The Best of Melk Austria

The Best of Melk Austria – This small, quaint Austrian city lies along the banks of the beautiful Danube river, near the Wachau Valley.  With a population of just under six thousand citizens, life is laid back here, making it an ideal port of call on any river cruise.

Melk’s history as a marketplace dates back to 1227, and because of this early trade, the town boasts some incredible architectural examples that are representative of many different periods throughout history.  One of the more famous structures is the imposing Stift Melk, an impressive Benedictine monastery perched high atop a hill overlooking the Danube River.

Make sure to visit the impressive 900-year old Benedictine abbey designed in a beautiful baroque style that overlooks the entire town below it. It is a must visit to this magnificent structure as well as the inside library to discover medieval manuscripts on your cruise to Melk, Austria. The abbey itself is all the reason to come to Melk for a day; the structure was built by monks and has gone through many disasters. The inside is just as breathtaking as the outside, with marvelous staircases, artwork and windows. You can learn more about the great cities along the Danube River Here.

Melk Weather – Best Time to Visit Melk

The warm season last for about 3 1/2 months, from the end of May through the middle of September, with an average daily high above 69°F. In this period you have a pleasant temperature and little precipitation. The highest average temperature in Melk is 75°F in July and the lowest is 33°F in January. If you’re looking for warm weather, then the best time is during June and July. June sees warm temperatures in Melk, with an average temperature of 72F°. In July (the hottest month of the year), temperatures average 76F° during the day.

Top 5 Melk Attractions

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Melk Abbey

This magnificent Baroque structure is the focal point of the town, standing proudly on top of a rocky hill. Named as a UNESCO world cultural heritage site, it has a rich history dating back to 1089, when it was founded by Leopold II, who gifted it to the Benedictine monks. The building as you see it today was constructed between 1702 and 1736 and contains some incredible architectural gems both inside and out, such as the elaborate frescoes and the marble hall. Guided tours are available. For more information visit

Schallaburg Castle Christmas Market, Melk Austria, The Best of Melk Austria, Best time to visit Melk, Melk weather, Best Melk Restaurants, Top 10 Melk Accommodations, Best Melk Tours & Activities
Schallaburg Castle Christmas Market

When the temperature plummets and snow starts to fall, Melk looks extremely pretty. The Romanesque architecture of this castle is a unique setting for a Christmas market – full of cheer and charm. Running all the way up to Christmas Eve, it is a must-see if visiting during the winter period. Held in the Italian-style courtyard, there are stalls selling traditional food and gifts and warming mugs of glühwein and there are also musical performances and many family-friendly activities to keep the little ones occupied.

Artstetten Castle, Melk Austria, The Best of Melk Austria, Best time to visit Melk, Melk weather, Best Melk Restaurants, Top 10 Melk Accommodations, Best Melk Tours & Activities
Artstetten Castle

Another historical gem of the area, this striking château was owned by Emperor Francis I of Austria in 1823, and was primarily used as a summer palace by members of the Habsburg monarchy. Although it is now owned by the Hohenberg family, parts of the castle are open to members of the public and have been turned into an extensive museum. For more information visit

Aggstein Castle Ruins, Melk Austria, The Best of Melk Austria, Best time to visit Melk, Melk weather, Best Melk Restaurants, Top 10 Melk Accommodations, Best Melk Tours & Activities
Aggstein Castle Ruins

Aggstein Castle was built somewhere in the beginning of 12th century and was since then ruled by many dukes. In the 1600s the castle was seriously neglected and the harsh weather began to eat it bit by bit. A lot of restoration and preservation project were carried out in the late 20th and early 21st century. Today you can visit the castle, its dungeons, chapel, royal chambers, knight’s hall, staircases and castle walls. The view from the walls overlooking the river is beautiful and makes the castle seem like one pulled out of fairy tales. For more information visit

Schlossschallaburg, Melk Austria, The Best of Melk Austria, Best time to visit Melk, Melk weather, Best Melk Restaurants, Top 10 Melk Accommodations, Best Melk Tours & Activities

Located about 5 kilometers from Melk, the castle really began taking shape in the 16th century. The olden parts of it look more Romanesque while the newer parts were constructed in the style of the Italian palazzi. One of the highlights of the castle are 400 terracotta sculptures depicting mythological scenes and characters. It was created by master artist Jakob Bernecker. Exclusive, evening tours as well as tours in foreign-languages are available on request. For more information, visit

Best Melk Restaurants

Rathauskeller – Der Melker Gasthof $11 – 30

Come here for a drink after a long walk around Melk Abbey. Order dishes of Austrian cuisine at this restaurant. The recipe for success of Rathauskeller – Der Melker Gasthof is its good wiener schnitzels, cordon bleu and steaks. Try perfectly cooked Marillenknödel, che and pancakes. Delicious beer gets positive reviews. A lot of visitors order great coffee. Telephone: 43 2752 / 20460 Web: Rathauskeller – Der Mekler Gasthof

Schnitzelwirt $11 – 30

Discover new tastes of German and Austrian cuisines in the comfort of this restaurant. Visit Schnitzelwirt for perfectly cooked schnitzels, you will like them. Most visitors state that the staff is efficient. Service at this place is something one can call professional. Enjoy the peaceful ambiance here.  Telephone: 43 2754 56545 Web: Schnitzelwirt

Pasta e Pizza $11 – 30

After a walk around Melk Abbey, many visitors stop by this pizzeria. Pasta e Pizza offers you great dishes of Italian cuisine. Many guests come here to enjoy good pizza, wok and kama. Imagine a combination of tasty dishes and the hospitable staff, this is exactly what this spot offers. Telephone: 0676 5118822 Web: Pasta e Pizza

Eissalon (Zur Post) $11 – 30

Try dishes of Austrian cuisine at this restaurant. Visit Eissalon (Zur Post) for a break and taste perfectly cooked dumplings, beef and Tafelspitz. Do not leave without eating good Marillenknödel and tasty strudels. A number of guests think that you can drink delicious house wine or good beer at this place. Come here and order great coffee. Telephone: 43 2752 52345 Web: Eissalon

Stifts Restaurant $11 – 30

Enjoy Melk Abbey and come to this restaurant. The tasty flavours of the Austrian cuisine attract many visitors. You can always degust perfectly cooked wiener schnitzels, beef and goulash soup – a special offer of Stifts-Restaurant. Tasty Marillenknödel, ice cream and strudels are the best dishes. At this place, clients may order delicious beer or good wine. Based on the reviewers’ opinions, waiters offer great coffee or delicious lemonade. Telephone: 43 2752 52 555 Web: Stifts Restaurant

Top 10 Melk Accommodations


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