Latvia Beaches

Vidzeme Seashore, Latvia

Vidzeme Seashore

Latvia, found in the Baltic Sea, has a sea shore that goes for 500 km. The Kurzeme coast brings in strong waves from the open sea, in Cape Kolka, there are calmer waters of the Gulf of Riga.  In Cape Kolka you will find the most popular stretches of white sandy beaches at Riga and Jurmala, and the rocky beaches of Vidzeme.  Latvia’s lengthy coastline will surprise you with its dunes, steep cliffs, sandstone outcrops, impressive rocks and caverns.  The coastline owes much of its charm to the fishing villages, the multiple areas untouched by civilization, imposing port cities, and the popular resort city of Jurmala.

Wind sports is popular in Latvia.  Use the spacious coast of the Baltic Sea, as well as the many lakes in Latvia, and engage in wind sports. Join their windsurfing enthusiasts in Riga, try kiteboarding at Liepāja beach, or become one with the wind and water while sailing in the Gulf of Riga.

Latvia beaches are a great way to spend a beach vacation.  Surround yourself with the beauty, charm, and quant feel of there beaches.  Come visit Latvia, for great beach travel destinations.  Here are the top picks:


Jurmala stretches for 26 kilometers along the Gulf of Riga. You can choose your favorite place on the long sandy stretch; Jurmala’s central section called Majori.  Majori is usually full of people enjoying the sun and waves.  You can find lots of  restaurants and bars along Joma Street. Your children will not be bored as there are playgrounds at the beach with climbing walls, swings and slides.  Several sections of Jurmala – Majori, Dzintari, Bulduri, Dubulti and Jaunkemeri – have received the Blue Flag certificates, proving that the beach is clean, safe and well-equipped. In several locations the beach is accessible for people with special needs.

Vecaki Beach

Vecaki beach, an old fishermen village, is one of the most popular beaches in Riga. You can walk on the sandy beach as far as the breakwater on the right bank of the Daugava River.  Many Latvians often forgo Jūrmala and head north in the opposite direction to the old fishing village of Vecāķi. After roughly 40-minutes exit the train and just follow the swarms of people to the beach.  Along the way you’ll find a few kiosks and cafés where you can stock up on supplies and a few more should be available right next to the beach. The beach isn’t as crowded as the one at Majori, but it’s still pretty packed on a hot day and it’s also the place to go for beach volleyball.

Garciems Beach

Garciems Beach has some of Latvia’s highest sand dunes and the walk to the beach through the pine forest is picturesque to say the least. A kiosk or two are available along the way, but you shouldn’t expect much in the way of amenities here. The beach is often deserted and is the perfect place for a family outing. Locals often choose to have picnics among the dunes for extra privacy. On windy days Garciems is also popular among kite boarders.

Vakarbulli Beach
Liepaja Beach, Latvia

Liepaja Beach

This beautiful Blue Flag beach is located between the mouths of the Daugava and Lielupe rivers and anyone with a little time on their hands can walk in either direction to see these natural attractions for themselves. A beach café and an ice cream stand are usually available as well as toilets and changing facilities. On hot summer days the beach can get quite crowded.  Vakarbulli beach has playgrounds and attractions for children, basketball, volleyball and football fields and summer cafes. There is also a wooden ramp to make the beach accessible for people in wheelchairs.

Saulkrasti Beach

Saulkrasti Beach is a 17 km long natural wonder.  Find rich diversity from the singing sand in Lilaste to the stony seashore in Zvejniekciems. The  beach  is  wind swept and shaped by waves.  Here you will find a gathering of sand and various shells of river and sea mollusks, smooth pebbles, driftwood  and  other wonderful finds.  In addition to the beach, there are plenty of nature trails to investigate.  Walk the sunset trail sunset trail which stretches over three kilometers.  The Sunset Trail winds from the White Dune to the center of Saulkrasti. By walking this trail you will be able to see the landscape typical of the Saulkrasti, its wide, sandy beach and fore-dunes, the Pēterupi River and tall pine trees growing. Beautiful views of the river valley and the sea can be observed from several vantage points on the trail.

White Dune

Not a beach, but worth mentioning and if you are in Saulkrasti, it is a must see.  The White Dune is one of the landmarks of Saulkrasti, on the Vidzeme gulf coast. The dune offers a great view of the sea, the mouth of the Inčupe River and the vast beach.  The White Dune formed as the wind drove beach sand over the clay silt of Baltic Ice Lake. Its white 18 meters high sand outcrop once helped local fishermen find their way home. The dune got its name from its white, hardened layers of sand which look like sandstone.

Seaside Park

Combine a relaxing day on the beach with healthy, athletic activities! Seaside Park invites you to try the outdoor exercise facilities, playground equipment, gymnastics fields and volleyball courts, go jogging by the sea or simply watch the beautiful sunset from the comfortable sun loungers. Here both children and adults will find exciting activities that suit their interests.

Ventspils Beach, Latvia

Ventspils Beach

Liepāja Beach

Liepāja beach has been a popular swimming location since the 1860s. The beach is 50 to 80 m wide when the wind is calm, with fine white sand.  After a strong wind you can find some pieces of amber washed ashore.   Liepāja’s beach is the first one in Latvia that has been adapted to the needs of people with visual impairments and movement disabilities – a swimming area has been created, which is equipped with audio-buoys for the visually impaired and an adequate sanitation module for people with vision and movement disabilities.  Liepāja beach is also a Blue Flag beach.

