Visit Beautiful Los Barriles East Cape

Visit Beautiful Los Barriles East Cape. The beaches of Los Barriles are full of multi-colored parachutes and sails from the wind surfing and sailboarding. From March to December, the winds that dominates the area allow adventure lovers to live their favorite experience. The local hotels have instructors and specialized equipment. Los Barriles has a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

There are also exciting quad rides along the hills up to several beaches with transparent water where you can snorkel or relax for a while before returning to Los Barriles. Off road is also very popular in the area.

Sportfishing in Los Barriles is also very popular with annual tournaments such as the Bisbee Circuit that is held in September with hundreds of international fishing lovers who compete for the first prize.

Few places in Baja California are as rich in flora and fauna as Los Barriles. The whale shark is abundant here, but also harmless as it has no teeth, so filters food thru its gills. Come visit beautiful Los Barriles on the East Cape of Baja California. Visit the Best Beaches of the Sea of Cortez here, or visit us on Pinterest.

Los Barriles Weather – Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Los Barriles is from May to June, when the wintertime crowds have gone home and the summertime storms have yet to hit. October and November are also nice months for a vacation, but you’ll need to begin your hotel search early if you want to save money. It could be that your motivation for visiting is not the beach: If you’re into whale watching, plan to visit between mid-December and mid-April. If you like to fish, look to come in the late summer or fall. Keep in mind: Pacific hurricane season runs from mid-May to November. Though Los Barriles typically only experiences tropical storms during the hurricane season, the city has seen hurricanes make landfall in the region, most notably Hurricane Odile in 2014.

Los Barriles is one of the best places on the planet for kite sports. The season for foilboarding, kite surfing and boarding, surfing and wind sailing runs from November through March, when the water and beaches become dotted with the fluorescent kites. The sizeable ‘El Norte’ swell is ideal for kitesurfing, and winds in the area typically blow from mid-morning until late afternoon so there’s plenty of time to hit the water.

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Los Barriles Beach

With miles of shoreline, it comes as a surprise that there aren’t usually many people on the beach. That’s because despite its blindingly-white hue, the sand on Playa Los Barriles is actually made up oVisit Beautiful Los Barriles East Capef lots of tiny rocks which makes it a bit of a challenge to lounge on. However, there are still beach volleyball courts and plenty of space for sunset walks–just make way for vehicles, since everyone drives on the beach here.

You can head south just a few minutes down the road to Buena Vista, where the sand is powdery soft and the water is incredibly warm and beautiful. We’re talking bathwater-warm, to the point where certain spots feel like they’re nearly scalding your feet.

Fun day trips from Los Barriles

  • Todos Santos is a charming spot 90 minutes west of Los Barriles on the Pacific Ocean side, and boasts sweeping beaches, a great arts scene and fantastic food.
  • La Ventana is another favorite spot for the kiting crew, this is another wind sports Mecca on the east coast that also has a cool glamping resort ChicoChill, worth checking out.
  • La Paz: The chance to swim with whale sharks is what brings most people to this coastal city, which also has fantastic street art, a lively waterfront and easy access to Isla Espiritu Santo, which is one of the world’s most abundant ecosystems.
  • San Jose del Cabo: Beyond being Baja’s main party and resort area, there are tons of great activities nearby like zip lines, camel rides and sunset sails to the famous Arch.

Best Los Barriles Restaurants

Taqueria El Viejo $10 & Under

The best tacos in Los Barriles.  Try their scallop tacos, fish tacos, shrimp tacos, clam tacos…chilaquiles, everything is really delicious, the staff super friendly, and the salsas super fresh and tasty. Great music and great prices.  Web:  Taqueria El Viejo

La Casita Restaurant Bar Los Barriles

La Casita is a fusion cuisine restaurant inspired by Mediterranean and Asian flavors, using only fresh ingredients, local fish and seafood caught in the area for consistent taste and quality. Telephone: 52 624 124 8259 Web: La Casita Restaurant Los Barriles

Triny’s Campestre Restaurant $11 – 30

Triny’s Campestre Restaurant has excellent food and service here. Arrive early and sit outside. Margaritas are tasty! Fresh fish and great steaks. Telephone: 52 624 124 8067 Web: Triny’s Campestre Restaurant

