Escape to the Best Island in the Philippines, Boracay!

Looking to escape to the best island in the Philippines, Boracay? Boracay Island is one of the top destinations in the Philippines and is blessed with a long stretches of powdery white sand beaches, crystal clear and azure waters, a stunning sunset, and more. And the island as plenty of adventures and activities for people of all ages. You’ll never run out of exciting things to do, from swimming, island-hopping, diving, snorkeling, parasailing, kayaking, dining, and parties. Boracay has been cited many times as one of the best islands and beaches in the world. Tourists from all over the Philippines can once again explore Boracay’s clear waters and gorgeous stretches of white sand. But with the threat of COVID-19 pandemic, the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) has released a set of guidelines and tourist requirements to follow and consider before you jump at the chance to book that ticket to Boracay. For these guidelines, you can go here. You can visit the Most Beautiful Islands in the Philippines here or on Pinterest.

Things Not to Miss: • Go barefoot to experience the soft sands of White Beach • Explore Puka Shell Beach • Go “island hopping” to snorkel or check out sea caves • Get an authentic Hilot Filipino Massage, using coconut oil • Go out to Ariel’s Point for canoeing, snorkeling or kayaking

Boracay Weather – Best Time to Visit

The weather in Boracay is beautiful all your round, but peak season in Boracay runs from the Christmas holiday season until May (with an extra jump in crowds around Easter). The shoulder season, when temperatures tend to be a little cooler, lasts from October to December. If you want to save the most money, visit between June and October, but you do risk getting some rain showers as a trade-off. January is the high season for one reason: the Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival, the Philippine version of Mardi Gras, and the annual water-sports competition, the International Funboard Cup.

No matter what time of year you decide to choose, the weather will always be very pleasant. The average high temperature is approximately 86°F , while the average lows are at around 77°F. The hottest are from from March to June, while the wettest months are from August to October.

5 Best Beaches in Boracay

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White Beach

White Beach is about 4 km, and occupies half of the island’s west coast and offers stunning sunset views. The beach is divided into 3 subareas or stations, each of them with its own specific atmosphere. Station 1 is the rather upscale and serene northern part of the beach, Station 2 is the buzzing central part with restaurants, bars and shops while Station 3, the southern part of the beach, has a tranquil and natural atmosphere that attracts budget travelers.

Puka Shell Beach Boracay Philippine Islands, Escape to the Best Island in the Philippines, Boracay!, best Boracay Tours & Activities, things to do in Boracay, best Boracay Tours & activities, best Boracay Restaurants, best Boracay bars, best Boracay Hotels
Puka Shell Beach

The main asset of Puka Shell is its serenity and lack of crowds, especially during the morning and late afternoon. The main activities available here are kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming, playing beach volley and enjoying a beach massage. There are only a few shops and restaurants to grab drinks and snacks from here, and they are need the entrance of the beach. But note, the prices are rather steep. At dusk, you can spot giant fruit bats taking off from nearby caves in the forest.

Tambisaan Beach Boracay Philippine Islands, Escape to the Best Island in the Philippines, Boracay!, best Boracay Tours & Activities, things to do in Boracay, best Boracay Tours & activities, best Boracay Restaurants, best Boracay bars, best Boracay Hotels
Tambisaan Beach

The marine life here is second to none, and features plenty of coral species as well as many types of fish and crustacean, all starting about 30 meters from the shore. Snorkelers and scuba divers come here for Crocodile Island, which is considered one of the best diving sites in the Philippines.


Diniwid Beach Boracay Philippine Islands, Escape to the Best Island in the Philippines, Boracay!, best Boracay Tours & Activities, things to do in Boracay, best Boracay Tours & activities, best Boracay Restaurants, best Boracay bars, best Boracay Hotels
Diniwid Beach

Diniwid is a compact beach that offers a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere. There’s a handful of good restaurants where you can have a drink and meal.  Several beach bars rent out loungers, and you can enjoy swimming between the rocks. Enjoy the slightly exclusive atmosphere, and its distance from the lively White Beach.



Balinghai Beach Boracay Philippine Islands, Escape to the Best Island in the Philippines, Boracay!, best Boracay Tours & Activities, things to do in Boracay, best Boracay Tours & activities, best Boracay Restaurants, best Boracay bars, best Boracay Hotels
Balinghai Beach

Balinghai Beach is a small cove located north of Diniwid and south of Punta Bunga. The beach is a small paradise shaded by tropical trees and dotted with big stones. If you’re looking for a tranquil spot far from the hustle and bustle of White Beach, Balinghai is one of the best in Boracay.


