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Valletta has many titles, all recalling its rich historical past. It is the “modern” city built by the Knights of St John; a masterpiece of the Baroque; a European Art City and a World Heritage City. Today, it is one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world.

The city is busy by day, yet retains a timeless atmosphere by night, that gives the feeling that you are walking back in time. The grid of narrow streets boasts some of Europe’s finest art works, churches and palaces.

Valletta is abundantly rich in sites to see and explore, intriguing historical buildings around every corner: votive statues, niches, fountains and coats of arms high up on parapets. Narrow side streets are full of tiny quaint shops and cafés, while Valletta’s main streets are lined with larger international branded shops for fashion, music, jewelry and much more. For all the Valletta Malta travel information you need, keep reading 🙂

Valletta Weather (When to Visit)

With more than 300 sunny days each year, Valletta has lots to offer as a sun-and-sea destination. Peak beach season can last until mid- to late-October and sunshine is likely even in winter. Just before the peak-summer season is a great time to nab a bargain to Valletta. You can expect good weather (average temperatures are around 62°F) and fewer crowds, while all the main attractions are open. The sea is warm enough to swim in from April.

During the summer, the average temperature is roughly 79°F, peaking at around the 91°F mark in July. The island can get quite crowded at this time and it’s likely to be very dry, although the sea breeze cools things down.

Best Valletta Beaches

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Golden Bay

Golden Bay is a lovely sandy beach on the west coast of Malta with Blue Flag certification (a status that indicates the availability of amenities, lifeguards, nature conservation, etc.).





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Għajn Tuffieħa

Għajn Tuffieħa is a beach largely untouched by man with clay slopes and lovely natural surroundings and is located just south of Golden Bay. It can be reached with the same bus route 44 (and similar travel time) and is the last stop before reaching the latter beach.

Mellieha Bay, Valletta Malta, best Valletta beaches, best Valletta hotels, best Valletta restaurants, thins to do in Valletta, best Valletta tours & activities, Valletta shore excursions, best Valletta bars
Mellieħa Bay

Mellieħa Bay is Malta’s largest sandy beach and is located north of the village of Mellieħa. Being the most popular beach the island knows, it does tend to get pretty busy there but it’s a great beach to go to with kids, having a shallow surf and amenities and lifeguards present.



Daħlet Qorrot, Valletta Malta, best Valletta beaches, best Valletta hotels, best Valletta restaurants, thins to do in Valletta, best Valletta tours & activities, Valletta shore excursions, best Valletta bars
Daħlet Qorrot

Daħlet Qorrot is a small, rocky beach that is the perfect place for snorkeling. There is a small snack bar during the summer months and during the winter this is a peaceful spot to relax and watch the waves. If you find you spend most of the time in the water when you visit the beach, this is the perfect place for you.




Dwejra Bay, Valletta Malta, best Valletta beaches, best Valletta hotels, best Valletta restaurants, thins to do in Valletta, best Valletta tours & activities, Valletta shore excursions, best Valletta bars
Dwejra Bay

With one of Malta’s most famous geological locations, the impressive, imposing and beautiful Azure Window, Dwejra Bay in Gozo is a beautiful and small bay with natural pools created by erosion of the rocks. There are also some amazing cave diving sites in the area, perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Swimmers should always keep to the smaller pools as the waves around the Azure Window can get very rough in high winds.


Valletta Recommended Experiences & Tours by Viator – Tours, sightseeing tours, activities & things to do

The Original Valletta Walking Tour

Malta’s UNESCO-listed capital is best explored on a walking tour. This small-group tour of Valletta is limited to 30 participants, and has plenty of time to take in all the highlights. Learn more about The Original Valletta Walking Tour.

Valletta and The Three Cities Harbor Cruise

Take a boat cruise that shares the highlights of Valletta’s two natural harbors and ten creeks. Includes informative commentary about the region from its history to the present. Learn more about Valletta & The Three Cities Harbor Cruise.

Valletta Segway Tour and The Malta Experience

The ideal introduction to Valletta, this two-part experience includes a guided Segway tour of Malta’s capital and admission to the Malta Experience. Save energy as you roll around town by Segway, viewing the city’s top attractions without breaking a sweat. Then get familiar with the city’s rich history at the Malta Experience, a show that gives an overview of Malta’s story, from prehistoric times to the present. Learn more about the Valletta Segway Tour.

