Serifos Island Greece

Serifos Island is a Greek island where the top things to do revolve around appreciating its undeveloped wild landscape, stunning beaches and authentic Cycladic island atmosphere. Serifos has truly lovely beaches, and they are by far the island’s best asset. Enjoying the unspoiled beaches are one of the top things to do on Serifos.

Most travelers have not heard of Serifos, which is a small island in the west Cyclades.  It’s a dry island with lovely hills and beautiful whitewashed sugar cube houses dotting the landscape. Serifos is calm and quiet, and it isn’t touristy. You won’t feel crowded here.   It’s an authentic Greek island that has not been hit by mass tourism or commercialism.

Serifos Chora, the island’s capital, is one of the most beautiful capitals of the Cyclades! After having spent the day at the Serifos beaches, enjoy the cobblestone narrow alleys of Chora to wander and have a drink at the island’s bars. Start planning your visit to Serifos Island Greece! You can also visit our Cyclades Travel Guide for information on all the best Cyclades Islands.

Serifos Weather – When to Visit

Serifos is most enjoyable in late spring – when the landscape is still green, the sea has warmed up to reasonable swimming temperatures, but the crowds have yet to descend – and early autumn, when the summer hordes have departed and the sea is at its warmest. But after late September many facilities close down, storms do hit and ferry links become sparse.

Best Serifos Beaches

Livadakia Beach, Serifos Island Greece, The Cyclades, best Serifos hotels, things to do in Serifo Greece, best Serifos Restaurants, best Serifos hotels, best Serifos beaches
Livadakia Beach

Livadakia is one of the most popular sandy beaches on Serifos. Apart from its beauty, Livadakia beach offers numerous facilities, such as bars and taverns. Livadakia beach also has a variety of water sports, a campsite, and a large shore with crystal waters. Its tamarisk trees provide shade from the sun.



Psili Ammos Beach, Serifos Island Greece, The Cyclades, best Serifos hotels, things to do in Serifo Greece, best Serifos Restaurants, best Serifos hotels, best Serifos beaches
Psili Ammos Beach

Take a look at the sea’s turquoise shades, along with the fine sand, and you’ll understand why it is considered one of the best beaches in Europe.  The water isn’t deep right away making it a preferred beach for families. There are two taverns right behind the beach that provide good old Greek food and cold refreshments.


Vagia Beach, Serifos Island Greece, The Cyclades, best Serifos hotels, things to do in Serifo Greece, best Serifos Restaurants, best Serifos hotels, best Serifos beaches
Vagia Beach

This beach is tucked in a hilly cove in the southern part of the island.  It is a rocky beach with lovely clear seas. It is one of the loveliest beaches to sit on during sunset. There’s a cantina that sells sandwiches, cold drinks and iced coffees. They also rent out umbrellas and chairs.



Ganema Beach, Serifos Island Greece, The Cyclades, best Serifos hotels, things to do in Serifo Greece, best Serifos Restaurants, best Serifos hotels, best Serifos beaches
Ganema Beach

The water here is clear and refreshing.  It’s a wide and long stretch of beach for Serifos, so there are plenty of places to pop down your umbrella and enjoy the sea view up close. There are no cantinas on the beach, nor are there sun loungers for rent at this beach.



Agios Sostis Beach, Serifos Island Greece, The Cyclades, best Serifos hotels, things to do in Serifo Greece, best Serifos Restaurants, best Serifos hotels, best Serifos beaches
Agios Sostis Beach

Agios Sostis is named after the beautiful whitewashed church that sits on one of its rocky slopes. It is a unique two-sided beach that is breathtaking to see as you approach. One side of the beach is clearly more popular because the waters on that end are extremely calm and clear.  The beach is rocky and pebbly but the depth inside is sandy. There’s a dock next to the church that people love diving off of as well.

Recommended Serifos Tours & Activities by Viator

Boat Cruise Around Serifos

Crazy dream cruising acts as a way of discharging and relaxing in the endless blue of Greece. Sun, Sea, Positive Energy and Crazy Dream combine to offer you unforgettable moments in places that until now have been inaccessible for many. Learn more about the Boat Cruise Around Serifos.

Inner Blue – 7 Days of Sailing and Scuba Diving in the Cyclades

Dive into the underwater world of the western Cyclades. Free from the restraints of the local diving centers, they will carry your gear on the boat and together with their on-board scuba instructor, you will explore the beauty of the Cycladic archipelago. Learn more about the Inner Blue 7 Days of Sailing & Scuba Diving in the Cyclades.

Boarding a Cabin in the Cyclades on a Luxury Yacht with Chef

The Cyclades: Kytnos, Syros, Mykonos, and Serifos. Breathtaking landscapes, cobalt blue sea and a culture as refined as the architecture of the magnificent chora, the villages perched on the islands that reserve incredible views and contain all the beauty of this archipelago that makes travelers and sailors dream. but full of emotions. Learn more about this Luxury Yacht Cruise.

