Amazing Luxury Hotels in Taormina

Looking for amazing luxury hotels in Taormina Italy? If you see just one place in Sicily, it should be Taormina, Italy. It’s the most picturesque location in Sicily. Taormina sits a top a cliff overlooking the Ionian Sea, with majestic mountains and active volcanoes.. I’s truly a slice of heaven.

There are three reasons people love to love Taormina: the mountains, the sea, and the gorgeous Greek amphitheater. Most people who visit Italy like to hop around, but Taormina is The Best Place to settle in for your entire vacation, if you want a hassle-free trip that lets you relax from head to your sandy tip toes. Taormina has many pretty beaches. The beach connecting Isola Bella is Taormina’s most beautiful beach.

The historic center is filled with winding, walk-able medieval streets. If you want to stay where the action is, the town center is the spot to stay in Taormina. Candlelit tables, Italian families laughing over vino and enough shops to satisfy your itch to whip out your wallet. Find all of the best beaches of Italy here, or visit us at Pinterest.

Taormina Weather – Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Taormina is from May to June or September to October. These late spring and early fall months offer comfortable temperatures ranging from the 70s to the low 80s, which is ideal for temple gazing, beach lazing or hiking. These are both considered shoulder seasons, and you may be able to score some discounts. If you plan a July or August vacation, you’ll contend with lots of crowds, high prices and the hottest temperatures of the year. Winter sees temperatures in the 50s and low 60s; you can find greatly reduced hotel rates, but swimming in the ocean isn’t an option.

Best Taormina Area Beaches

Isola Bella Beach Taormina Italy, Amazing Luxury Hotels in Taormina, best Taormina Tours & Activities, Taormina Weather, when to visit Taormina, best Taormina hotels, best Taormina restaurants, best Taormina bars
Isola Bella Beach

The Isola Bella is without doubt Taormina’s most beautiful beach. It is a pebble beach, set at the foot of the town, fronting the islet of Isola Bella with in lush vegetation. The islet is linked to the mainland by a narrow strip of beach which is covered by water at high tide.


Mazzaro Beach Taormina Italy, Amazing Luxury Hotels in Taormina, best Taormina Tours & Activities, Taormina Weather, when to visit Taormina, best Taormina hotels, best Taormina restaurants, best Taormina bars
Mazzaro (Taormina) Beach

The small beach of Mazzarò is set in a bay to the north of Isola Bella and is one of the most popular in the area. Its pebble shore is dotted by bathing lidos with sun umbrellas and beach beds and also free beach areas. Accessible by means of the spectacular cable railway leaving from Taormina.



Giardini Naxos Beach Taormina Italy, Amazing Luxury Hotels in Taormina, best Taormina Tours & Activities, Taormina Weather, when to visit Taormina, best Taormina hotels, best Taormina restaurants, best Taormina bars
Giardini Naxos Beach

Giardini Naxos Beach is the longest beach in the area, with fine sand and pebbles. The golden beach is backed by lush Mediterranean plant growth and has both free beach and lido areas. Thanks to its many bars, eateries and restaurants, the beach of Giardini Naxos is also famous for its stylish night life.


San Marco Beach Taormina Italy, Amazing Luxury Hotels in Taormina, best Taormina Tours & Activities, Taormina Weather, when to visit Taormina, best Taormina hotels, best Taormina restaurants, best Taormina bars
San Marco Beach

San Marco Beach is a pebbly beach, and one of the most beautiful in eastern Sicily. The beach is several kilometers long, lined with acacias and eucalyptus, with citrus fruit plantations stretching down to the beach. The sea is blue and clean, and the only settlement is the small tourist village of San Marco. Part of the beach is equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas.


Letojanni Beach Taormina Italy, Amazing Luxury Hotels in Taormina, best Taormina Tours & Activities, Taormina Weather, when to visit Taormina, best Taormina hotels, best Taormina restaurants, best Taormina bars
Letojanni Beach

One of the best-known beaches on Sicily’s eastern coast is Letojanni Beach, a vast expanse of sand with Taormina’s promontory in the background and a crystal clear sea before it. Para-glider enthusiasts love the wind that caresses this magnificent beach. Here you will find private establishments but also stretches of free beach.

Best Taormina Area Tours & Activities

Taormina and its surroundings

Venture away from the bustling city of Catania and explore the nearby villages of Taormina and Castelmola on this full-day tour. Start your day off in Taormina, where you have free time to explore the village on your own. Then, join a small group and explore the panoramic village of Castelmola, with its panoramic views, and enjoy a swim session in the Mediterranean to cap off your day. Book your Taorima and Surroundings Tour here.