Private Game of Thrones Tour of Malta

Indulge yourself in all things ‘Game of Thrones’ in Malta on this guided tour. Follow around two guides, actors who were on the show, as they lead your group to all the filming locations around the island. Make your way from location to location in a luxurious sedan or SUV. Learn about the key characters and even some gossip about the show. Tour is private for groups of four; smaller groups may share with up to three other guests. Learn more about the Private Game of Thrones Tour.

Gozo Gocar Tour 02

Want to experience the sites most visitors never see in Gozo? Fold up your map, put away the guidebook and jump into a GoCar and prepare yourself for a sightseeing Gozo adventure you won’t soon forget. Zip all over Gozo while one of our cool cars takes you on a GPS-guided tour. Whether you are the driver or the passenger it takes you to all the best sites. The GoCar offers a unique side by side seating position so that both driver and passenger can enjoy the sights at all times. Our safety officer will lead the tour. This all-inclusive tour is available every day and all year round. Learn more about the Gozo Gocar Tour.

Best Valletta Restaurants

Guzé Bistro $11 – 30

Guzé Bistro consistently impresses as an all-around excellent dining experience and are a personal favorite, with an interesting variety of dishes and flavors. This is probably one of the favorites in Valletta. Telephone: 356 2123 9686 Web: Guzé Bistro

Sciacca Grill $11 – 30

Sciacca Grill is THE best choice for meat lovers looking for a tasty cut of aged steak. It’s a stylish looking restaurant in the center of Valletta that’s proven to be consistently good and on the mark when it comes to the quality of their meats and the attentiveness of their staff. Telephone: 356 2133 1310 Web: Sciascca Grill

Malata $11 – 30

Malata is a well-known restaurant overlooking St. George’s Square and serving French-inspired food with a lovely little terrace outside. Great option for spring/summer, less so during the winter months. Telephone: 356 2762 2733 Web: Malata

Capistrano $11 – 30

Capistrano is a good dinner option in the central part of the city. Although the serve a variety of Mediterranean dishes, they’re known locally for their traditionally prepared Maltese rabbit loin dish. Telephone: 356 2122 5329 Web: Capistrano

Papannis $11 – 30

Papannis is a fairly new addition to the choice of restaurants in the city and is rapidly building a reputation for very flavorful food and an ever-changing menu of interesting dishes to sample. Telephone: 356 2722 0031 Web: Papannis

Best Valletta Bars

Wild Honey

Wild Honey is located in the heart of Valletta and is an oasis for beer lovers. It has a broad selection of craft beers, Belgian beers and many other options from the bottle or of draft beers. It tops that selection with nice decor homey vibes and knowledgeable bartenders. Telephone: 356 9990 1859 Web: Wild Honey

Cafe Society

This bar creates great events like movie screenings or live music nights and more. It is quite small, but there is plenty of room outside. They also make a fantastic Aperol Spritz. Apart from common drinks, they have their own creations. Telephone: 356 2713 7491 Web: Cafe Society

Loop Bar

It great for a drink and a Maltese platter with local treats to escape the afternoon sun in Summer. Or just to enjoy a drink and some food at any time of the year. They have a happy hour and great Maltese food and beverages. Telephone: 356 2122 1194 Web: Loop Bar

Yard 32 Gin & Tapas

Yard 32 is THE spot for Gin lovers they offer around 200 gins and 42 tonic waters. They top this up with delicious tapas and live music on three nights a week. The decor of the bar is excellent and all in all, it is just one of the best bars in Valletta. Telephone: 356 9993 6734 Web: Yard 32

The Beer Cave

Beer Cave is a bar in an old basement that serves mainly beer. Here you will find beers from all over the world. Apart from offering a huge selection of beer the bar also holds live concerts. Telephone: 356 7932 8068 Web: The Beer Cave

Best Valletta Hotels


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    I was fortunate to visit Malta in March 2019:) The weather was beautiful, sunny, sometimes a bit windy it wasn’t disturbing. 

    It is a mixture of English, Arabic and Italian world:)  I like such combination. The same applies to food.
    What I recommend – get a rabbit.
    It is delicious. I had in Victoria, which is the capital city of the smaller island Gozo. 

    Have not had a chance to visit the pubs as you listed them here, but I will definitely be back one day. Thank you for your recommendations, will sure look at them again 


    1. Leahrae (Post author)

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