Best Hotels Near Lewes Beach Delaware

Looking for the best hotels near Lewes Beach Delaware? Come enjoy the quiet town of Lewes. The #1 attractions here are the sun, the sand, and the sea. Lewes was founded in 1631, and the people here take great pride in their historic heritage and enjoy the opportunity of sharing it with you. You'll find Lewes where the Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean meet at Cape Henlopen. The beauty of Cape Henlopen State Park is not something to be missed. In this preserved land you find miles of beautiful beaches, nature trails and bird sanctuaries.

Lewes is a walking town. Within a half-square mile you will find the Historic district, museums, many Inns, Bed & Breakfasts, fine restaurants, and a variety of fine shops. Continue reading our guide to find and plan your vacation at the Best Hotels Near Lewes Beach Delaware. You can also visit the best Delaware Beaches Here.

Lewes Beach Weather – When to Visit

The best time to visit Lewes Beach is between May and August. The area is a year-round destination, but it shines the brightest in the summer months when visitors and locals alike can take full advantage of the beach and surrounding area. Summer sees the largest crowds and hottest temperatures (averaging in the mid to upper 80s), but it also welcomes a rain shower or two. After Labor Day, travelers will find fewer crowds and fairly pleasant fall temperatures, ranging from the upper 50s to the upper 70s. Although you can find lower room rates, some attractions more limited hours after the summer season. Delaware sees mild winters, with temperatures dipping to the low 30s. 

Best Lewes Area Beaches

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Lewe's Beach

The quiet and friendly vibes of Lewes Beach are definitely its most alluring charm. And the calm waters of the bay make it the safest beach for kids. It’s a big reason why families love visiting here. Besides swimming, you can also go fishing and boating in Lewes Beach, as well as enjoy water sports while you’re here.



Rehoboth Beach Delaware, best hotels near Lewes, things to do in Lewes Delaware, best Lewes restaurants, best Lewes Bars, best Lewes area tours & activities, best Delaware beaches, best Lewes Beaches
Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach is a well-known family vacation getaway in Delaware. You can enjoy in the boardwalk and other amusement area, and Rehoboth Beach is the best among clear water beaches in Delaware. Its cleanliness is a big reason why many visitors and locals flock here.



Bethany Beach Delaware, best hotels near Lewes, things to do in Lewes Delaware, best Lewes restaurants, best Lewes Bars, best Lewes area tours & activities, best Delaware beaches, best Lewes Beaches
Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach is known for its serene and family-friendly vibes. If you’re looking for a quiet beach while in the area, head on over to Bethany Beach. It’s among the nice beaches in Delaware with white sand. Walk, jog, or run along Bethany Beach’s half-mile boardwalk. You'll enjoy the pretty views of the ocean and the salty breeze.



Broadkill Beach Delaware, best hotels near Lewes, things to do in Lewes Delaware, best Lewes restaurants, best Lewes Bars, best Lewes area tours & activities, best Delaware beaches, best Lewes Beaches
Broadkill Beach

Broadkill Beach is among the lovely, quiet beach spots that you shouldn’t miss during your trip. It’s a nice place to go on a stroll. This beach is a horseshoe crab sanctuary. If you or any little companions want to observe the crabs, Broadkill Beach is the place to go.


Cape Henlopen State Park Delaware, best hotels near Lewes, things to do in Lewes Delaware, best Lewes restaurants, best Lewes Bars, best Lewes area tours & activities, best Delaware beaches, best Lewes Beaches
Cape Henlopen State Park

Cape Henlopen State Park is a 5,193-acre park along the Delaware Bay. It’s a top beach to go to if you like swimming, fishing, camping, and knowing a bit more history. You can even check out the Cape Henlopen Lighthouse. This state park also has the best beach for swimming. The waters are calm, and there are lifeguards in the summer.


Best Lewes Beach Area Tours & Activities

Evening Dolphin Paddle Board Excursion on Delaware Bay

This guided paddleboarding excursion offers a unique way to experience the sunset on the Delaware Bay. After receiving instruction and being outfitted with safety gear, you’ll take to the waters for this evening tour, which may include a glimpse of the Kalmar Nyckel replica ship and dolphin spotting. Depending on the tide and wind conditions, excursions may be conducted on the calmer Broadkill River in nearby Milton, DE. Learn more about the Dolphin Paddle Board Excursion on Delaware Bay.

