Ionian Island Beaches

The Ionian islands are located on the western side of mainland Greece, forming the sea borders with Italy. Ionian Island beaches are popular for their green landscape and the wonderful crystal clear water.  Corfu and Zakynthos are the most popular islands, with Kefalonia and Lefkada are also developing some popularity. Navagio, Myrtos, Agios Gordis and Porto Katsiki are the most photographed sandy beaches in the Ionian Islands. Lefkada is famous for its exotic blue water, while the islands of Paxi-Antipaxi have gorgeous bays.  The rest of the Ionian islands, like Ithaca and Kythira, do not have as impressive beaches, but they do attract visitors for their relaxing family atmosphere. Due to the many islands in close distance to each other, the Ionian Sea is sailors paradise.

Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia

Myrtos Beach is about 30km from Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia.  This serene strip of sugar-white pebbles and cobalt-blue water rewards the traveler with peaceful silence and simplicity.  You won’t find any jet skis here, just a simple kiosk to grab a snack and admire the view.  Myrtos Beach has long been one of the most famous beaches in Greece.  It is hard to get to, with 2 km descending down a mountain road, but you’ll be glad you did. If you have kids, be careful of the sharp shelving of the beach into deeper water.  There is a snack bar on Myrtos Beach, but it is worth the trip to hop in the car and head to Platanos, a wonderful restaurant that sits on pretty Assos harbor and is famous for its fresh ingredients.

Myrtos Beach, Ionian Islands, best beaches of the Ionian Islands, best Caribbean beaches

Voutoumi Beach, Antipaxi

Voutoumi Beach bookended by blonde rocks, a deep-green woodland backdrop, and cyan-hued water gently lapping at your feet. This beach is not known to most people and most travelers miss it. It’s found on the almost uninhabited island of Antipaxi.  You’ll have to catch a caique from sister island Paxi to reach it, and the last boat returns at 5:00 pm.  There is a great restaurant, Bella Vista, which is a bit of a climb up some steps.  But you will be rewarded with magnificent views of the bay below and they have a great menu of fresh fish and local fare.

Voutoumi Beach, Antipaxi, Ionian Islands, best beaches of the Ionian Islands, best Caribbean beaches

Porto Katsiki, Lefkada

Porto Katsiki Beach is a very dramatic beach with foamy white waves rolling over aqua waters toward towering cliffs.  Porto Katsiki Beach is one of the world’s top beaches. The beach is wind-blown and ruggedly beautiful, and your first view of this dramatic beach and ocean will likely take your breath away.  In the late afternoon, the sun turns those serene white cliffs the color of honey, to match the sun tanned bodies below.  If you don’t want to eat at the snack bar in the car park, take a 10 minute walk from the beach up the hill above, and you’ll find  Bilvi  which is a nice spot for lunch.  Make sure to have the calamari or souvlaki.

Porto Katsiki Beach, Ionian Islands, best beaches of the Ionian Islands, best Caribbean beaches

Petani Beach, Kefalonia

At Petani Beach on the Paliki you’ll find beautiful  navy-and-turquoise water. This is a lovely little beach with the finest white sand, and water so clear it looks as if the yachts which pull in for lunch are floating. There are loungers for the available and the sweet notes of bouzouki music that plays in the background.  This is a gently sloping beach with the most enticingly clear water you’ll find in Greece.  Make sure you eat at Erasmia tavern which has front-row sunset views with a menu of fresh fish.

Petani Beach, Kefalonia, Ionian Islands, best beaches of the Ionian Islands, best Caribbean beaches

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos

Navagio Beach (or Shipwreck Beach) is the most famous beach of Zakynthos lying on the western side of the Ionian island, close to Anafotiria village. It is considered to be one of the best beaches in the world.  The Shipwreck is one of the most photographed landscapes in Greece.  The sand has completely surrounded the ship which now looks like it emerged from the sand. The vestiges of the ship can be seen in the middle of the large white sandy beach which has amazing turquoise and crystalline waters. Huge vertical cliffs of white rocks are surrounding the sand creating a unique and enchanting image. To reach this paradise, one has to take a little boat from the small port of Porto Vromi. These taxi boats are leaving every hour and the trip lasts 30 minutes.

