Redington Shores Florida Hotels

Learn more about the best Redington Shores Florida Hotels here. The Town of Redington Shores brings lures visiting and residents alike to enjoy its wide white sandy beaches, abundant fishing, boating activities, the parks and spectacular natural wildlife and beauty. The semi-tropical barrier island community of Redington Shores sees 360 sunny days a year. It has the typical the charm and variety of activities found on Florida’s Sun coast.

If you are looking to escape it all this is the beach for you! Redington Shores is calm and serene. This quaint community is a great way to spend your days relaxing in the sand and enjoying your own personal stretch of beach. There is no shortage of activities here. You can spend the day enjoying the white sandy beaches or fishing and boating. You can also enjoy water sports like parasailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, jet skiing or taking out a paddle boat. No matter the adventure, Redington Shores has something for everyone. It’s the perfect place for a family getaway. Redington Shores offers great restaurants and other diversions in a compact area, and Redington Long Pier provides one of the best spots to fish directly on the Gulf of Mexico. You can visit all of the area St. Petersburg & Clearwater Beaches here.

Redington Shores Florida Weather – When to Visit

The best time to visit Redington Shores is between October and December. During these months, you’ll find low humidity, fewer tourists and many holiday events to experience. However, October and November technically fall within the Atlantic hurricane season, and even though they are not peak hurricane months, you should be aware of the possibility of a storm developing. July, August and September’s frequent rainstorms and January, February and March’s high volume of snowbirds (retirees and part-time residents from the northern U.S.) make summer and winter two seasons to avoid. If viewing wildlife is your main objective, consider visiting in April, May or June when migratory birds, stingrays and sea turtles are commonly spotted. While the area is different every season, Redington Shores benefits from warm weather year-round.

Best Redington Shores Area Beaches

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Redington Shores Beach

Redington Shores offers visitors and residents wide white sandy beaches, abundant fishing, boating activities, parks and spectacular natural wildlife and beauty.  It is located midway between Clearwater to the north and St. Pete Beach to the south.



North Redington Beach, Florida, Redington Shores Florida hotels, best Redington Shores Hotels, best Redington Shores restaurants, Best Redington Shores bars, best time to visit Redington Shores, Best Redington Shores tours & Activities
North Redington Beach

North Redington Beach has a mile of beautiful sand that slopes gently into the Gulf, providing safe bathing for both children and adults. Here you will not find the crowds, bustle and impatience of a larger city.  The beach offers quaint shops, restaurants, motels, hotels, and condos to meet the needs of any visitor.



Madeira Beach, Florida, Redington Shores Florida hotels, best Redington Shores Hotels, best Redington Shores restaurants, Best Redington Shores bars, best time to visit Redington Shores, Best Redington Shores tours & Activities
Madeira Beach

Madeira (“Mad”) Beach is a popular area option because it’s adjacent to John’s Pass Village Boardwalk, a family-friendly dining and shopping hub. Madeira Beach is the cleanest public beach in the area, and offers a quieter alternative to the more populated beaches. Find beautiful, soft, white sand and turquoise waters are perfect for swimming, sunning, beach combing, diving, jet skiing, parasailing and other water sports.

Archibald Memorial Beach Park, Florida, Redington Shores Florida hotels, best Redington Shores Hotels, best Redington Shores restaurants, Best Redington Shores bars, best time to visit Redington Shores, Best Redington Shores tours & Activities
Archibald Memorial Beach Park

Archibald offers metered parking spots directly by the beach with four wooden walkovers, public restrooms, two outdoor shower areas, covered picnic area, and two sand beach volleyball courts. Located on site, The Snack Shak provides beach goers a great opportunity to grab a meal or pick up a beverage to enjoy on the beach.


Best Redington Shores Area Tours & Activities

Sea Screamer Dolphin Tour Boat Ride Ticket

This is the largest speedboat in the world, situated on one of the best beaches in the USA! Don’t miss out on taking a thrilling boat ride through the intracoastal waterway and into the Gulf of Mexico. Look for the wild dolphins, see the awesome views, feel the wind through your hair and take lots of photos. Learn more about the Sea Screamer Dolphin Tour Boat Ride.

Clearwater Dolphin-Watching Tour

Embark on a scenic journey to find bottlenose dolphins on this dolphin-watching cruise near Clearwater in Florida. From Clearwater Bay to the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico, enjoy the incredible views along the Intracoastal Waterway. See and hear about the celebrity mansions on the coast, and listen as the captain shares interesting facts about the natural wonders of the Gulf Coast region. Learn more about the Clearwater Dolphin Watching Tour.

Calypso Queen Tropical Party Buffet Cruise

Take a daytime or evening cruise around Clearwater, Florida aboard the Calypso Queen. A lunch or dinner buffet, as well as an open bar featuring rum punch, wine, and beer, is included. The evening cruise includes a DJ and dancing. Learn more about the Calypso Queen Tropical Party Buffet Cruise.