Tandem Kayak Rental in Rehoboth Bay

Active travelers will want to paddle around Rehoboth Bay with this 2-person, tandem kayak rental option. Glide through the waters as you take in the scenic landscape and spot the local wildlife. The calm bay is suited for beginner and experienced kayakers. Paddles and lifejackets are provided, and tips for first-timers are also offered. Learn more about the Tandem Kayak Rental in Rehoboth Bay.

Evening Kayak Excursion – Rehoboth Bay

Learn the basics of kayaking with an ACA Certified Kayak Instructor while enjoying an evening 75 minute guided kayak excursion on the Rehoboth Bay. Paddle along the shallow waterways while birds soar above. Look for Osprey, Great Blue Heron, Green Heron and Bald Eagles that frequent the area. Paddle next to Thompson Island, where ancient burial grounds are protected by the state park. Soak up the evening sun and feel the breeze on your skin as you paddle along on this excursion designed for beginners or recreational experiences. Sunset excursions tend to be cooler than daytime excursions in the summer. Learn more about the Evening Kayak Excursion on Rehoboth Bay.

2-Hour Paddleboard Rental in Rehoboth Bay

Make your own adventure with this stand-up paddleboard rental in Rehoboth Bay. Whether you are brand-new to the sport or an experienced paddler, you’ll enjoy cruising on the calm water of the bay and taking in sights of the local wildlife. This rental option is perfect for independent travelers. Learn more about the 2-Hour Paddleboard Rental in Rehoboth Bay

1-Hour Parasailing Adventure in Dewey Beach

Parasailing is a MUST DO if you are visiting the Delaware Beaches! Come fly with us and experience the views of a lifetime along the beautiful Delaware Shore! We run trips every hour, and each group flies approximately 8-10 minutes. Learn more about the 1-Hour Parasailing Adventure in Dewey Beach.

Best Lewes Restaurants

Heirloom Over $30

Experience the seasons through their ever evolving menu inspired by seasonal ingredients. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall each offer their own unique bounty of fruits and vegetables for distinct seasonal flavor. Menu Telephone: 302-313-4065 Web: Heirloom

Striper Bites $11 – 30

An award-winning “nautical bistro” that evokes a fun-spirited blend of the Northeast and Key West. Striper Bites features an array of fresh seafood cuisine along with chicken, steak, and salads. Menu Telephone: 302-645-4657 Web: Striper Bites

Honey's Farm Fresh Gourmet Kitchen $11 – 30

A unique cafe off the beaten path in historic Lewes serving farm fresh breakfast, fresh juices and lunch. Telephone: 302-644-8400 Web: Honey's Farm Fresh Gourmet Kitchen

The Surfing Crab $11 – 30

At The Surfing Crab they have a passion for seafood. We strive to make every dish we offer the best you've ever had. Come join our family tradition of fresh seafood and crabs! Menu Telephone: 302-644-4448 Web: The Surfing Crab

Kindle $11 – 30

Kindle offers seasonal American fare with a bit of a French influence, as well as an amazing selection of wines by the glass. Pull up a stool at the bar or dine by candlelight in their cozy dining room. Menu Telephone 302-645-7887 Web: Kindle

Best Lewes Beach Bars

Half Full

125 2nd St, Lewes Telephone: 302-645-8877 Web: Half Full

Pig & The Publican

516 E Savannah Rd, Lewes Telephone: 302-313-4487 Web: Pig & The Publican

On The Rocks Roadside Grill

43 Cape Henlopen Dr, Lewes Telephone: 302-644-6028 Web: On the Rocks Roadside Grill

Rose & Crown

142 2nd St, Lewes Telephone: 302-847-4475 Web: Rose & Crown


111 Bank St, Lewes Telephone: 302-645-7887 Web: Kindle

Best Hotels Near Lewes Beach Delaware


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    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Great, you will enjoy Lewes Beach.  There are plenty of vegetarian friendly restaurants to include: Nectar, Touch of Italy, Agave Mexican Grill, Surf Bagel & Deli, Honey’s Fresh Farm Gourmet Kitchen, and Heirloom to name a few.  Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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      Great Caleb, sounds like a vacation to Lewe’s Beach is in order!  Thanks for visiting beach travel destinations.

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