Vacationing to Beautiful Praia do Rosa Brazil

Vacationing to beautiful Praia do Rosa Brazil? Praia do Rosa, with its quaint cobblestone streets, tropical foliage, and great surfing, appeals to everyone. Praia do Rosa is one of the most beautiful beaches in the South, with a winning combination of good surf, stunning topography, and an eco conscious tourist setup with a nice balance between hippy and chic. Choose from dozens of guesthouses to suit all budgets, as well as restaurants and a laid-back nightlife in the summer months. One of the few beaches that attracts tourists year-round, Praia do Rosa has grown popular in the winter months (July through November), too, when the warm waters attract the baleia-franca (southern right whales) from Patagonia to breeding grounds off the coast. Visit the most amazing beaches in Brazil here, or on Pinterest.

Praia Do Rosa Weather – When to Visit

Summer in Praia do Rosa is from December to February and winter lasts from June to August. The climate is subtropical with average temperatures of about 64 °F. Summer temperatures average about 81 °F and can be humid. This is also the wettest time of year, with short afternoon and evening showers. In the fall (March to May) temperatures average 79 °F. Compared to summer, there is less rainfall and most days are sunny and clear. Spring (September to November), has pleasantly warm temperatures, is an ideal time for outdoor activities and excursions in Praia do Rosa and its surroundings. Average temperatures are between 55 °F to 75 °F. Winters (June – August) can get quite cool with temperatures averaging

Best Area Praia do Rosa Beaches

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Praia do Rosa

Praia do Rosa is one of the most beautiful beaches in the South, with a winning combination of good surf, stunning topography, and an eco-conscious tourist setup that strikes a nice balance between hippy and chic. The winter months (July through November) attract the baleia-franca (southern right whales) which is a sight!



Vermelha Beach, Brazil, best Praia do Rosa beaches, Vacationing to Beautiful Praia do Rosa Brazil, best Praia do Rosa restaurants, best Praia do Rosa Bars, best Praia do Rosa Tours & Activities, best time to visit Praia do Rosa, The 10 best luxury hotels in Praia do Rosa, Brazil
Vermelha Beach

For those looking to sunbathe and rest peacefully outside the frantic coming and going of the most famous beaches in the city this is the perfect beach. Enjoy this small beach with calm waters, located in a beautiful natural enclave and with breathtaking views.



Ouvidor Beach, Brazil, best Praia do Rosa beaches, Vacationing to Beautiful Praia do Rosa Brazil, best Praia do Rosa restaurants, best Praia do Rosa Bars, best Praia do Rosa Tours & Activities, best time to visit Praia do Rosa, The 10 best luxury hotels in Praia do Rosa, Brazil
Ouvidor Beach

This small beach is considered by many people a paradise. It is surrounded by palm trees and virgin forest, underlined with white sand and transparent water.



Best Praia do Rosa Tours & Activities

Santa Marta Lighthouse, Botos Pescadores and Anita Garibaldi

For those who love nature, explore the Sanctuary of Botos Pescadores, enjoy Local Typical dishes, served on the banks of the Canal da Barra, see the Walker Dunes and also the largest lighthouse in the Americas, the Santa Marta Lighthouse, and check out the ancient history of the Sambaquian Peoples and their piles of shells and remains, which are still visible today. Book your Santa Maria Lighthouse, Botos Pescadores & Anita Garibaldi Tour here.

Observe the Sanctuary and Pedra do Frade

Take a closer look at the dolphin sanctuary and extraordinary interaction with the fishermen and discover the incredible story of Anita Garibaldi, Heroine of Two Worlds Book your Sanctuary & Pedra do Frade Tour here.

Whaling Search – Whale Watching by Land

In this adventure, an experienced guide will help you to explore the fauna and flora of our beautiful region, where we will go in search of the whale sightings that have been occurring in the region in the last days and we will explain the reason for the trip of these giants to our peaceful coast , having the possibility to spot our cuties with their little giant puppies! Book your Whale Watching by Land Tour here.

Private Tour of Santa Catarina Beaches

Choose between the two tour options and on a 4 hour tour, discover the 5 most beautiful beaches of Garopaba OR Imbituba. Book your Private Tour of Santa Catarina Beaches here.

Surf Experience for Small Groups in Santa Catarina

Surfday allows travelers to discover places in Florianopolis for surfing according to the best conditions on the day and the preference of users. The service also includes photos and footage of the surf sessions. Book your Surf Experience for Small Groups in Santa Catarina here.

