Tinos Island Greece

Located on the northern side of the Cyclades group of islands, Tinos Island Greece is one of the most enchanting islands. You’ll find beautiful sandy beaches, traditional villages and Cycladic architecture to create a unique atmosphere that will captivate you.

Tinos Island Greece is the spiritual heart of Greece. The Panagia Megalochari church is visited by thousands of worshipers every year.

Besides its religious significance, Tinos Island Greece has plenty of surprises. Picturesque villages, Cycladic dovecotes, stone-made houses, little squares, and churches set the scene on this charming island. You’ll also find plenty of activities, from trekking to a variety of water sports. Come visit Tinos Island Greece! For more on the Cyclade Islands, visit the Cyclades Travel Guide.

Tinos Island Weather – When to Visit

For many people, the traditional height of summer is not always the best time to visit Tinos. If you plan to do a lot of walking, you will want to skip July and August due to the heat. The springtime brings flowers such as orchids out in wild abandon, and the water is warming up. June brings the aromatic wild herbs, and in autumn you’ll see an array of crocus. Between Nov – April you can get snow, showers and blissful sunshine, all in the same day. Easter does bring crowds and the islands will be packed, but not if you are sailing the seas.

Best Tinos Beaches

Kolympithra Beach, Tinos Island Greece, The Cyclades, best Tinos beaches, best Tinos hotels, Best Tinos restaurants, things to do in Tinos, Tinos Tours & Activites
Kolympithra Beach

Kolympithra Bay is 15km from the main town Chora. There are two beaches, both are completely worth a visit. Many of the beaches on Tinos tend to be plagued by strong winds. If you want to escape the wind, the beaches here are a good choice. The bay is flanked by hills, which offer protection from the winds. There is a taverna and cafe nearby for refreshment, but the main draw here is that this is a quiet beach that is away from the bustle that tends to collect near the main port.

Pachia Ammos Beach, Tinos Island Greece, The Cyclades, best Tinos beaches, best Tinos hotels, Best Tinos restaurants, things to do in Tinos, Tinos Tours & Activites
Pachia Ammos Beach

Pachia Ammos is an idyllic beach located 10km from the main town Chora. It is one of the most isolated and exotic beaches with fantastic dunes of fine golden sand that end to the beautiful deep blue sea. Enjoy the unspoiled and peaceful surroundings, and there are no beach facilities or any other kind of accommodation to disturb this wonderful experience.


Agios Ioannis Porto Beach, Tinos Island Greece, The Cyclades, best Tinos beaches, best Tinos hotels, Best Tinos restaurants, things to do in Tinos, Tinos Tours & Activites
Agios Ioannis Porto Beach

Located about 7km from Chora, it is an easy beach to get to by taxi, bus, or rental car. What sets this beach apart is that not only is it incredibly beautiful, but it is also a beach with plenty of services to enjoy. There are cafes and tavernas near the beach, as well as plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas to rent. You can easily spend the whole day here!


Agios Sostis Beach, Tinos Island Greece, The Cyclades, best Tinos beaches, best Tinos hotels, Best Tinos restaurants, things to do in Tinos, Tinos Tours & Activites
Agios Sostis Beach

You won’t find as many services as at Agios Iaonnis Porto Beach, but the sand here is soft, and the water is a gorgeous crystal blue. There are some tavernas that you can get to on foot when you need something to eat or need a break from sitting in the sun. Agios Sostis Beach is only 5km from Chora and is very easy to reach by car, bus, or taxi.


Panormos Beach, Tinos Island Greece, The Cyclades, best Tinos beaches, best Tinos hotels, Best Tinos restaurants, things to do in Tinos, Tinos Tours & Activites
Panormos Beach

Panormos Beach is the ideal spot for you to get away from it all. This area of the island doesn’t see as many visitors as Chora and the beach alone is worth a visit. This beach is somewhat rocky, which gives it a beautiful appearance. This is one of those places, though, where the wind is strong. Consider taking up windsurfing to make the most of it!



Recommended Tinos Tours & Activities by Viator

Tinos Tour

Explore the island of Tinos on this full day excursion from Mykonos. Take a 45-minute scenic ferry ride to Tinos, one of the most important religious sites in Greece and home to the magnificent Evangelistria church. Visit the mountain monastery of a small group of nuns at Kechrovouni, and see the basket weavers and marble artists the island’s villages are famous for. Tinos may not have the same name recognition as some of the better-known Greek isles, but it is every bit as enchanting. Read more about the Tinos Tour here.

