Bohol – The Amazing Island of the Philippines

Yes! Bohol – the amazing island of the Philippines. Keep reading to learn a little about this wonderful place and start planning your vacation to this wonderful Philippines beach destination. Bohol is one of the most popular and tourist-friendly destinations in the Philippines. This island is in the Visayas region and attracts visitors from all over the world because of its stunning and diverse attractions, with the Chocolate Hills being the most popular. The Chocolate Hills are a geological formation of grass-covered hills that turn brown during the dry season.

For adventure seekers, Bohol offers a wide variety of adrenaline-packed activities. But the white sand beaches, world-class dive sites and the laid-back atmosphere is what gives Bohol its unique charm. There are travel requirements in place, and you can find that information here: COVID-19 Information – U.S. Embassy in the Philippines.

Bohol an island of endless possibilities! Situated in the middle of the Visayan archipelago and surrounded by the Bohol and Camotes Seas, Bohol is gifted with nature’s best offerings; the vivid depths of Balicasag, Cabilao and Danajon; the fine white sand of Panglao; the thousand hills of Carmen, Sagbayan and Batuan; the tarsiers of Loboc; the cave pools of Anda; the the rice terraces and waterfalls of Candijay and more! Bohol – The Amazing Island of the Philippines! Visit The Most Beautiful Islands in the Philippines here, or on Pinterest.

Bohol Weather – When to Visit

The temperature in Bohol is consistent throughout the year with temperatures averaging 80°F, cooling down at night to an average of 77°F. From August to October, the monsoon prevails in Bohol. The dry season begins in January and ends on May 30, with April having the least chance of rainfall.  The summer season (May to July) sees the highest temperatures and humid days.

To witness the Chocolate Hills in their iconic chocolate brown color, you’ll want to come during the dry months of January through May. These months are the peak season, so be ready to vacation with the Holy Week crowd.

Every year in July Bohol celebrates the Sandugo Festival. The festival commemorates the historic blood compact (Sandugo) between Datu Sikatuna of Bohol and Spanish Conquistador, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. It is a month-long festival that involves beauty pageants and street dancing competitions. 

Essentials to Pack for Bohol

  • Slip On Shoes Flip flops will see you through most of your Philippines trip. If you want to bring other shoes, slip-on shoes that you can slide off when you enter your hotel or guesthouse are your best bet. I recommend some lightweight espadrilles like these or some comfy go-with-anything Birkenstock sandals like these.
  • Dry Bag You can buy a dry bag in the Philippines, but they only cost a couple of dollars and I wouldn’t trust them for long. I used mine to get on and off the boats (you usually have to walk about waist-deep into the water) but I wouldn’t have swum with it or taken it underwater. If you want a bag you can pack camera gear in to take into hidden beaches and lagoons, buy a decent dry bag before you go.
  • Walking shoes. You’re going to be spending lots of time on boats and in the water, but there are also some fantastic hikes. So pack a pair of running shoes that will dry quickly if they get back but will also support your feet.
  • Water shoes. Some of the islands are only accessible by boat. You’ll have to swim (or walk) a little way, so a pair of water shoes like these will protect your feet from stones and anything lying on the beach.
  • Underwater camera. The AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS Action Camera will get you some amazing photos and videos.
  • Toiletries The toiletry essentials you will want to pack are skin care or hair care (for out in the sun), mosquito repellent, hand sanitizer wipes, and sun screen.
  • Reusable Water Bottle The Philippines is cutting back on plastic. Help them out and do your bit for the planet by taking a refillable bottle with you. Try this great stainless steel refillable water bottle.

Best Bohol Area Beaches

Alona Beach Palawan Philippines, Bohol - The Amazing Island of the Philippines, best time to visit Palawan Island, best Palawan Islands tours & activities, best Palawan Island Hotels, best Palawan Island Restaurants, best Palawan Island bars, things to do in Palawan
Alona Beach

Alona Beach is a great beach for snorkeling, kayaking, jet-skiing, kitesurfing and scuba diving. On this beach there are numerous dive boats, because of the stunning reef full of clownfish, Moorish idols, angelfishes and more. Alona Beach is also the best place to catch the sunset and is a quiet, romantic place at night.



