Luxury Hotels in Ios Greece

Looking for luxury hotels in Ios Greece? Ios Island Greece is in the heart of the Aegean sea and is a summertime favorite. Ios is famous for the nightlife, and is known as one of the best party islands in Greece. The Ios party scene is a way of life.  Ios Island Greece is also a great destination to kick back and relax. Stroll around the cobblestone alleys of Chora, discover its cliff-top villages, climb up to Odysseus Elytis theater to marvel at a breathtaking view to the island and the endless Aegean sea, watch the sun sink towards the horizon from Panagia Gremiotissa church, or visit Homer’s grave, one of the most significant historical monuments of Ios.

As for Ios beaches, they are some of the best beaches in the Cyclades. Head to Mylopotas beach, Gialos beach and Manganari beach to have a taste of Ios beach party scene. If you are looking for a more quiet beach, visit Agia Theodoti beach, Koumpara beach, and Psathi beach to find serenity and virgin natural landscapes. Find all of your beach essentials here for your Ios Island Greece vacation. You can also visit our Cyclades Travel Guide for information on all the best Cyclades Islands.

Ios Weather – When to Visit

Ios has weather typical of the Cyclades, consisting in a mild winter with low rainfalls, a cool spring, and autumn, and a dry, shiny and hot summer with average temperatures of 84°F during the daytime, with the meltemia north winds summer days during late July and early August.

Any time between late May and September is going to have decent warm weather and virtually no rainfall with the hottest months being July and August. If you like it hot then go in July or August if you prefer it a bit cooler then go before or after.

The best time to visit Ios also depends on what you’re looking for, Ios can be a party island in the peak season but a bit quieter just before and after. So May and early June are quieter, then it picks up and gets really busy with late night bars and clubs until around September when the pace slows down again so pick your dates accordingly.

Best Ios Beaches

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Mylopotas Beach

Ios’ most famous beach is 3km from Chora, and is the party beach, attracting young crowds both day and night. It’s the most crowded beach on the island, although there’s 1km of golden sand allowing you to lie in the sun in peace. It’s a good beach for swimming, as it has calm crystal-clear waters, and is faced by many restaurants and bars. 


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Agia Theodotis Beach

Named after a 16-century church up on a hill, this beach in the north of the island (14km from Chora) is one of its most beautiful. It’s a long sandy beach with tavernas and sunbeds and umbrellas, but also with enough space for you to spread your towel away from the crowds. If you prefer to lie in the shade there are trees for that, and if you like to do some nude sunbathing, there’s a spot for you in the section farthest from the tavernas.

Manganari Beach, Ios Island Greece, the Cyclades, best beaches in Ios, things to do in Ios Greece, best Ios Greece hotels, best Ios Greece restaurants, best Ios Greece bars, Ios Greece tours & activities, Luxury Hotels in Ios Greece
Manganari Beach

If you like to swim or snorkel in calm, crystal-clear waters surrounded by natural beauty, this is the best beach in all of the Cyclades. It’s the farthest beach from Chora (around 23km south), but easily accessible by car, and there’s also a bus during the summer. It’s actually two beaches connected by small coves, and is the quieter alternative to Mylopotas.



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Kalamos Beach

The long and sandy beach of Kalamos, on the eastern coast of Ios, is a gorgeous place with soft golden sand and crystal waters. It is mostly secluded and receives few visitors, even in high season. Surrounded by rocky cliffs covered in almonds and olive trees, the beach is considered a special spot for adventure.



Tris Klisies Beach, Ios Island Greece, the Cyclades, best beaches in Ios, things to do in Ios Greece, best Ios Greece hotels, best Ios Greece restaurants, best Ios Greece bars, Ios Greece tours & activities, Luxury Hotels in Ios Greece
Tris Klisies Beach

Tris Klisies beach is highly recommended for people who want their privacy. Tris Klisies is also a frequent choice for nudism. There is a small hiking path leading to this beach where you have to leave your car and walk for about 10-15 minutes. The golden sand and deep blue waters promise a unique diving experience and relaxing hours offering an extraordinary view to the surrounding area. The surrounding rocky coastline is great to explore by boat.

Best Recommended Ios Tours & Activities

Santorini 1 Photo Tour Session with Your Personal Photographer

Santorini ranks among the most photogenic places in Greece, so star in your own private photoshoot against the backdrop of its white-washed villages, volcanic beaches, and dramatic caldera. During this 1-hour session, a local photographer captures images of you and your loved ones among famous scenery like Oia and Firostefani villages, sending you home with professional-grade digital photos perfect for social media or framing. Book Your Santorini Private Photo Session Tour Here.