Full Day Boat Trip to Tinos from Mykonos

Tinos Island is renowned as a Catholic pilgrimage site and the small island is easy to visit on a day trip from Mykonos. This full-day tour visits the famous Panagia of Tinou Church in Tinos town, the mountaintop Kechrovouni monastery, and the handicrafts villages of Volax and Pyrgos. Round-trip transport by boat is included. Read more about the Full Day Boat Trip to Tinos from Mykonos here.

Tinos Tour from Mykonos Island

Tinos Island is only 45 minutes away. The gorgeous neighbor of Mykonos, being three times bigger, has a lot to offer: Tinos town and the most famous and important church of Greece, the Evangellistria, the women’s monastery Kechrovouni, the traditional village Volax, the valley of the pigeon houses, Pirgos, and continously changing scenery of landscapes, traditional villages and views over the Agean Sea and surrounding islands. Read more about the Tinos Tour from Mykonos Island here.

Armenistis Light House Visit

Armenistis Lighthouse is a spectacular structure that’s still fully functioning. On this tour, you’ll take the stress out of organizing transport as pickup and drop-off from anywhere in Mykonos is included. One of the most magical things about visiting the lighthouse is the incredible views of the coast you’ll access. See boats arriving and leaving Mykonos, and have plenty of great photo opportunities. Read more about the Armenistis Lighthouse Visit here.

A Magic Day You Will Never Forget

Despina will coordinate with you a magical day in Mykonos. She has lived and worked on the island of Mykonos for 25 years. She has dedicated her life in the field of beauty and is considered one of Greece’s top beauty experts. She looks forward to welcoming you in a experience you will remember for ever. Learn more about A Magic Day You Will Never Forget.

Best Tinos Restaurants

Athmar $11 – 30

A cafe located in the square of the village (Platanos) combines the modern with the traditional. There are plates and drinks inspired by traditional tinian products. A small but beautiful space in the staircases of the square awaits you to taste new flavors with a single dose of tradition. Telephone: 30 693 662 1441 Web: Athmar

Kafenio tis Kyra Lenis Under $10

Here you can taste lovely typical Tinian snacks such as: louza and Skordhato, tinian cheese, Kopanistì, artichokes, dolmadakia gialantzì (wine leaves), keftedakia (meat balls), different versions of tiganopsomo (pies), and the famous local omelette froutalia. All products used for this delicious food, come from Adoni’s family vegetable garden. Telephone: 30 228 305 1409 Web: Kafenio tis Kyra Linis

Dough & Shaker $11 – 30

Its indoor and outdoor spaces are decorated in a traditional, Cycladic style with minimal aesthetics.  No matter if it is a pizza or a pasta dish, at Dough & Shaker everything is prepared at the moment of the order. All the ingredients are of supreme quality, as they come from mainly local, small, Greek industries.  Telephone: 30 228 303 1119 Web: Dough & Shaker

Sta Fis’aera Under $10

The taverna is located in the beautiful village of Aetofolia. The restaurant is nicely decorated with colorful chairs and pictures on the walls and you can sit on the terrace well protected from the wind. All ingredients were fresh and organic. Highly recommended for its very good food quality, excellent and friendly service and good prices. Telephone: 30 228 305 1718 Web: Sta Fis’aera

O Ntinos

Ntinos is the best fish tavern on the island. Perfect location, right on the sea, with food in such generous portions that offers great value for money. Try the garidomakaronada (prawn pasta) for 2, it’s so massive that it can easily feed 4 people at least. The service is great too. Telephone: 30 228 303 1673 Web: O Ntinos

Best Tinos Bars


Great cocktails, music and vibe all in one! If you want to surf or play beach volleyball, this is the place for you. Web: Alohari


Great place, great drinks, great music, great service. Telephone: 30 228 302 3963 Web: Koursaros

Best Tinos Hotels


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      Boy Steven,  all the islands would be great.  Just depends on if you want to avoid crowds.  Some islands like Santorini and Mykonos are just going to have more people.  If you plan to do a lot of walking then Sifnos and Amorgos are the best choices, as they have lots of trails.  Those would be my top choices.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.  And thank you for visiting beach travel destinations.

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