis Hotel

If you’re looking for a family-friendly hotel in Rosarito, look no further than Posada Don Luis Hotel. Posada Don Luis Hotel is a family-friendly hotel offering air conditioning in the rooms, and it is easy to stay connected during your stay as free wifi is offered to guests. The hotel features a concierge. Plus, guests can enjoy a pool and an on-site restaurant, which have made this a popular choice among travelers visiting Rosarito. For guests with a vehicle, free parking is available.


  1. My Daily Pointers

    I can honestly say, despite all my research about beach side destinations, I have never heard of Rosarito.  However, after reading your article, it has become a definite possibility for my vacation wishlist.

    I like the idea that it is not much of a party scene.  When I take vacations, I like to forget about everything back home and just relax and recharge.  This sounds like a place I could do just that.  Do you have any idea about the avergae age group of visitors there?

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, you could forget everything here and kick back.  That is for sure.  From my experience in traveling here, quite a few times actually.  I can say that the age is pretty spread out.  You will find a good variety of young and old in Rosarity 🙂

  2. Owain

    I too have never heard of Rosarito before but it sure does sound like a great place. I would have to hire a car so it was good to also know about whether I am covered for loss or damage to the car. That bit I have always been a bit unsure about so it was good that this was covered.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, it can get sticky, to me, renting a car in a foreign country. I have always just taken taxis or buses in the Baja. I rented a car once, and I found the expense was much greater than using taxis. Rosarito is a great beach vacation! I hope you will consider it 🙂

  3. David Donahue

    Rosarito is a great place to surf. I have surfed Mex in the past and would love to again but I’m on the east coast and live in NC. I’m from San Diego and visiting Mexico is a must! Just be careful of the police!

  4. David Donahue

    Awesome post! I am from San Diego myself and used to surf in Mexico at a few breaks. I haven’t been to Rosarito but have had friends who surfed there. Mexico is a cool place to visit but you have to be careful of the police!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, that I know 🙂 Actually it has gotten better over the years, but I still do not drive in the Baja. I take taxis or buses, seems the safest bet for me. Thanks for reading!

  5. Scott

    Thank you, Leahrae, for your absolutely thorough coverage in this post! Looking to travel and visit family on the West Coast in the off season, and this might be just the spot for us!
    Your site is a great resource.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thank you Scott! I am glad you enjoyed reading about Rosarito Vacations and visiting Please let me know if I can help in any way.

  6. Shaun

    This site offers everything needed for an ultimate vacation to Rosarito. What might be the driving time from San Diego using the bus? I really like that you show a large group of restaurants and provide a link to their web sites. Not only can you plan what you want to do, but you can plan what and where you want eat before you arrive.

    This is a very informative post, I believe I will continue to search your site for other vacation sites that I would like to visit.

    Thank you

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I am glad you enjoyed Shaun.  The drive is pretty quick actually.  Just a little over an hour to take the bus from San Diego to Rosarito beach.  Well worth the trip for sure.  Thanks for visiting

  7. Meena

    Hey Leahrae,
    I’ve just read your post and I’m completely blown away by the info you’ve provided. I’m from Europe, and planning to visit the US in the following months.
    However, sometimes planning a trip can be tricky, especially when you want to see everything worth seeing, but also have some leisure time and just relax and stay on the beach. This really seems like a great choice!
    Thanks for the advice!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You are very welcome and glad you enjoyed reading.  Yes, I try to put everything into the post that will help the traveler plan the entire trip.  I am a little bit passionate about beach travel and these type of destinations 🙂

  8. Weston

    Another great review of a beautiful destination! I’ve never heard of Rosarito before. You said a lot of Californians come here. How far from the Mexican/U.S. border is it?

    I appreciate you sharing the video of Rosarito on your post. It helped me to get a better picture of the area. Looks like a great place to visit.

    Thank you!


    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Boy the Baja of California borders California to the south, so from San Diego, its just a hop skip and a jump.  Super close.  I do prefer to take a bus over the border though, and not my own vehicle….too many hoops to go thru in my opinion.  But Rosarito is well worth visiting.  Just avoid spring break if that is not your scene, because it gets ridiculously obnoxious.  Thanks for reading!

  9. Mia

    This looks like a great place! I think I’d like renting an ATV and doing the All The Pretty Horses horseback riding trip. It all looks beautiful and I’d love to visit … when it’s not Spring Break (too old for that now). Thanks for the info, it’s quite thorough.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I have to agree on the Spring Break thing.  I went to South Padre Island for a week last year during spring break….I ended up leaving after 2 days.  It was not fun.  When it is not spring break Rosarito is a great place to be.  Nice and quiet, pretty, warm, and  just can’t be beat!

  10. Maria

    Rosarito Beach looks like a fantastic area to visit when on vacation. Mi Casa Super Club looks like a great place to eat, is it very difficult to get there with big city traffic? This looks like it may be a suitable location for families with small children, are there any attractions that one could visit to entertain the little ones?

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      No, actually not a lot of traffic unless you go during peak spring break time.  And then it will not be family friendly at all.  All other times, is great for families and would be a nice slower pace than other Baja coastal communities.

  11. Noa

    Wow you really know your way around Rosarito! As a backpacker looking for parties this article came just on time for me, I must say you really made me want to visit there! The info you’ve included is super-important for non-US travelers, I’ve learned so much, for other travels too, not just Rosarito. Wish I could take you in my pocket when I travel so you’d whisper to me what to keep in mind all the time:) thanks for this article!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You are very welcome Noa!  You can take me any time in your pocket on your travels!  That way I get to see more 🙂  Yes, when going to Mexico, there really are a lot of things to keep in mind.  I have been so many times, yet I have only rented a car once.  I find the transportation on buses or with taxis to be much less stressful and more economical.

  12. Noa

    Wow you really know your way around Rosarito! As a backpacker looking for parties this article came just on time for me, I must say you really made me want to visit there! The info you’ve included is super-important for non-US travelers, I’ve learned so much, for other travels too, not just Rosarito. Wish I could take you in my pocket when I travel so you’d whisper to me what to keep in mind all the time:) thanks for this article!

  13. JamesGSMurrau

    To think I lived in Yucca Valley and never thought about going to Baja for a vacation. Think if I do I’ll stay at the las rocas resort. Great information thank you.
    Oh and thank you for the heads up about the rental cars and the collision insurance that’s one thing I’ve never thought about. You mentioned hires and atv rentals what about seados or jetskie renals?

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, there are plenty of jet skis there as well as quads.  Lots of water sports in Rosarito.  Just best to go during the busy season, otherwise the town is kind of sleepy.  Yes, I would have to agree on Las Rocas Resort 🙂  Thank you for visiting Rosarito Vacations!

  14. grace

    I never heard of Rosarito before so I found it interesting reading about a new destination. Travelling is my passion and I always enjoy learning new things about places, culture, things to do. Thank you for painting a good picture of this coastal resort city and providing a lot of useful and interesting information. I also found the video helpful. Thank you and best wishes.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I am glad you enjoyed reading about Rosarito.  Great little coastal town in the Baja on the Sea of Cortez.  You would enjoy traveling here!


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