La Playa Restaurant & Bar $11 – 30

La Playa is a great place to eat in Los Barriles. You can’t beat the location, right on the beach. It’s clean, and a great place to just relax, eat & drink while watching the kite surfers on a windy day. The food was consistently good. The service can be slow, but the food is prepared fresh, so it’s worth the wait! Telephone: 52 612 131 9336 Web: La Playa Restaurant & Bar

El Gecko Beach Club $11 – 30

The views are amazing and the staff is super friendly. This is a laid back beach bar and grill and was worth the 1 hour drive from Cabo to go and hang out. The food is really great and this place is worth the visit. Telephone: 52 624 142 8212 Web: El Gecko Beach Club

Best Los Barriles Bars & Nightlife

El Gecko Beach Club

You can not go wrong at El Gecko Beach Club great drinks, food, and great service. Telephone: 52 624 142 8212 Web: El Gecko Beach Club

Vago’s Bar

This bar is well known for offering Mexican cuisine. You can order perfectly cooked hamburgers, chicken wings and nacho chips. The margaritas are also awesome here. With great staff and service, you will have a good time here. Telephone: 52 624 124 8561 Web: Vago’s Bar

La Fogata

This place is famous for its great service and friendly staff, that is always ready to help you. The prices are very reasonable, and the ambiance is is peaceful. Telephone: 52 624 166 9314 Web: La Fogata

La Playa Restaurant & Bar

Discover new tastes of the menu with Mexican cuisine in the comfort of this bar. Nothing can be better than tasting good salads, soup and pizza. Order a very cold beer or wonderful margaritas. You will appreciate great fresh juices or delicious coffee at La Playa. Telephone: 52 612 131 9336 Web: La Playa Restaurant & Bar

The Best Los Barriles Area Hotels


  1. Claudia

    Hello. I love the Barriles beach. I saw the video the beach water us clean and transperant!, you can even see the dishes under the water. And some water is green and transparent. Also there are mountains close to the beach and you can ride on boats.  I live in Miami and the beaches here aren’t so transparent like in the Barriles beach. It’s awesome and beautiful. Also I like the fact that that you tell us what is the best time of the year to visit the Barriles Beach. How much does a motel cost in that area?

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Hi Claudia, At the bottom of my post all the hotels are listed and you can click on them to get an exact price for your dates 🙂 There is also a map of hotels, so you can find others as well.  If you need any additional information, please let me know.

  2. David Nelly

    As a minnesotan who is constantly losing hope on getting some good weather around here (just had a week in the 40s and 50s, all ruined by snow yesterday), checking out Los Barriles seems really enticing to me right now :).

    I would be so down to swim with the whales in La Paz!

    Do you have a personal #1 recommendation for a hotel?

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I would stay at the Punta Pescadero Paradise Resort, that is the best choice in La Paz (which is close to Los Barriles), in my opinion.  I was born in Fargo, so I know all about the weather there 😀  Sounds like you need to pack your bags!


  3. Ingrid Robins

    I always like holidays and love travel articles. It is a good idea to visit Los Barriles before everyone gets there and when most of the people have left. I would like whale watching and my housemate would like fishing. There is something for everyone no matter what time you visit. 

    Los Barriles Beach is also very nice except for the tiny rocks but you can wear light sneakers and the problem is solved.

    The Taqueria El Viejo $10 & Under is great and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great meal. As I check out the other places to eat the prices are reasonable and there is a lot of variety.  

    A nice place to visit all around.



    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes it is Ingrid, glad you enjoyed.  Thanks for visiting beach travel destinations.

  4. Joseph

    Oh Leahrae, thank you for the article! This was just what I needed on this cold, late spring afternoon. From clicking over to the hotel bookings for Los Barriles, the prices look really affordable and the rooms very respectable.I appreciate that you included so many dining and night-life options as well although I would like to hear more about the menus.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Great Joseph, I am glad you enjoyed!  Please let me know if you need any additional information and thank you for visiting beach travel destinations.

  5. Bethel


    Thanks for sharing about Los Barriles east cape.  I have not heard of this beautiful vacation location. I am not sure but is it located in the United States of America?. 

    I must say you did well by also giving information on a variety of nice restaurants, bars, and hotels. This piece makes it so easy for anyone looking for a beautiful destination to travel to and relax.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      It states right in the post that this is in the Baja of Mexico 🙂  It is a wonderful destination for sure.  Thanks for visiting.


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