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Visit Beautiful La Ventana BCS. La Ventana is a small Mexican fishing village located on the Sea of Cortez just 35 minutes southeast of La Paz, Baja California, Mexico. La Ventana was recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It offers ocean-blue scenery in contrast to the arid desert landscapes. You will be charmed by the beautiful views of the bay, the island Cerralvo and the scenic sierras, the variety of plants and cacti, the colors of water, and of course the warm friendliness of the Mexican people who live here. Local activities range from watersports, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, fishing to just relaxing on the beach. La Ventana has become the perfect kitesurfing spot thanks to its steady winds from November to March and to its L-shape sandy beach with side-shore winds. La Ventana is the ideal kite destination for kitesurfing, from beginner to enthusiast. Learn how to kite or challenge your skills under the perfect conditions that the Gulf of California offers you. Visit all of The Best Beaches of the Sea of Cortez here, or visit us on Pinterest.

La Ventana Weather – When to Visit

The best time to visit La Ventana is in November when temperatures are hot, and weather is still dry, but hotels are more affordable. Temperatures will be in the low 80s, just a bit warmer than the average 75°F you could experience during high season.  High season in La Ventana is in December.  The Christmas week (December 20th to January 3rd) and the Thanksgiving week (November 20th – 28th) are also popular dates and these times will be crowded with elevated hotel rates. Kite season is November thru March.

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La Ventana Beach

One of the best beaches for kite surfing. Other activities include kayaking, biking, freediving, snorkeling and paddle boarding. It is pleasant to take walks on the beach, sunbathe, or take bike tours through the wild corners of this Baja California beach. The waters of La Ventana are crystal clear and that allows great visibility, which guarantees us to be able to contemplate the rich local biodiversity.

At night tourists like to make bonfires on the beach, to sing guitar in hand, or just enjoy the stars. It is a very romantic beach. You can enjoy dinner at one of the many local restaurants, where the best specialties of the region or some dishes of international cuisine are served. Many of these places feature live music and serve delicious ice-cold beer. The atmosphere is soothing, fun and addictive. In the morning it is also an excellent experience to visit the Farmers Market and acquire handicrafts created by the locals.

Best La Ventana Restaurants

Radaroma $11 – 30

Nicely cooked fish are exactly what many guests taste here. The high ratings of this restaurant would be impossible without the well-trained staff. Fast service is something clients agree upon here.  Telephone: 624 145 0884 Web: Radaroma

Mariscos El Cone $10 & Under

The varied menu based on Mexican cuisine is what you are offered at this restaurant. Try nicely cooked prawns, tuna and ceviche. Mariscos El Cone has good margaritas among its drinks. It’s always a pleasure to rest and have a meal here because of the fabulous service. Telephone: 612 103 7196 Web: Mariscos El Cone

Playa Central $11 – 30

Visit this place and discover Italian cuisine. This bar should be recommended for nicely cooked pizza margherita, laing and fish. Come here and have delicious margaritas or good beer. You can enjoy live music in the evening.  Telephone: 612 114 0267 Web: Playa Central

Nomada Organics El Sargento $11 – 30

Serving perfectly cooked pasta, salads and sandwiches is the feature of this bar. It is good to try delicious juice, smoothies or coffee. The terrific service is something these restaurateurs care about. Come here for the enjoyable atmosphere. Telephone: Web: Nomada Organics El Sargento

La Moringa Restaurante

You will enjoy its food, especially perfectly cooked taro, salads and avocado toasts. The positive aspect of this restaurant is that the staff is accommodating. Fabulous service is something visitors like here. Telephone: 612 114 0477 Web: La Moringa Restaurante

Best La Ventana Bars & Pubs

Hotel Todo Bien & Villas

The friendly staff reflects the style and character of this bar. Fine service is something clients like here. Telephone: 612 114 0158 Web: Hotel Todo Bien & Villas

Las Palmas

This restaurant specializes in Mexican cuisine. To taste nicely cooked fish, coconut shrimps and shrimp tacos is a truly nice idea. Good margaritas or delicious beer are among the most popular drinks at Las Palmas. Telephone: 612 114 0393 Web: Las Palmas

San Siro Ristro.Pizza.Bar

Delicious pizza and great drinks. Telephone: 612 159 0241 Web: San Siro Ristro.Pizza.Bar

Baja Grill

Mexican food is good at this place. You will hardly forget delicious margaritas that you can order. They also have wonderful service. Telephone: 612 183 2602 Web: Baja Grill

Playa Central

Visit this place and discover Italian cuisine. This bar should be recommended for nicely cooked pizza margherita, laing and fish. Come here and have delicious margaritas or good beer. Telephone: 612 114 0267 Web: Playa Central

Best La Ventana Hotels


  1. Anusuya

    It is a pleasure to come across this website which I follow to find out great destinations.

    Mexico beaches are a go to places for vacations or other-wise to travel to.

    I had several colleagues visit these beaches and have high praises for those.

    Affordable hotel if you can plan ahead and pick a low cost season.

    I love these restaurants, You don’t need to have a real deep pocket to enjoy varieties of foods, Mexican, Italian, great well cooked fish.

    I again mark these places for my future travels. 

    Thank you for these great destination picks. 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You are very welcome.  Thanks for visiting Beach Travel Destinations!

  2. LineCowley

    Mexico has been on my bucket list for many years, and seeing this post on La Ventana, has just sealed the deal for me. As we are no longer tied to school holidays, your suggestion of November as the best time, sounds perfect. 

    I have often watched kite boarders and it looks like an amazing sport, so a holiday in La Ventana will hopefully give me the opportunity to try kitesurfing. With a good range of restaurants and bars to choose from, this looks like an awesome beach destination. 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      It is an awesome destination, and absolutely gorgeous!  Watching kite boarders is pretty fun, they make it look so easy!  Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave me comments.

  3. Sandeep

    We are planning a holiday this August after almost 2 years at home (due to the pandemic) and my wife wanted to go Mexico! So its really good luck that I have seen this post. Unfortunately we will be travelling in August and not November. I understand its quite hot in Mexico during August but we dont have much choice (due to kids school holidays). However, we love beach holidays so it looks like La Vendata ticks all the boxes. We are vegetarians – will that be a problem?

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      No problem, there are plenty of vegetarian restaurants, you can visit the list here. La Ventana is just really a great place, you will enjoy!

  4. Lee

    I haven’t visited Mexico in many years, but I was considering booking a trip for later this year. Actually, I wasn’t familiar with La Ventana but is sure looks like a gorgeous spot to vacation. It seems to have it all from the beaches to the activities. That video is absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the different restaurants, too. This spot looks like it checks a lot of boxes and is definitely going on my vacation wish-list!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      It is beautiful, and less expensive then Cabo for sure.  You would enjoy.  Please let me know if you need any further information.

  5. Emilie

    My sister actually stayed at the La Ventana Resort in 2020 and she loved it here. I’m in the middle of planning a vacation and this just sealed the deal for me. I’ve only continued to hear really great things not only about the resort but the location in general. This hotel has amazing views and every room is beachfront. Some have their own decks while others you open the door directly onto the beach. In addition to that, everything is within walking distance. I’ve heard the kites are beautiful, the staff is great, and there are so many activities nearby to engage in such as hiking, spearfishing, etc. I’m so excited to try some of the restaurants and bars you’ve recommended. Thank you!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Wow, sounds like you will have a wonderful time!  And yes, that is a great resort.  Please come back when you are are ready to book 🙂


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