Best Praia do Rosa Restaurants

Bistro Chef Caca Borges $11 – 30

Seafood, Mediterranean, Contemporary, Dining bars Address: Avenida Porto Novo 1028 Village Praia do Rosa, Telephone: 55 48 99166 1482 Web: Bistro Chef Cacá Borges Menu

Engenho do Mar $11 – 30

Brazilian, Seafood, International Address: Rua Da Pousada Vida Sol E Mar, S/N Anexo a Pousada Vida Sol E Mar, Praia do Rosa Telephone: 55 48 99115 7999 Web: Engenho do Mar

Lombok Comidas Caseiras $11 – 30

Brazilian, Latin, Bar Address: Avenida Porto Novo, Praia do Rosa Telephone: 55 48 99981 9265 Web: Lombok Comidas Caseiras

Sapore Di Pasta $30 & Over

Mediterranean, Vegetarian Friendly Address: Rua Caminho do Rei, Praia do Rosa Telephone: 55 48 355 6100 Web: Restaurant Sapore di Pasta

Bistro Pedra da Vigia $30 & Over

French, Seafood, European Address: Caminho do Alto do Morro, s/n Caminho do Rei…100 metros da esquina, Praia do Rosa Telephone: 55 48 98453 3291 Web: Bistro Pedra da Vidia

Best Praia do Rosa Bars

Tenda Verde do Rosa

Na areia do Rosa Norte Rosa Norte Web: Tenda Verde Do Rosa

Aloha Natura Praia do Rosa Sc

Av. Porto Numero – Ibiraquera, Telephone: 55 48 99190 8710 Web: ALOHA Natura – Home | Facebook

Malagueta Gastrobar

R. Idalino Manoel de Carvalho, 1899 – Ibiraquera Telephone: 55 48 99668 4457 Web: Malagueta Gastrobar – Home | Facebook

Beleza Pura Cosmic Bar

Av. Porto Novo, s/n – Praia do Rosa, Imbituba – SC Telephone: 55 48 3355 7490 Web: Beleza Pura Cosmic Bar

Bersabeer Praia Do Rosa

Av Porto Novo esquina Idalino Manoel de Carvalho – Praia do Rosa, Imbituba – SC Telephone: 55 48 3355 7480 Web: Bersabeer – Home | Facebook

The 10 best luxury hotels in Praia do Rosa, Brazil


  1. Anastazja

    This looks like a fabulous place to visit.  It’s beautiful and quiet.  My wife and I are not into night life too much so the activities and countryside look perfect for us.   When we go to better known places, there are often charter flights at great rates.  I am wondering if there are charter flights to a place in Brazil near here.  How do the prices compare with those of good hotels in the U.S.?  Thanks for introducing me to this beautiful place.  We are looking for different travel destinations and this fits the bill.  I am book marking the site to access hotels and activities once we have made a decision on where to go.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You know that is a hard question to answer.  The hotels rates in the U.S.  vary a LOT depending on where in the U.S. you are going.  Some are very high, and some are reasonable.  I would click on the hotels that interest you, plug in your dates and see what each hotel costs.  That way you can make a good decision.  Any of the hotels I have listed will not let you down.

  2. gravpeter


    Brazil: the country of the samba, the fifth most populous country in the world, won the most football world cups, “Baia do Sancho” the most beautiful beach in the world, the world’s largest producer of coffee, the famous statue of Christ in Rio weighs 635 tons…

    Those are some of the things I know about that wonderful country in South America. When it comes to tourism, we have to be with you again. All your articles are expertly drafted and contain all the necessary information that a tourist asks for.

    Well done again!

    With best regards,

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thank you so much Peter!

  3. only1hugh

    My son and I love to surf and there is nothing better than doing that in a location that is near to paradise. Your description of Praia do Rosa had me doing some more research as I have always wanted to make a trip to Brazil. I am hoping that like Florianopolis there are surfing lessons that we can join to improve our skills. Other activities like whale sighting is something that has been on my bucket list for a while so I would love to do that as well. If I stay it looks like Pousada Seu Dodo will fit my bill. Thanks so much for this advice.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I totally agree and my son is a surfer as well, and I know he would truly enjoy Praia do Rosa.  