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Ionian Islands, best beaches of the Ionian Islands, best Caribbean beaches

Agios Spyridon Beach, Corfu

The popular resort of Paleokastritsa, surrounded by olive trees, fills the area down the mountain to its six small beaches.  Agios Spyridon Beach has sapphire blue water, with a backdrop of tavernas.  Its the perfect spot to swim and flop on the fine sand of the child-friendly, gently shelving beach. If the kids get bored, they can go on the nearby yellow submarine, a glass-bottomed boat experience.  For a lunchtime feast of swordfish, grilled prawns and a wonderful nautical theme, go to waterside Limani taverna which is only a five minute walk from Agios Spyridon Beach.

Agios Spyridon Beach, Corfu, Ionian Islands, best beaches of the Ionian Islands, best Caribbean beaches

Agios Gordios Beach, Corfu

Agios Gordios Beach is one of the most popular beaches of Corfu. The beautiful cove is nested among the lush green mountain surrounded by olive tree forests, vineyards and impressive rocks.   The clear waters are ideal for a refreshing swim,  and water sports equipment is also available for both children and adults.  During the day, the beach is quite noisy with children playing in the waves. The beach is bordered by the impressive Ortholithi, a huge rock emerging from the sea.

Agios Gordios Beach, Corfu, Ionian Islands, best beaches of the Ionian Islands, best Caribbean beaches

Paleokastritsa Beach, Corfu

Paleokastritsa Beach is quite small but extremely known for its cold waters and delightful environment. It is considered as one of the best beaches in the Greek islands. It is surrounded by many bars and taverns therefore it is rarely quiet during the day. The area offers some excellent sea views.  The beach is surrounded by olive tree forests, creating a dramatic yet beautiful scenery.  It is considered one of the main tourist attractions in Corfu displaying a great number of hotels, bars and restaurants.

Paleokastritsa Beach, Corfu, Ionian Islands, best beaches of the Ionian Islands, best Caribbean beaches

Egremni Beach, Lefkada

Egremni Beach is a beautiful beach situated 40 km southwest of Lefkada. The long sandy beach is surrounded by impressive barren cliffs that create a magnificent backdrop. The white sand, shiny pebbles and crystal clear waters compose an exotic setting that attracts thousands of visitors every summer. the beach has a long row of sunbeds and umbrellas stretching to the end of the beach.   Egremni Beach also has some beautiful and more private spots.  Despite the amount of tourists that visit here, the rocky landscape offers a feeling of nice isolation. A couple of beach bars are found right on the beach. The unique beauty of Egremni Beach is one of the most photographed landscapes in the world and it offers an ideal swimming experience.

Egremni Beach, Ionian Islands, best beaches of the Ionian Islands, best Caribbean beaches

Antisamos Beach, Kefalonia

Antisamos Beach is one of the most favorable destinations for swimming and sunbathing in Kefalonia.  It is located close to the port of Sami.  Antisamos Beache has natural beauty with turquoise waters and wonderful green hills surrounding the area with lush vegetation.  At the beach you will find umbrellas and sundecks.  The stunning scenery of the area will captivate you.  This beach has gained worldwide recognition from the Hollywood movie Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, where some of the scenes were filmed here.

Antisamos Beach, Kefalonia, Ionian Islands, best beaches of the Ionian Islands, best Caribbean beaches

Gerakas Beach, Zakynthos

Gerakas Beach is one of the most attractive beaches in Zakynthos.  This beach has turquoise water and unique unspoiled features.  Gerakas Beach offers a shelter for the endangered sea turtle Caretta-Caretta.  Then sandy beach is great for swimming and sunbathing.  It is a large cove with wonderful clear waters and golden sand.  Some rock formations are scattered along the seashore giving the beach a protected and isolated feel.  The beach of Gerakas has an enchanting landscape and natural beauty that characterizes the island of Zakynthos.

Gerakas Beach, Zakynthos, Ionian Islands, best beaches of the Ionian Islands, best Caribbean beaches

Kathisma Beach, Lefkada

Kathisma Beach is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada.  It is located 15 km southeast of the main town, close to the village of Agios Nikitas. Kathisma Beach is one of the longest beaches in Lefkada with fine white sand and sparkling turquoise water. The beach is surrounded by a mountain backdrop which offers a feeling of total isolation, despite the major tourist activity.  It is a preferred destination among the young crowds. Enjoy a refreshing swim and relaxing sunbathing at Kathisma Beach. It is also an ideal beach destination with several water sports available including sky parachuting.  There are plenty of sun beds and umbrellas that cover the area.