Best Boracay Tours & Activities

WaterColors – Discover Scuba Diving in Boracay

Quickly and easily learn the basics of scuba diving in Boracay at one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. This scuba diving lesson doesn’t lead to certification but it does drill you on basic safety guidelines and key skills needed to dive under the supervision of a PADI instructor. Enjoy two dives: one in shallow waters plus an open water dive that can be reached by boat, both off White Beach. Book Your WaterColors Scuba Diving Tour in Boracay Here

Boracay Island Hopping+ Hot Kawa Bath+ Parasailing+ Helmet Diving

Spend a day in watery paradise on this fun tour that includes many water-based activities. Hop between islands on a boat tour and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, parasailing, and even helmet diving on the ocean floor. If you want to relax after all this activity, take a hot kawa bath, infused with flowers and herbs and heated with a natural fire. Book Your Boracay Island Hopping + Hot Kawa Bath + Parasailing + Helment Diving Here

Blue Lagoon & Eco Cold Spring Adventure in Aklan

Get ready to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the province of Antique on this day trip to Malumpati Cold Spring and
Bugang River. Experience river tubing in one of the Philippines’ cleanest waters! If you are looking for an
eco-adventure tour, then this is a must- try and must-not-miss opportunity. This festive river tubing adventure will
surely give you and family/friends a memorable experience as you ride the waters of Bugang River in a giant donut. Book Your Blue Lagoon & Eco Cold Spring Adventure in Aklan Here

Boracay Sunset Island Hopping w/ Buffet Dinner

Relax in the stunning beaches of Boracay in this one of a kind private island excursion. Get the ideal view of the sunset as you cruise through the beautiful waters of Boracay and end the night in a buffet dinner. Book Your Boracay Sunset Island Hopping w/Buffet Dinner Here

Boracay Island Hopping (private)

Spend a day out on the clear waters of the beautiful islands of Boracay in this budget-friendly private tour. This is perfect for anyone wanting to explore the beaches and seeing different kinds of marine life up close through swimming and snorkeling. Book Your Boracay Island Hopping Private Tour Here

Best Boracay Restaurants

Epic Boracay $11 – 30

Epic Boracay is a modern restaurant with an elegant atmosphere by day and a stylish, beachfront club cum lounge by night. All-day brunch is served, along with a variety of dishes ranging from starters to mains (these include chicken, pork and seafood). Telephone: 63 36 288 1477 Web: Epic Borcay

Nagisa Under $10

Nagisa is an elegant beach cafe serving an impressive variety of Asian food, with an emphasis on Japanese cuisine. Choose from prawns, spring rolls, tuna and salmon ceviche, sushi, Gyoza, ramen noodles and much more. Telephone: 63 36 288 5049 Web: Nagisa

Smoke Resto Under $10

The Smoke is a casual dining Asian restaurant, with a laid-back atmosphere and affordable, delicious food. Here you can find tasty soups, meat/chicken/seafood and rice dishes, as well as a few tofu-based vegetarian options. Some international foods, such as burgers, are served as well. Telephone: 63 36 288 4790 Web: Smoke Resto

Aplaya the Beach Bar & Italian Restaurant $11 – 30

At Aplaya the Beach Bar & Italian Restaurant you’ll be able to tuck into delicious pizza and pasta, as well as steaks and other Italian cuisine specialties. At night, the ambiance becomes more relaxed and patrons often opt for ordering water pipe (served directly on the beach) or the incredible Margaritas. Telephone: 63 36 288 2851 Web: Aplaya the Beach Bar & Italian Restaurant

Christina’s $11 – 30

Located at Hennan Regency Resort & Spa, Christina’s is an elegant restaurant set directly on the waterfront. The food is exquisite, with a selection of international dishes available. Choose from meats, seafood, and Italian specialties such as risotto and pizza. Live bands play at night. Telephone: Web: Christina’s

Best Boracay Bars & Nightlife

Wave & Bar Lounge

Wave Bar and Lounge boasts an attractive location right on the beachfront, at the Hennan Regency Resort. An elegant bar before sundown, the venue gradually turns into a lively night club with a busy dance floor as it gets darker. Prices are on the higher side. Telephone: 63 9158434281 Web: Wave & Bar Lounge

Bombom Bar

A mix of reggae and ethnic sounds fill the air at the low-key BomBom Bar, live music performances being held here regularly. The large, inviting garden with chairs and tables made of driftwood is a quaint detail. Serves both food and drinks. Telelphone: 63 36 288 4795 Web: Bombom Bar