Dumaluan Beach Palawan Philippines, Bohol - The Amazing Island of the Philippines, best time to visit Palawan Island, best Palawan Islands tours & activities, best Palawan Island Hotels, best Palawan Island Restaurants, best Palawan Island bars, things to do in Palawan
Dumaluan Beach

Dumaluan Beach is perfect for families with children travelling together. It’s clean and spacious, and there are plenty of places where you can get a good meal or rent out beach cottages. The beach can get busy during the weekends, but you have the option to enter some resorts for a minimal fee and avoid the crowds. Consider staying overnight in a private resort for a more relaxing getaway.


Bagogo Beach Palawan Philippines, Bohol - The Amazing Island of the Philippines, best time to visit Palawan Island, best Palawan Islands tours & activities, best Palawan Island Hotels, best Palawan Island Restaurants, best Palawan Island bars, things to do in Palawan
Bagobo Beach

This is another beach on Bohol’s Panglao Island. It’s the less known, but steadily growing in popularity. It is not as commercialized or crowded as the other more famous beaches on Bohol. You can skim the waters, feed the fish, dive, and snorkel, as well as just throw down your towel and sun bathe.



Danao Beach Palawan Philippines, Bohol - The Amazing Island of the Philippines, best time to visit Palawan Island, best Palawan Islands tours & activities, best Palawan Island Hotels, best Palawan Island Restaurants, best Palawan Island bars, things to do in Palawan
Danao Beach

Like the neighboring Alona Beach, Danao Beach has white sand shores, clear turquoise waters, and large palm trees. There are many unique fish species that dwell in the Danao Beach waters and giant coral reefs that can be enjoyed and witnessed. You may also ride boats, dive, parasail, snorkel, or just swim and wade through the waters.



Virgin Island Palawan Philippines, Bohol - The Amazing Island of the Philippines, best time to visit Palawan Island, best Palawan Islands tours & activities, best Palawan Island Hotels, best Palawan Island Restaurants, best Palawan Island bars, things to do in Palawan
Virgin Island

Virgin Island is basically a sandbar with palm trees. It’s about a 15 minute boat ride from Panglao Island. Although the islet is small, you’ll be amazed by the unspoiled beaches and shallow blue waters here. There are also food stands when you can purchase fresh and delicious seafood.


Best Bohol Tours & Activities

Bohol Highlights Tour: Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Spotting and Loboc River Cruise

Enjoy a full-day tour of Bohol Island from Tagbilaran, traveling with an informative guide around the stunning island. Relax during a lunch cruise on the Loboc River, where you’ll have the opportunity to spot indigenous Philippine tarsiers, some of the smallest primates in the world. Visit a butterfly sanctuary and historic landmarks such as Baclayon Church, a Spanish colonial edifice from the 16th century, then take in the Chocolate Hills from several vantage points. You’ll also see daily life in villages and farms for a comprehensive island experience. Book your Bohol Highlights Tour Here.

Bohol Nature tour with Locals

Nature tour with locals is a very different trip from the normal ones. It is done exclusively and we bring you to places or spots that is not crowded. You get a chance to be with locals. See places that a regular tour does not have. we take you to the depth of the island where you see more than you think. Book your Bohol Nature Tour with Locals Here.

Philippines: See & Experience it ALL in 14 Days, 1st Class Traveling

You absolutely will not find another tour out there as packed with activities and attractions as this one, provided by CharlieTheTraveler. You will also not find another tour out there that offers it all “FIRST CLASS,” yet for a relatively low price. We have thousands of travelers taking this specific tour every year-and that’s because no competitor can beat us on quality, price and substance. Book your Philippines See & Experience it All Tour Here.

Oslob Whale Shark and Sumilon Day Tour

Get the opportunity to swim alongside whale sharks, under the supervision of a guide, during this full-day tour to Oslob and Sumilon Island. Learn the safe, respectful methods for entering the underwater world, then hop out on the sandbar or the white sand beach to relax and take in the sun. Reach Sumilon Island for a lunch feast to keep you energized. Book your Oslob Whale Shark and Sumilon Day Tour Here.