  4. LineCowley

    Oh I do like the sounds of an eco-conscious tourist set-up and would like to know more about what is done to make tourism eco-conscious. Praia do Rosa looks like yet another exquisite Brazilian destination and would love to visit when the southern right whales from Patagonia visits the breeding grounds. 

    Vermelha and Ouvidor beaches both look stunning and quieter than the bigger beaches. With the many tours, there is certainly enough to fill your days, if you don’t want to spend it sunbathing. 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Praia do Rosa Brazil is a gem, you will love it!  And no, you don’t see very many beautiful destinations that are eco conscious.

  5. Edwin Bernard

    One of the features that stood out was what looked like the beach being sandwiched between the ocean saltwater to what looked like a freshwater lake. Is that correct? 

    I never coined the word hippy with Brazil. I suppose hippies went everywhere. 

    These beaches seem more down to earth which is quite a contrast to Copacobana beach. If I ever needed advice on what beach to visit your website will come in very useful.



    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thank you Edwin for visiting Beach Travel Destinations and for taking the time to leave  me comments.

  6. MIchel

    Oh my word, yet another beautiful destination. and the beaches on that video look sublime. Makes me want to go there right now.

    I also like that there is so much exploring to do here, like the dolphin sanctuary and the guide tour through the sanctuary with whale sightings. I would definitely do that if I visited this gorgeous place.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I’m glad you enjoyed your digital visit to beautiful Praia do Rosa Brazil!

  7. Siobhan41

    This place looks absolutely gorgeous! It looks like it would be a wonderful spot for an extended vacation! With me being from America, and used to our winters, it would be strange for winter to be June through August. Still, the temperatures don’t seem to get too bad. 

    There seems to also be plenty to do with all the tours, especially the whale watching and dolphin sanctuary!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, plenty to do and very beautiful!

  8. Aly

    Wow, this is a really beautiful part of Brazil that I hadn’t thought of to explore before! The photo at Vermelha Beach looks like it has a mountain feature that strongly resembles the “Pão de Açúcar” (sugar loaf) mountain in Rio de Janeiro. 

    This looks like a lovely place to explore that won’t be quite as crowded as other Brazilian beach destinations! Thank you for sharing this one. Looks like just the kind of place I love to visit!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You are very welcome Aly.  Thank you for visiting my Vacationing to Beautiful Praia do Rosa Brazil guide.  

  9. Alketa

    Hi, I enjoyed so much this article. I live in Europe and detailed information about weather, seasons, climate conditions in Praia Do Rosa in Brazil is very helpful to know the right time to visit this destination. Furthermore, this place offers so many activities for all lovers of nature. And,  one of the activities which intrigued me is then Whale Watching by Land, a beautiful experience to live. 

    Moreover, all restaurants and hotels look at high-quality services. Thank you for preparing detailed information about that.



    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You are welcome Alketa, thank you for stopping by.  I am glad you enjoyed your visit to my Praia do Rosa Brazil guide.

  10. Ann

    I have seen pictures taken by drone in the valleys that surround Praia. The pictures are stunning. I am impressed. I would like to take my camera over there and take pictures of the beach and also of the valleys. I have a couple shots that I want to replicate. It will be a fun/work trip!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Oh yes, it would be a fun trip as the work would be very enjoyable!

  11. cpascal

    Praia do Rosa seems like a good choice for people who would like to visit Brazil, but want to see a part that has milder temperatures. Along with the year round attractions like the lighthouse and the dolphin sanctuary, a winter visit provides the bonus of whale watching. And all of this is surrounded by excellent scenery. 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, Praia do Rosa is wonderful…. any time of the year.  Just depends on what experiences you want to have.

  12. Daniel Tshiyole

    I’ve heard of this place before but I didn’t know that it was in Brazil. Well you learn something new everyday. I also never knew that Brazil has so many places that you can visit. It seems like a beautiful country. I have added it to my bucket list. I have to visit Brazil before I die. 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Brazil is beautiful!  Yes it is one beach destination not to be missed for sure. 

  13. Alicia

    I have to say that I absolutely love your website and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys traveling to coastal vacation spots like I do! Praia do Rosa looks like a relaxing place to escape from the day to day hustle and bustle of life. I love that there are cobblestone streets! Of course, the gorgeous views and unlimited photo opportunities are a huge plus, not to mention being able to relax in the sun and cool off in the crystal clear waters. 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I agree Alicia and thank you so much for taking the time to leave me comments.  I am glad you enjoy your visits to beach travel destinations.


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