Taormina Scuba Diving Experience

Learn the basic safety guidelines and skills for diving under water. Have fun swimming and exploring under the supervision of a PADI professional. Prepare for an adventure! Book your Taormina Scuba Diving Experience Here.

Taormina to Agrigento or Palermo 3-Night Tour Through the Baroque

4 days /3 nights discovering the intimate baroque soul of Sicily, in an island where heartfelt sentiments and firmly held beliefs find their ultimate expression within the most theatrical of baroque edifices. But also to discover a growing area that produce some of the finest wines on the island, and the best are among the most compelling bottles in Italy. Book your Taormina to Agrigento or Palermo 3-Night Tour Here.

Etna Summit Area (2900 mt) Lunch and Alcantara Tour – Small Groups from Taormina

This entire day tour will allow you to get to the base of the summit craters of the Etna: thanks to the ascent by cableway and off-road vehicles you will arrive at 2900 meters of altitude, where you will have a unique walk around the base of the active summit craters, accompanied by our naturalistic expert and a volcanological guide. Afterward, you will explore the incredible volcanic underground by visiting one of the striking volcanic cave of the Etna, and then, after a lunch based on local typical products, you will visit the amusing Alcantara Gorges. Book your Etna Summit Tour Here.

Small Size Transfer Tour: Palermo to Taormina with Villa Romana and Agrigento

Make the most of a hassle-free journey from Palermo to Taormina with this shared transfer and tour service. Meet your driver at your Palermo hotel, and relax on the journey, enjoying stops to visit two of Sicily’s historical, UNESCO-listed sites. First, visit the Valley of the Temples at the Ancient Greek town of Agrigento. Then, admire a vibrant collection of age-old mosaics at Villa Romana del Casale, a hunting lodge near Piazza Armerina. Learn about each place as you explore, and then finish with a drop-off in Taormina. Book your Small Size Transfer Tour Here.

Best Taormina Restaurants

St. George Restaurant by Heinz Beck Over $30

Best For: Italian, Seafood, International Address: Via San Pancrazio n. 46, 98039, Taormina Telephone: 39 0942 23537 Web: St. George Restaurant by Heinz Beck

La Bottega del Formaggio

Best For: Italian, Mediterraneann Deli Address: Via Bagnoli Croce 28 Vicino la Villa Comunale, 98039, Taormina Telephone: 39 0942 23594 Web: La Bottega del Formaggio

Osteria Pizzeria Le Tre Vie Over $30

Best For: Italian, Pizza, Seafood Address: Via Crocifisso 4, 98039, Taormina Telephone: 39 0942 24570 Web: Osteria Pizzeria Le Tre Vie

Vineria Modí $11 – 30

Best For: Italian, Seafood, Mediterranean Address: Via Calapitrulli 13, 98039, Taormina Telephone: 39 0942 23658 Web: Vineria Modi

Villa Ducale Restaurant Over $30

Best For: Seafood, Mediterranean, Healthy Address: Via Leonardo da Vinci 60, 98039, Taormina Telephone: 39 0942 28153 Web: Villa Ducale Restuarant

Nightlife in Taormina

Daiquiri Lounge

Let them take you to the other side  of the fine drinking journey. Packed with adventurous tastes, every cocktail is well harmonized to your surprise. Telephone: 39 3207 857129 Web: Daiquiri Lounge

Re di Bastoni

Sicilian Pub and Jazz Bar since 1996. Located in Taormina, Sicily. Selections of Sicilian Craft Beers, Wines,Liquors and Snacks. Telephone: 39 0942 23037 Web: Re di Bastoni

BamBar Taormina

Great place, fast service and super tasty. Telephone: 39 0942 24355 Web: BamBar Taormina

Morgana Lounge Bar Taormina

The drinks are great ( espresso martini ) with attentive staff, great atmosphere and lively music. Telephone: 39 0942 620056 Web: Morgana Lounge Bar Taormina

Ten House

Cocktails and live music with the pianist Angelo Polimeno and the acoustic duo “Masterfarm” in one of the most beautiful squares of Taormina, in a comfortable and elegant atmosphere Telephone: 39 324 744 3399 Web: Ten House

Amazing Luxury Hotels in Taormina


  1. Mike Yardley

    I have always wanted to visit Italy, and because of the food Sicily has always been at the top of my list.  From your review it seems that Taormina is the best destination for when I visit.  You shared a link for a Scuba service that is very intriguing.  I have never really thought of the Mediterranean as being a great scuba location but I can see I was overlooking the great opportunities there. 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, great and wonderful vacation opportunities awaiting you in Italy!