Kathisma Beach, Ionian Islands, best beaches of the Ionian Islands, best Caribbean beaches

Agios Ioannis Beach, Lefkada

Agios Ioannis beach is the closest beach to Lefkada.  The long beach stretches for many meters and is surrounded by golden sand and blue green waters. The area boasts an exotic landscape which attracts thousands of visitors.  At Agios Ioannis Beach you will find plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas. The beach here is usually windy, so windsurfing is very popular here and the area attracts many skilled windsurfers.  There are cafes and water sports centers along the beach as well.

Agios Ioannis Beach, Lefkada, Ionian Islands, best beaches of the Ionian Islands, best Caribbean beaches


  1. Michael

    Hi My brother visited Porto Katsiki and said he had an amazing time there, nothing short of unforgettable and planning to go back there again, I have to show him this page, he probably doesn’t know about the other Islands, again thanks for sharing this

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You are very welcome Michael, and yes, I think anyone going to the Ionian Islands has an amazing time. It is just one of those bucket list places that needs to be visited. Thanks for visiting the Ionian Islands Vacations.

  2. Jed

    Wow! Amazing, whenever I read your article I can see the beauty of beaches. I have not yet planned for any vacation but when I will make it, your website is going to help me very much. I have bookmarked your post so that I can refer them back. Thank you for sharing such interesting articles. I loved reading your post.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thank you Jed and I am glad you enjoyed! Hope to see you soon 🙂

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    Thanks again.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I have not wrote city tour blogs yet, but they will be coming! Thanks for visiting Ionian Islands Vacations!

  4. shelby

    i had never heard on the Ionian island before reading your article! It looks so gorgeous and relaxing! I don’t know much about the weather in Greece. When is the best time of year to go? And I also loved the video; it really gives you a realistic view of the area and allows you to set expectations.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I would say the best time of year is going to be late may thru early September. Of course the weather is still nic in April and September. Thank you for vising these great beaches!

  5. Farhan

    So many places that I’ve never even heard about, and they have beaches that anyone would enjoy spending time at. Your list of awesome beaches really doesn’t end does it?

    This time, I really have to pick Agios Gordios beach. I will always plan to bring kids along for trips, so I guess the water sports equipment would be very useful for the whole family to enjoy!

    Great review!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      No, my list of awesome beaches seems to be never ending at this point 🙂 I have to have a beach that has water sports, somewhat of a crowd…brings in the atmosphere, and good, clean water. Thanks you for visiting the beaches of Ionian

  6. Reyhana

    These pictures are out of a dream, seriously! Your travel site is so informational. Every time i come on your website, you bring me to places that I have never heard of before and make me want to go there. These are wonderful vacation spots. Different from the usual Paris and London Eye spots. You make me want to go there now!!!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I am so glad that I having you wanting a vacation to these wonderful beach destinations. Europe has some of the best beaches in the world! If you ever need some help planning, just let me know! I’d be glad to help!

      1. Reyhana

        Thanks for extending your help. I will certainly let you know.. 😀

        1. Leahrae (Post author)

          You are most welcome!

  7. Alex

    Hi Leahrae,
    Those are amazing beaches! They seem so relaxing and the sand is so white!
    You know, I leave in Europe-Portugal and I have never been in Greece and it is a destiny that I always wanted to go.
    Maybe next year. Do you know if there are boat trips between the islands, to visit several islands?
    Thank you so much for such a nice post!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, Alex there are boat trips which I would highly recommend. You live so close, you are lucky! So many beach vacations just waiting for you. Thank you for visiting Beach Travel Destinations!

  8. Britt

    Wow, those beaches are amazing. Particularly the beach at Porto Katsiki. The cliffs over the beach and the clear water are right out of a movie.

    There are so many islands in Greece I can only imagine how many beaches available to visit. Your review does a thorough job of highlighting the best ones. Thank you!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You are welcome Britt…yes Greece as so so many great beach travel destinations. All wonderful, and top of it so much to see in Greece. Thank you for visiting Ionian Islands vacations!

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    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thank you so much Curtis. Thank you for visiting Ionian Islands Vacations. Truly a wonderful place for beach travel destinations!


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