The 10 Most Amazing Corfu Beach Hotels

Before I share the 10 most amazing Corfu beach hotels, lets go over the facts and information you’ll want to know before you go. Corfu is considered to be the most beautiful of all the Greek islands. The island offers a beautiful landscape of wild flowers, cypress trees, olive trees and wonderful sandy beaches. The west coast of the island boasts some of the prettiest countryside and small coves with sandy beaches surrounded by cliffs and trees. The north is defined by a rocky coastline where the crystal clear water has chopped into pebbled bays and coves.

Whether you’re looking for quiet sands with calm waters or pebbly beaches with plenty of nearby amenities, you’ll find it on Corfu. Enjoy some fun in the sun, and explore the island’s unique historical and religious attractions. Visit the most amazing beaches of Greece here, or on Pinterest.

Corfu Weather – When to Visit

The best times to visit Corfu are April to May and September to November. There is never really a bad season in the Mediterranean, but winter temperatures are too chilly to swim off the shores of Corfu, while the summer months will be very crowded. The shoulder seasons, offer warm, sunny weather and plenty of bargain-priced hotel rooms, not to mention some exciting special events like Carnival.

April to May offers pleasant weather and miles of sandy beaches free of fellow sunbathers. Although high temperatures only reach the 60s and 70s, there will be plenty of clear skies. This is the season of Greek Easter, so book your hotel at least a month in advance to ensure a place to stay for the celebrations.

During June thru August, temperatures are in the upper 80s, which is a great time to spend at the beach. But you will be sharing the beach with plenty of other visitors. Reserve your hotel room at least a month in advance to ensure availability and the lowest price possible. Brace yourself for lines out the door at many of the best sites and restaurants.

For a relaxed Corfu vacation with prime beach weather and hardly any crowds, plan a trip during September to November. Average highs in September are in the low 80s, perfect for a swim in the Mediterranean. Temperatures do decline steadily as November approaches to the mid 60s. The weather is ideal for hiking and sightseeing during this time though.

Best Corfu Beaches

Paleokastritsa Beach Corfu Greece, The 10 Most Amazing Corfu Beach Hotels best Corfu restaurants, best Corfu beach clubs, best time to visit Corfu, best Corfu hotels, best Corfu tours & Activities
Paleokastritsa Beach

The main beach of Paleokastritsa is quite small but extremely known for its cold waters and delightful environment. It is considered as one of the best beaches in the Greek islands. It is surrounded by many bars and taverns therefore it is rarely quiet during the day. The area offers some excellent sea views. Highlights: Diving, Sandy, Family Friendly, Organized, Plenty of Water Sports

Agios Gordios Beach Corfu Greece, The 10 Most Amazing Corfu Beach Hotels best Corfu restaurants, best Corfu beach clubs, best time to visit Corfu, best Corfu hotels, best Corfu tours & Activities
Agios Gordios Beach

Agios Gordios is one of the most popular beaches of Corfu and it took its name from the church of Agios Gordios located literally on the sea, at the centre of the beach. The beautiful cove is nested amongst the lush green mountain surrounded by olive tree forests, vineyards and impressive rocks. Highlights: Sandy, Family Friendly, Organized


Myrtiotissa Beach Corfu Greece, The 10 Most Amazing Corfu Beach Hotels best Corfu restaurants, best Corfu beach clubs, best time to visit Corfu, best Corfu hotels, best Corfu tours & Activities
Myrtiotissa Beach

Mirtiotissa is a sandy paradise surrounded by the majestic landscape of lush green cliffs and crystalline waters. The beach was characterized by the English writer Lawrence Darrell as the loveliest beach in the world for its dramatic and stunning surroundings that attract thousands of visitors. Highlights: Partly Organized, Family Friendly, Nudism Friendly


Rovinia Beach Corfu Greece, The 10 Most Amazing Corfu Beach Hotels best Corfu restaurants, best Corfu beach clubs, best time to visit Corfu, best Corfu hotels, best Corfu tours & Activities
Rovinia Beach

Rovinia stands out for its unique natural beauty that attracts many visitors who want to relax in the view of this stunning scenery. Tourist facilities would definitely disturb this unspoiled and tranquil environment as a result you will not find any, but the cave shaped rocks on the sides offer some natural shade. Highlights: Pebbled, Secluded, Non Organized

Bataria Kassiopi Beach Corfu Greece, The 10 Most Amazing Corfu Beach Hotels best Corfu restaurants, best Corfu beach clubs, best time to visit Corfu, best Corfu hotels, best Corfu tours & Activities
Bataria Kassiopi Beach

Bataria is a small beach but it distinguishes for its wild beauty and perfect views of the Albanian mountains. The beach is very clean while the quiet and friendly environment makes an ideal place for the children. Various accommodation, taverns and bars are found in close distance, at the main street of Kassiopi. Highlights: Sandy, Family Friendly, Organized