8 Day Cyclades Sailing Adventure

Surrender to your dreams of sailing the renowned Greek islands on this superb sailing adventure to the Cyclades islands! Sail on Mediterranean waters, swim in turquoise seas, explore ancient sites and traditional Cycladic villages and soak up the sun, fresh Greek food and culture. From laidback, non-touristy islands like Kythnos and Serifos to the cosmopolitan islands of Mykonos and Paros, experience the utmost of Greek island hopping on this eight-day sailing odyssey. Learn more about the 8 Day Cyclades Sailing Adventure.

Mad Dash – 7 Days of Adventurous sailing in the Cyclades

7 days, 200 nautical miles, 4 islands and the notorious Aegean summer winds set the stage for this battle with the elements and time. You are going to get wet, cold, sunburned, and exhausted, but by the end of it you are also going to get an experience to remember for a lifetime. Learn more about the Mad Dash Sailing Adventure in the Cyclades.

Best Serifos Restaurants

Marathoriza $11 – 30

The dining space is narrow, small and simple.  You’ll find hearty dishes like slow-cooked lamb, fava beans baked in a traditional ceramic pot and some seafood dishes like shrimp saganaki. Be sure to include Serifian recipes like marathotiganites  (fennel fritters)or a caper dish during your dining experience. Telephone: 30 2281 052656 Web: Marathoriza

Metalleio $11 – 30

This restaurant is open year round and has delicious plates.  It isn’t a Greek tavern so it would be a good change if you want some choices beyond Greek cuisine. There are Greek dishes and some very nice pastas and salads in a more upscale setting.  Metalleio is located in the street behind the main harbor’s main street.  Telephone: 30 2281 051755 Web: Metalleio

To Bakaki $11 – 30

This eatery has a great view of the harbor. Bakaki specializes in meat, meat and meat — grilled the Greek way. You’ll find delicious homemade sausages, grilled pork chops, grilled chicken, Greek style meatballs and the Greek fixins like green salads and traditional dips. Telephone: 30 2281 051010 Web: To Bakaki

Kalis $11 – 30

If you love seafood, then head to Kalis.  This stylishpsarotaverna (fish taverna) is located right on the harbor which is the area known as Livadi. It is the go to place for grilled and fried calamari, octopus and fresh fish options. Telephone: 30 2281 052301 Web: Kalis

Aloni $11 – 30

Aloni has one of the best dining views making it one of the best restaurants on Serifos.  It is built into the side of the hilltop main town, midway on your ascent up in your car, bike or by foot. There’s a large outdoor patio dining area that rightfully gets full in August.  So, while you enjoy the sparkling harbor lights and moon glow over the sea and landscape you can decide on some traditional Greek specialties that are either slow-cooked or fresh off-the-grill. Telephone: 30 2281 052603 Web: Aloni

Best Serifos Bars

Yacht Club

Yacht Club is the oldest and most popular place in Serifos. Anybody who’s anybody comes here. It’s open from very early in the morning for breakfast, until late at night for drinks and dancing. The atmosphere is unique. This place is definitely a must and it’s preferred by the celebrities that visit Serifos in the summer. Telephone: 30 22810 51888 Web: Yacht Club

Skipper Beach Bar

Skipper is the most popular beach bar in Serifos and it’s located in the lovely beach of Livadakia, right by Livadi. It’s always crowded, it serves light snacks, coffee and drinks. The music is loud and there are lounge chairs by the waves and under the tamarisks! Telephone: 30 22810 52520 Web: Skipper Beach Bar


A nice place to have a glass of prosecco, a coffe or something to eat after a great visit to the castle on the top of Serifos. Well hidden from the outside, but worth a visit. Telephone: 30 2281 052696 Web: Barbarossa

Best Serifos Hotels


  1. Darrin

    I’ve heard Greece is beautiful. One day I would love to visit there, and the fact that there are locations that are non-touristy makes it more appealing. My guess would be that the uncluttered beaches of Serifos Island would be the high dollar item in many other tourist locations, but what about there? Are the prices relatively inexpensive when compared to France, Italy, and other countries with high tourist traffic? I also know that Turkey (not far off) is also beautiful. I’d rather go to a place that is nice, less expensive and forego the bragging rights of going to a more notable place, as far as popularity is concerned. 

    Greek food is great! I guess the Greek food is similar in the US? If not, then I guess I really don’t know, but I’ve heard the food is excellent. 

    Thanks for the info!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      That is whats nice about Serifos.  Since it is less touristy, it is less expensive.  If you were to compare with Mykonos or Santorini, now they are much more expensive.  Personally I would prefer Serifos.  Better on the budget and less people.  Works for me 🙂  Thanks for stopping by my Serifos Island Greece Guide.  I am glad you enjoyed.