Private Bohol and Chocolate Hills with Loboc River Cruise

See more of Bohol’s natural and cultural wonders on a full-day sightseeing tour from Tagbilaran City, a stress-free way to see more sights in less time. With just your private guide and party, you’ll travel between a wildlife refuge in Corella, the 16th-century Baclayon Church, the Manmade Mahogany Forest, and the famous Chocolate Hills. Plus, you’ll enjoy lunch during a cruise on the Loboc River. round-trip hotel transport are included. Book your Private Bohol and Chocolate Hills Loboc River Cruise Here.

Best Bohol Restaurants

Bohol Bee Farm $11 – 30

This is both a guesthouse and a restaurant, and a place that promotes sustainable and eco-friendly farming. The menu features an array of organic delights made from the freshest ingredients – truly one of the island’s most endearing and enjoyable dining venues. Telephone: 63 38 510 1822 Web: Bohol Bee Farm

Hayahay Restaurant $11 – 30

Hayahey Restaurant serves among the island’s best pizzas. Choose between a thin or thick crust and between chowing down by the beach or in the comfort of the restaurant. If you want something other than pizza, the fresh seafood here is also very good and reasonably priced. Telephone: 63 38 502 9288 Web: Hayahay Restaurant

JJ’s Seafood Restuarant $11 – 30

Helmut’s Place offers some of the best steaks in Alona Beach. Owned and run by a German expat, it’s naturally primarily a German restaurant and bar. Even so, you’ll also find fantastic Italian food and tasty sandwiches at this cozy little place on the outskirts of town. Telephone: 63 38 501 0566 Web: JJ’s Seafood Restaurant

Loboc Riverwatch Floating River Resto $11 – 30

You can cruise along the scenic and meandering Loboc River while enjoying some good wine and full plate of food. You can enjoy live music both onboard and during stopovers, when musicians serenade you with the romantic sound of an acoustic guitar. Telephone: 63 999 582 4655 Web: Loboc Riverwatch Floating River Resto

Pyramid Restaurant $11 – 30

Idyllically placed by a waterfront, the panoramic view of the ocean makes Pyramid Restaurant a great choice for a relaxed and romantic dining atmosphere. Down on the popular tourist site of Alona Beach, this resort restaurant attracts many visitors due to its positioning, but more so for to the mouth-watering food. Telephone:

Best Bohol Bars

Aluna Beach Lounge

The place has a warm and friendly vibe, where you can meet travelers from all over the world and even make new friends. Web: Aluna Beach Lounge

Namaka Beach Bar

Namaka is a bar cum pizzeria where you can enjoy great Italian food and thirst-quenching drinks. The bar’s seating arrangement allows patrons to watch the waves crash the shore as they eat. Telephone: 63 956 160 9192 Web: Namaka Beach Bar

Lune at BE Grand Resort

Lune is a rooftop tapas bar and lounge from where you can enjoy a 180-degree view of the Panglao bay. Telephone: 63 38 412 9000 Web: Lune at BE Grand Resort

AliaHailey Reggae Bar

If you don’t want to go far from the beach, relax and take it easy at this quaint beach shack. Its festive décor and friendly staff will make you want to stay forever.  Web: AliaHailey Reggae Bar

Seabreeze Pool Bar

Sea Breeze Pool Bar caters to those lounging by the resort’s swimming pool and also those relaxing at the beach. They have a wide selection of cocktails for guests to enjoy while taking in the beautiful setting. Telephone: 63 38 507 9244 Web: Seabreeze Pool Bar

The 10 Best Bohol Island Beach Resorts


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    How long do you think should we plan as a minimum? Would a week be ample time to explore Bohol, or should we stay longer to really benefit from the unique destination? Thanks.

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    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Holy Weeks lasts for one week, and is a lot of religious ceremonies, marches, etc.  It will be very crowded during  Holy week with traffic jams, hotels booked solid etc.  If you would like to go during this time, plan ahead and make sure you can get a hotel.  And yes very stunning 🙂

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