Sunset Cruise from Clearwater Beach

Watch as day turns into night off the coast of Florida on this sunset cruise from Clearwater. Enjoy the scenery and peaceful calm of a late-afternoon cruise on board a double-decker catamaran vessel with plenty of space to stretch out and soak up the breathtaking view. Watch a beautiful Florida sunset as the sun glows and gently settles into the Gulf of Mexico. Toast the new evening with a glass of Champagne. Learn more about the Sunset Cruise from Clearwater Beach.

Tiki Boat Cruise – Clearwater Beach

This one-of-a-kind floating Tiki Bars is the newest and best way to experience the water. These tiki boats are a lot of fun and should be on everyone’s bucket list! Take in views of Clearwater Beach from the Gulf of Mexico and admire the many stunning homes and boats which line the harbor, all while sipping your favorite drink. The tours offer up-close encounters with dolphins, manatees and other wildlife. Learn more about the Tiki Boat Cruise – Clearwater Beach.

Best Redington Shores Florida Restaurants

Salt Rock Grill $31 – 60

For an evening of fine dining, elegant atmosphere, superior service and genuine hospitality, Salt Rock Grill is your destination. Steaks are first-rate, lobsters monstrous, wine cellar deep, seafood and fish souped up in spicy broth. Menu Telephone: 727-593-7625 Web: Salt Rock Grill

Sweet Sage Cafe $11 – 30

The Sweet Sage Cafe offers a wide variety of breakfast and lunch dishes, from their many creations of Eggs Benedict to French Toast, Delectable Wraps to Healthy Salads. Try their unique Sage Creations, Waffle Daffle, Dairyberry Crunch, Bruschetta and even a dog menu! Menu Telephone: 727-391-0453 Web: Sweet Sage Cafe

Seabreeze Island Grill & Raw Bar $11 – 30

Enjoy an evening of island infused cuisine at the waterfront. Dive into their extensive drink menu and indulge yourself in their culinary creations. Cap your evening off by pleasing your taste buds with a delicious dessert. Menu Telephone: 727-498-8688 Web: Seabreeze Island Grill & Raw Bar

Mario’s $11 – 30

Authentic and excellent Italian food with great service. It’s a small intimate restaurant with few tables. Menu Telephone: 727-397-4971 Web: Mario’s

Frog Pond $11 – 30

They have maintained that the simple formula of great food, unique atmosphere, continued quality, and incredible portions. This is what made and keeps the Frog Pond the most frequented establishment on Redington Beach for breakfast and lunch. Telephone: 727-392-4117 Web: Frog Pond

Best Redington Shores Bars

Mangos Restaurant & Tiki Bar

17120 Gulf Blvd., North Redington Beach Telephone: 727-369-7180 Web: Mangos Restaurant & Tiki Bar

Wahoo’s Waterside Pub & Patio

17801 Gulf Blvd., Redington Shores Telephone: 727-393-5525 Web: Wahoo’s Waterside Pub & Patio

Friendly Tavern

18121 Gulf Blvd., Redington Shores Telephone: 727-393-4470 Web: Friendly Tavern

Fort Knox Bar on the Beach

17801 Gulf Blvd, Redington Shores Telephone: 727-393-5525 Web: Fort Know on the Beach

Wine Knot

17477 Gulf Blvd, Redington Shores Telephone: 727-256-2181 Web: Wine Knot

Best Redington Shores Florida Hotels


  1. Lawrence Dora

    Hey There Leahrae,

    Thank you so much for this great post and i can not wait to visit the US especially Florida. Redington Shores will now definatley be on my list of destinations. I love the sunny weather and the 360 sunny days a year really appeals to me. I also love the beaches with my favourite being North Redington Beach. 

    It has always been my dream to visit the US and i am really looking forward to a trip there. 



    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Glad you enjoyed Lawrence.  You would especially enjoy Florida!  Thanks for visiting beach travel destinations.

  2. Mike

    Hello there! This is an informative post! One of the states that I’ve always wanted to travel to was Florida. Never really planned for it though. Reading through your post, it does seem like a really awesome place to visit. I really enjoy the marine life and seeing sea creatures swimming around. There also seems to be a lot of fun activities too. Going to have to book a flight there one day. Thanks for compiling this!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes you are going to have to book a flight here.  I think you would really enjoy given your interests 🙂  Thanks for visiting beach travel destinations.

  3. Sammy Allen

    Great article! I’ve spent a lot of time in Florida beaches. They are beautiful. Your article inspires me to go back to visit again soon! Would love to be there right now instead of in Los Angeles, lol. Thank you for providing all these options and the great visuals to go along with them. Sam

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes Sammy, I used to live close to LA.  I really love Florida and like that laid back feel here over LA.  I think we have great beaches and there are so many here in the Clearwater area that are not crowded.  Thanks for stopping by and I am glad you enjoyed my Redington Shores Florida Hotels guide.

  4. Mimie

    I would love to try jet skiing. And Madeira Beach sounds like a perfect spot. This place is worth a visit. I see Shores Beach has got enough activities to keep you busy all the time. And looks beautiful too. All these places looks wonderful.