  2. AJ

    This is a great site! I like how you have multiple sections that you can navigate through while on this site. You have a great arrangement of different media that shows the different spots that Greece has to offer, from the videos to the pictures as well as the travel accommodations someone would have to consider if they were to travel to the area. There are always a demand for places where people can go to explore popular beaches. One thing that I didn’t think about was the need to have certain gear when you go to these places, however, there are plenty of different activities you can participate in if you decide to go to a place like Greece. Maybe you can also add a list of activities that you personally recommend and even include pictures of yourself doing the activities if you happened to actually go there yourself.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thats a great idea AJ, to add places I personally pick with pictures.  Then I think my posts would be too long LOL.  A lot of the places I pick, activities, restaurants are all personal picks.  I am glad you enjoyed visiting beach travel destinations.  Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Henderson

    This is basically the first time that I am learning about this island and I didn’t know that it was in Greece as well. IAM very happy to learn all you have here about this particular island in Greece. I think it would make for me a great destination because of all the beauties that it has that you have shared on your website here. Great your guide you have here.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thanks Henderson, I am glad you enjoyed my Serifos Island Greece guide.  Thanks for visiting beach travel destinations.

  4. Jomata

    Hello there,  thank for this very detailed and informative post,  as summer draws close I and my family had made out a lot of plans for our summer vacation,  already activities have been lined out including our vacation meal time table,  but really we havent found the perfect place to spend the time hence my reason for this search and from the beautiful pictures and detailed description of this places I think I’m gonna like it there. I’m sharing this with my wife to know her thought on it.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I think your wife will love Serifos, well you will too!  It would be a great and relaxing vacation for the family.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

  5. Sharon

    Wow! Such a great place is this island and to say I like it would be an understatement. I truly find this to be great and I would really love to expire sometimes if I have the opportunity to do that. Thanks so much for sharing this post here. Really I appreciate and if I ever visit Greece, this would be a topper on my list

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Great Sharon.  I am glad you enjoyed learning more about the wonderful Serifos Island.  A gem in the Cyclades.  Thanks for visiting beach travel destinations.

  6. JRandZen

    We typically associate the Cyclades with the more well-known islands of Santorini and Mykonos,  Did not realize that this group of islands also has this hidden gem Serifos.  A small, calm, and less touristy island greatly appeals to us.  We would love to spend our time on the beaches and have an authentic experience of life and culture in this part of the Mediterranean.  Once the COVID-19 pandemic is gone, we hope to plan a visit.

    Thank you for sharing and all the best.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I’m glad you enjoyed and you are right.  Mykonos and Santorini are the most well known, and the most expensive. There are many hidden gems in the Cyclades just as worthy of a vacation to, with Serifos being one.  Please let me know if you need any additional information.

  7. Karin Nauber

    I know I have commented on your Greece destinations in the past, but here you have another one and I just could not pass up reading about what shall definitely be another place I want to visit.

    I think Greece reaches out to me because it was one of the places that the Apostle Paul visited and was a missionary to. There is so much Biblical history there, along with the beautiful and unspoiled beaches!! I frequent beaches here in Minnesota during the summer months and many are far from pristine…

    I am one of those people that have never heard of Serifos before, but now that I have, I intend to make it a destination, but probably not for a couple of years now due to the Pandemic. Although, I suppose right now I could get a really good deal on airfare!

    The tours sound like fun, but I think I would prefer to be a land-lubber and explore the island, the culture and the beaches!


    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Sounds like Serifos is right up your alley!  I cannot picture “beaches” in Minnesota LOL. Although I was born in Fargo, not far from you.  Minnesota is the land of the lakes, so I would imagine that there are plenty of lake beaches.  I might have to explore!  Thanks for stopping by my Serifos Island Greece guide.

      1. Karin

        I was just discussing this island with my spouse and we have agreed that if we go to Greece we will probably not want to return to the states to live. Thank you for renewing our love and interest for the Greek culture and all the beauty and history is holds.


        1. Leahrae (Post author)

          You ARE welcome Karen. Yes, I know the feeling. Once my son is off on his own, I might just consider moving to paradise!

  8. Teboho Lekhanya


    Serifos Island! I have never heard of that one. But I have heard of other beautiful Greek islands. I am right now reading this article from the house in which I grew up decades ago. And I feel so very nostalgic because there was this advert about the Greek islands, Skopelos, Thiasos, Samos (if I got them right – we are talking 40 years here!)

    Today I have been able to see one of their sister islands “live” (because you really brought it to life in this article!) albeit this one must be different from those others which could still be hustling and bustling. I personally frequently prefer places that have not been disturbed by human activity.

    This article provides all the information that one would need to make an informed decision when planning to visit Greece.

    Thanks and very well done!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thanks so much Teboho!  I am glad you enjoyed your digital visit to Serifos Island Greece.  Hopefully soon you can travel to the Cyclades.  Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate  you taking the time to leave me comments.


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