Santorini Private Group Tour up to 7 guests for 6 hours

Enjoy all that Santorini has to offer without tying yourself to someone else’s idea of a good time on this private tour. Visit a range of suggested destinations on the island, including the charming white-and-blue houses of Oia and the black sands of Perissa and Perivolos beach, or customize your itinerary based on what you and your group want to see on the island. Book Your Santorini Private Group Tour Here.

Half Day Sunset Sailboat Tour

Sunset on a Sailboat (afternoon) Half Day – SANTORINI, OIA, PALEA KAMENI, NEA KAMENI, PLAYA ROJA, PLAYA BLANCA. Book Your Half Day Sunset Sailboat Tour Here.

Ios Island Trekking Tours: Discover Ios Unexplored

They offer on demand tours according to your needs. Choose among a variety of tours around the paths of the island or join them to discover Chora it self. Discover Ios through it’s paths and history, learn about history, taste local cheese and wine and explore the churches that can be found in every corner. Book Your Ios Island Trekking Tour Here.

Ios to Santorini Helicopter Flight

Enjoy a comfortable arrival at the island of Ios with our private helicopter transfer service from Santorini to Ios. Book Your Ios to Santorini Helicopter Flight Here.

Best Ios Restaurants

La Buca Restaurant $11 – 30

At La Buca Restaurant you can enjoy original Italian flavours, especially appetisers, meat dishes, as well as a wide variety of pasta dishes at very reasonable prices. Here you will savor original Cycladic dishes and Al dente pasta, and if you wish to bring the seafood aura to your plate, you may order pasta with fresh seafood. Telephone: 30 22860 91447 Web: La Buca Restaurant

Salt Restaurant Bar $11 – 30

The Salt Restaurant Bar offers you a full view of Milopotas beach, one of the most cosmopolitan spots on Ios Island. All the available meal options are inspired by the Mediterranean and International cuisines, while Salt Restaurant Bar can also be a good choice for your night out.  Telephone: 30 22860 92217 Web: Salt Restaurant Bar

The Mills $11 – 30

The Mills has mainly traditional Greek roots with a few adjustments now and then. The restaurant is famous for the moussaka, which is cooked in an old pot, as well as the grilled calamari and the healthy Greek salads made out from fresh ingredients. Barrel wine and Greek music make a perfect accompaniment to a lovely meal of local specialties. Telephone: 30 2286 091284 Web: The Mills

Lord Byron $11 – 30

The cuisine that one can taste here is delicious and healthy. The delicious courses are made with fresh local and natural produce, from seafood and meat to the most enticing pasta. Try a heavenly dessert to conclude the perfect meal. Telephone: 30 22860 92125 Web: Lord Byron

Enigma $11 – 30

Known for its lovely ambiance and tasty food, this restaurant specializes in Greek cuisine with fresh products and ingredients locally-grown. The Greek meze dishes are delicious starting from halloumi grilled cheese, oven-baked and fresh mushrooms.  There are enough choices for vegetarians, too, and some great traditional desserts, like baklavas, served with ice-cream. Telephone: 30 22860 91847 Web: Enigma

Best Ios Bars

Karma Beach Bar

Karma is a lovely beach bar located on the beautiful beach of Mylopotas Ios. The bar also hosts a restaurant with great Italian food, excellent coffee and amazing cocktails. Telephone: 30 22860 91156 Web: Karma

Cantina Del Mar Beach Bar

Cantina Del Mar is a beach bar-cafeteria located right on the main beach of Mylopotas one of the most crowded on Ios. The bar serves tasty sandwiches, a selection of fresh salads and great waffles. The evenings are ideal to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Aegean while listening to the lounge music of the bar. Telephone: 30 22860 91016 Web: Cantina Del Mar


Click cocktail bar is considered to be an old-time classic spot in Ios Town. Its comfortable and stylish ambiance, the nice music and its quality drinks make Click Cocktail Bar an ideal choice for all those who are looking for something special for their night out.   Telephone: 30 2286 027005 Web: Click

Coo Bar

Coo bar was designed with minimalist character, white decor and a brilliant lighting scheme with ever-changing shades. The menu of the bar has a special choice of drinks and cocktails. The DJ puts the best R&B music with rare mixes and amazing scratches. Telephone: 30 6982 063864 Web: Coo Bar

Blue Note

Blue Note has become quite popular among the Germans, English, Irish, and Australians. The bar mostly plays Swedish, Rock 40, Top 40 and Party rock music Mix. It is located in the upper main square of Chora and is open from late in the evening until the early hours. Telephone: 30 22860 92271 Web: Blue Note

Luxury Hotels in Ios Greece


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