Seashore of Vidzeme

The rocky seashore of Vidzeme stretches for 12 kilometers and is between 20 to 40 meters wide. It is located in the Gulf of Riga on the Vidzeme shoreline, and is the only coastal area in Latvia where sandstone outcrops can be found.  The Vidzeme coastline has the most impressive sandstone cliffs.  Make sure to have a meal and enjoy the peaceful and warm rural farmstead atmosphere at the Rankulrags restaurant!

Ventspils Beach

At Ventspils Beach you will fid volleyball, football fields and cafes. Children will be able to enjoy different types of playground equipment such as slides and swings. The beach is almost an 80 m wide with fine white sand and dunes that in some places reach a height of 9 m. The Blue Flag Beach stretches for 1.2 km. There is equipment on the beach for disabled people and they can reach the beach using plank-ways. It is prohibited to smoke on the major part of the Blue Flag Beach area. In places where smoking is allowed, there are marked trashcans. A professional rescue service functions on the Ventspils Beach. Next to the Beach is the Sauthern Pier with an established observation tower. There is also separated area for nudists and a special facilitated Surfers Beach of 500 m length with equipment for preparing, storing and drying off surfing equipment.  There is also plenty of parking near the beach.


  1. Daniella

    Hi Lea,
    Again, your article is just amazing, I really enjoyed the reading!
    The pictures and the video are wonderful, it makes me want to go there right away!
    I have Googled Latvia, and as I am not good at all in Geographic, I still don’t understand where it is exactly.
    Is Latvia near Croatia or Yugoslavia or Turkey or I am not on the right path?
    However, no matter where it is it is absolutely fantastic!
    Is it possible to see the prices of the flight?
    Thank you very much for this excellent review!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Latvia is at the top of Europe above Lithuania and below and to the left of Russia…on the water of course 🙂 Latvia beaches are actually gorgeous. If you tell me where you are from I can give you pricing to fly there. Thanks for visiting Latvia beaches.

  2. Tony

    Latvia is not somewhere one would typically associate with nice beaches. However, the same could be said for over here in the UK, but we have stunning beaches. It’s just the sea temperatures that let everyone down, lol. I wonder what the summer sea temperatures of the Baltic Sea are?

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Oh there are a bit chillier than other places. Latvia is going to be in the mid 70s during high summer season. For me anything under 60 is too cold, so is this is bordering on chilly. But they are very beautiful and great for a paradise destination on a budget.

  3. Jerry

    Hi Matty, I am surprised to see that many beaches in Latvia. What concerns me, however, is the temperature over there as I like warmth (I have been living in Thailand for 13 years). So, what would be the best beach to go to and at what time of the year? Cheers, Jerry

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Well June thru August is going to be the best time and the temps will be in the upper 70s. Not hot by any means, but not cold either. If I were going to Latvia, I would go during those months to Jurmala Beach! Thank you for visiting Latvia beaches.

  4. Tim

    What a great niche, your website is well laid out, easy to navigate and filled with good useful content. You use you blog posts well, I could suggest adding some small mini maps of the area highlighting the beaches, accommodation and distance from the main airport as well. This would be a great addition to an already very cool website.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, Tim I plan on adding all of that. My main focus to start with is to get a good amount of different and great beach locations listed. Then I will go back and do maps, hotels, restaurants, weather, etc 🙂 Thank you for visiting Latvia Beaches!

  5. Martin

    Fantastic article on Latvia beaches! Very informative. It looks like a really beautiful place, especially the video helped tremendously to comprehend and visualize what this beach has to offer. Definitely looks like something to consider for our next vacation.

    Again, great job on the article! Keep up the good work.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I am glad you enjoyed Martin! Most people would not think of Latvia for beaches, and they actually have some considered to be the best beaches in the world!

  6. Tom

    Wow! I had no idea the Latvia had such beautiful beaches! And thanks to your link to priceline I found out that accommodations there are very reasonably priced!

    Now I will have to add Latvia to my places I would like to vacation! I think I will start at Jurmala, and then see where the trip will take me! 🙂

    Thank you so much for all the great information! The details you have provided will certainly make the decision process much easier!


    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You are very welcome Tom! Latvia really does have some great beach travel destinations for sure. If you need any help with travel planning, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

  7. Matt Olsen

    Thanks for the information. I like how it is broken down into short and easy to read sections. The images add a nice touch and when you explained the beaches I could easily picture it. Hoping to find myself lucky enough to see this in person one day. Only suggestion I would have is Ive read that its better to align images right so it doesnt break up the natural reading flow of the eyes. But overall I think you have this down

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, thank you for your input Matt. I was actually going to go thru every post and reposition the pictures to the middle of the post with no content on either side of the picture. I think it will make the look better and make it easier to read. Thanks for visiting Latvia Beaches.

  8. Matt Olsen

    Thanks for the information. I like how it is broken down into short and easy to read sections. The images add a nice touch and when you explained the beaches I could easily picture it. Hoping to find myself lucky enough to see this in person one day


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