  2. cathy

    I’ve been to Europe several times, but never Italy. While I’m not much of a beach person, your description of Taormina makes me want to check it out. Is Sicily the closest airport? What would be the best way to get to Taormina? Definitely a stop to put into my bucket list.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Catania Fontanarossa “Vincenzo Bellini” International Airport is the closest airport to Taormina. It is located 65km, about an hour’s drive from Taormina.  So that is where you want to fly into.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  Thanks for visiting beach travel destinations.

  3. Collins

    Greetings, This article was really enlightening and nice as well. And it got me differently because I love travelling so much I would definitely visit one of these hotels, Thank you so much for putting this out here, I would definitely get this visit soon because it looks amazing, and is there a way I can keep in touch so as to get more updates from you when you drop posts like these?

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes Collins, if you subscribe to my email list I will send you updates on new and wonderful destinations 🙂

  4. LineCowley

    I have not yet been to Sicily, but my son was there during September and came back raving about it. Although he was staying in Palermo, he mentioned going to Taormina. While reading this, I can certainly see the attraction of this seaside destination, it does look absolutely amazing.

    You mention that Taormina is a good place to settle for your entire holiday, but how long would you recommend as a minim stay? 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You know it’s a personal preference.  For me, if I am going to go all the way to Sicily, I am going to stay for 2 weeks.  You could stay for a week and have an amazing time…just depends on what you want for a vacation 🙂

  5. Brooke

    All you have to do is say luxury and I am all over it, in it, and on top of it! You mention that winter months provide unfavorable ocean swimming conditions in Taormina. Why is that? And is that for all of Italy, or just Taormina?

    Te nightlife would be the highlight of my trip here, besides the beaches obviously! It seems like theres so much to do I wouldn’t know where to start!

    I’ll make sure to have this page ready when I finally get the chance to book an Italy vacation. Thanks for the thorough break down of Taormina.


    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Couldn’t agree more Brooke.  I like luxury.  I like being pampered, who doesn’t.  You will get that in Taormina.

  6. Enrique

    This is a win-win for me. Medieval architecture, history, stunning beaches…what else could I ask for?

    I’d love to visit Taormina. Now, let me ask you something. Is the water really cold in winter? I usually hit the beaches in winter, and although the water is cold, it’s still manageable.

    I just added this to my travel bucket list. Now all I need is more time and money lol.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I would consider it cold, but some wouldn’t LOL.  In general, the swimming season ends In November. Average annual water temperature on the coast in Taormina is 68°F, by the seasons: in winter 60°F, in spring 61°F, in summer 77°F, in autumn 72°F. Minimum water temperature (57°F) in Taormina it happens in March, maximum (82°F) in August.  I prefer the water to be at least 75°F, but that is a personal preference I guess.  I hope this information helps.

  7. Daniel Tshiyole

    Wow Taormina is beautiful! Can I just say that I absolutely love your website. It has made my life so much easier with finding travel destinations to travel to with friends and family. I will be sure to share it with them. I am sure that they will like this article. Thank you for this article, I appreciate it 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Glad you are enjoying your visits to beach travel destinations.  Thank you for taking the time to leave me comments.

  8. JulijanaM

    One of the best places in the world! Taormina and its beauty! Sicily is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to, and now this reminded me how much I would like my kids to visit this place. I remember now Isola Bella beach, but not more places. A great article!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thank you Julijana, I am glad you enjoyed.   And thanks for taking the time to leave me comments as well 🙂

  9. Johnny

    Hey, cool article! During the Pandemic times I was saving money for a trip, and one of the destinies I was thinking about was Italy. I was thinking about Rome, but now that I read this, I will re-consider going to Toarmina! What a nice place! Loved the photos you used and the information provided regarding hotels and tours!

    Thanks again for opening my eyes!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You are welcome Johnny, thank you for visiting beach travel destinations.

  10. Abel

    All that region in Sicily is beautiful. I have been in Mesina and also in Catania. But of course, nothing beats the Taormina area beaches. I would like to go with my family. And polish up what I remember of the Sicilian dialect. I always heard my gradpa say Ciau Salutamu Assa binidica Sabbinidica!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, any where in Sicily is beautiful and you won’t go wrong.  Taormina is stunning and definitely a stop while in Sicily Italy.


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