    The Clearwater Dolphin-Watching Tour sounds fun too. I think it would be great taking your family for a vacation here and just enjoy as much activities as you can. 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Jet skiing is a blast!  Best place to rent a jet ski is on St Pete Beach for sure.  Clearwater has rentals but you do have to go in a group like a tour.  Much more fun to go where you want.  The dolphin watching tour is a blast.  You will see them on the jet ski too though.  They love chasing the motor.

  5. Jeelah

    Hello Leahrea! This is a really good post to those who will be exploring Florida. I love how you provided not just the beaches themselves but also the activities you can do, the restaurants, and the hotels. Also, the price ranges are really helpful. This would help travelers budget their money beforehand. Thank you for such an informative article!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You are very welcome, thank you for visiting beach travel destinations.

  6. Lennie Blois

    Redington Beach looks like a beautiful place to visit. Over the years I’ve always wanted to visit but never have. Thanks to this page I have changed my mind. Florida looks absolutely stunning. I will definitely book for next June so i can miss the Snowbirds and all the congestion. Thanks beach travel designations. Cheers!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, you will want to miss the congestion, it does get bad here crowds wise….but mostly in Clearwater Beach and St Pete Beach.  The in-between towns fare much better.  However it is still not super easy to find a place to sleep.  I suggest doing that in advance.  Thanks for visiting Lennie.

  7. Kwidzin

    I love these types of articles.they always make me want to go out and do things and go places. So thanks for that.

    Scotland is pretty far across the pond, but Florida is one place I have wanted to visit in the U.S.  You have given me quite a bit of information, so I will start planning.  Looking forward to the beautiful area beaches.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I have always wanted to visit Scotland, but have not yet.  So I am thinking the scenery is vastly different here?  I think you would really enjoy visiting with the different culture, food, and our gorgeous beaches.  There is certainly plenty to do.  Thanks for visiting beach travel

  8. Aparna

    Hi Leahrae, 

    I have a plan to visit that side this year, as we have a wedding to attend later at the end of the year. I wonder if a road trip with a stopover at one of the beautiful resorts you have talked about, would be possible? let’s see. 

    Great information. I am tagging this for my wife and the rest of the gang to approve. 

    Thank u. Love,


    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I think they will all agree.  Shoot there are so many beaches, great restaurants, the laid back atmosphere, and all the activities here….so hard to beat.  I love it here on the Suncoast.  You will too!  Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Michal Bahno

    Waw, this is a great article. 
    I am glad I have found it – a lot of useful information at one place. 

    Actually, I have been searching for some good hotels in Florida, but wanna go to the Westcoast this year. 

    The Redington Shores Florida Hotels seems like a great place to spend the autumn. 
    I look forwards to the largest speed boat in the world 😉

    Hopefully, my wife will enjoy it as well 🙂 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      HI Michal, the West coast is definitely better, but then I live here so probably biased.  You will enjoy,. that I know 🙂

  10. bethebest#128

    This is a very beautiful, calm, and serene post! I would definitely like to check out these spots. I appreciate you for listing the prices of these places. Also, I have been dreaming of a vacation do this is making me very optimistic.

    What inspired you to write about Redington Shores?

    Personally, I think that this would be an excellent, affordable shore to visit.  I think that this post is a major win. Very fun, engaging tourist attractions.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I live close by and some friends know about my site and wanted me to do the area 🙂  So I did 🙂  Thanks for stopping by.

  11. LineCowley

    Redington Shores seems to perfect place if you want a more calm and serene destination in Florida. The Tiki Bar boat cruise sounds like the perfect way to end a busy day, with encounters with dolphins and manatees, while sipping a glass of wine.

    Would camping be an option in Redington Shores, or would high humidity and mosquitoes make it unpleasant?

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      There is no camping allowed on any of the beaches along the Suncoast.  You can camp at Fort De Soto Park which is great.  It’s close and beautiful.  I have never seen mosquitoes here.  Some beaches have sand fleas which I hate.  So I always take a beach chair.    Let me know if you have any additional questions. 

  12. Paolo

    I like to go to Redington Shores and set up a shade cape and loungers and enjoy the relax. The whole Clearwater (St. Pete Beach) stretch has nice beaches, in my humble opinion. And compared to many other options, Redington has good public beach access. And something I love is it’s good restaurants. I particularly like Seabreeze and Indian Shores Coffee.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You’ll find that yes, the whole stretch from St. Pete all the way to Clearwater and up to Honeymoon Island have great beaches.  Restaurants in all areas are wonderful.  Belleair is mostly residential, not much there.  But anywhere else, you can enjoy the beach and enjoy great food!  Thanks for visiting beach travel destinations.

  13. Max

    We are taking a road trip down to the Everglades in a couple weeks, and on our way back up we will be driving along the Gulf Coast of Florida.  Redington Shores sounds like a perfect area for to stop and take in some beautiful sights and to relax after a lot of driving.  And I’m sure the sunsets are unbelievable – the sunset cruise on Clearwater Beach sounds like the perfect way to end a busy day.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You will enjoy!  The Everglades are something to see for sure and the drive up the coast is beautiful!  Thanks for visiting my Redington Shores Florida Hotels guide.


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