Best Corfu Restaurants

Corfu Sailing Club Restaurant $11 – 30

Enjoy the spectacular location of this classy restaurant, tucked under the northern wall of the Venetian-era Old Fortress beside the yacht club harbor. The food is Greek but offers twists on traditional concepts, such as a cheese pie topped with honey, in a dish straight out of ancient times. Telephone: 30 2661 038763 Web: Corfu Sailing Club Restaurant

Etrusco $30 & Over

Etrusco is considered one of the best in Greece, and it certainly can be classed as among the most inventive, offering a menu of Italian- and Greek-inspired dishes. Telephone: 30 2661 093342 Web: Etrusco

Rex $11 – 30

Rex has been a favorite of the locals since the early 20th century. Hearty local stews are on the menu alongside examples of modern regional fare such as roast lamb knuckle with artichokes. Look on the menu for specials that might also include some other unusual dishes. Telephone: 30 2661 039649 Web: Rex

Taverna Tripa $11 – 30

The fixed-price menu begins with an endless series of small meze plates, followed by a main course (usually spit-roasted lamb), and concludes with a selection of local and exotic fruits and desserts. Toward the end of the meal, the live music and Greek dancing begin; patrons are encouraged to join in. Telephone: 30 2661 056333 Web: Taverna Tripa

Venetian Well $30 & Over

The scene is as delicious as the food in this wonderfully romantic restaurant arranged around a 17th-century well on the most beautiful little square in the Old Town. Expect creative Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, with a menu that changes regularly according to the availability of the always-fresh ingredients. Telephone: 30 2661 550955 Web: Venetian Well

The 5 Best Beach Clubs in Corfu

Nagual Beach Club

ocated on the once hippie hotspot of Kontogialos beach, Nagual is surrounded by turquoise waters and white sand. Just 30 minutes from the capital Kerkyra, its location alone makes it one of the best beach clubs in Corfu. Telephone: 30 2661 094829 Web: Nagual Beach Club

Tierra Del Fuego

Located on the Northern coast of Corfu, Tierra Del Fuego sits within the resort town of Acharavi, popular for its incredible hiking trails and extensive stretch of beach. After a hike, there is no better place to unwind under the drapes of one of the dreamy canopy beds on the shore. Telephone: 30 2663 063242 Web: Tierra Del Fuego

Akron Beach Bar and Restaurant

Akron Beach Bar and Restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best beach clubs in Corfu. It boasts not only a stunning and extensive set of facilities including a swimming pool, but also an extensive menu of Mediterranean food. Telephone: 30 2663 041226 Web: Akron Beach Bar & Restaurant

Imabari Seaside Lounge Bar and Restaurant

Popular with tourists and locals alike, this beach club prides itself on being the only place in the City of Corfu with access to Faliraki Beach. Telephone: 30 2661 100340 Web: Imabari Seaside Lounge & Restaurant

Piedra Del Mar

The beach club itself is spread over three levels: the beach, the lounge and the restaurant, all adorned with a vibrant African-themed décor. Guests can enjoy an extensive menu of dishes as well as a selection of cocktails including their popular frozen banana daiquiri. Telephone: 30 2663 091566 Web: Piedra Del Mar

The 10 Most Amazing Corfu Beach Hotels


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      Great Aly, you’d be surprised how refreshing the water feels when its warm outside.  I know here where I am at, when the water is warm it just feels like a bathtub LOL.  Thanks for stopping by.

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    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, you will see dolphins 🙂 Really doesn’t matter when you visit, dolphins are generally always around.  Yes, Corfu is beautiful, thanks for stopping by.

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      I can do that!  If you email me, I can come with some choices for you. I will need to know size of family and such, and then we can work on an itinerary.

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    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Hmm, I do add B&B’s if they have decent ratings.  I stick to the top-rated accommodations, and so if I don’t list one, that doesn’t there aren’t any, it just means I didn’t find the ratings high enough. 

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    Another perfect vacation destination!  I love to read these and wonder what I’m going to do when I get there!  I’ve heard wonderful things about Greece (and saw the movie “Mama Mia”) so I would love to go!  What is Carnival?  When is it?  Is it the same as Greek Easter?  I want to go when these exciting events are taking place.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      The famous Carnival of Corfu has its roots in the Middle Ages when the Venetians conquerors of the island brought this custom back from their homeland. Today, the Carnival of Corfu resembles a lot to the Carnival of Venice and includes many funny happenings. It usually takes place at the end of February or early March with much popularity.  Hope this helps 🙂

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    Hi reading, reading this and seeing the beautiful  images of Corfu, make me want to go there today and escape the snowy winter. Being able to combine the spectacular scenery with activities like tandem paragliding and a private yacht tour, sounds like an idyllic holiday to me. 

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      You are welcome, thank you for your continued visits and for taking the time to leave me comments.

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      Thank you, Chad, I am glad you enjoyed your visit to beach travel destinations.

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      No matter which beach you choose, you will enjoy!  Thanks for visiting beach travel destinations.

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