Manic Monkey

The Manic Monkey Crew organizes some of the best parties on Boracay. If you want to have fun and dance all night, try the Jungle Pool Party, which is exactly what it sounds like – an escapade by the pool amidst lush tropical greenery. Telephone: Web: Manic Monkey

Exit Bar

With its authentic “beachy” vibe, Exit is a relaxed bar popular for pre-drinks and after-parties. Sink your feet into the sand and enjoy reggae and hip hop music with a beer in your hand, imbibing the chill party atmosphere. Drinks are very affordably priced. Web: Exit Bar

The Ruf Resto Bar

Located on the Ferra Hotel rooftop, this elegant bar is a very relaxed evening venue with a selection of drinks and food items on offer. Light, jazzy music fills the air, and the views of the Boracay skyline are some of the best on the island. Telephone: 63 91 768 091 40 Web: The Ruf Resto Bar

Best Boracay Hotels


  1. Warren

    This place looks awesome!  The one question I have it that if you go in the months of June – Aug, which is our summer months in the northern hemisphere, is the main issue the rain or does it get a little cooler with let humidity? I also checked out the costs from your hotel listings.   Very reasonable.  Thanks for the great write up.  Well done.


    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thank you Warren!  I am glad you enjoyed your visit to Beach Travel Destinations.

  2. Miriam Mechelli

    I’ve never been to the Philippines, but Boracay really feels like paradise … white sand, affordable prices, and then the coconut oil massages!

    I love peaceful and relaxing holidays and this island seems to have all the credentials to offer a dream holiday!

    I absolutely must book a vacation!

    The way you describe the places makes you want to pack up and go straight away, Leahrae!

  3. Misty Outdoors

    Wow!  This place looks absolutely amazing.  It is so hard to believe that some of these hotels are less than $20 a night.  I didn’t realize this was even possible anymore.  Are there all inclusive family trips here – airfare, hotel, transportation and food?  I would love to bring my kids here. The white sandy beaches and crystal blue water look so inviting!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes, there are a variety of packages available as well.  I will email you some information and questions to get a feel for exactly what you are looking for and the ages of your children and we will go from there 🙂  You and your family will have an amazing time in Boracay!

  4. Collins22

    I have always watched the Philippines on TV since I was a kid and it just seemed like a dream destination. This article have a whole lot to me and it was very detailed as well which also made it a whole lot more interesting and d engaging to read through, thanks for sharing this, I’m definitely visiting

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      It is a dream destination Collins and definitely a bucket worthy vacation that everyone should experience, in my opinion anyway.  I am glad you enjoyed your visit to Beach travel destinations.

  5. Zbigniew

    Oh wow! A true paradise.

    You gave such a lovely review of the Philippines, Boracay. Looking at all these pics makes me want to go there! I will eventually do. I will look at these destinations with my wife and decide.

    I like how clear and concise you are with your reviews. They are elegant and please my eye.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me some comments.  I appreciate the input, and glad you enjoyed your visit to my Boracay Travel guide.

  6. johnny higgins

    So I have been planning on doing more traveling to different countries next but I’m hoping to get the best deals possible. So for someone who has never even been on a plane none been to another country when is the best time to do that? Where can I find the info to know what I don’t know about when traveling to these other countries?

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Boy Johnny, I don’t know when a best time is to travel.  Really depends on what you are looking for, how willing you are to visit another country and so on.  I know that once you do it, you will wonder why it took you so long 🙂  Thanks for visiting beach travel destinations.

  7. Cynthia

    This is a beautiful spot and I would love to go there!  I like the sound of White Beach as I could have the hustle and bustle of Station 2 but the beach is small enough to “escape” to Stations 1 or 3 if I wanted some quiet time.  I’d also sign up with WaterColors to do some scuba diving.  Is there lodging near this beach (walking distance)?  If so, which one would you recommend?  

  8. ebor

    First, I must say that the 4k drone footage is mind-blowing and captivating. Men, look at all those beautiful scenery about the Boracay Island. There are so many beautiful places in the world, Boracay Island has turned out to be among the best in my opinion, judging from that photos I have seen.

    Thanks a lot for this beautiful post.

  9. Abel

    My family and I are planning to go on vacation this month. And we want to go to the Philippines. But all this COVID-19 and vaccination thing has left us with several questions. Do you know if it’s a requirement to be fully vaccinated as a tourist and submit a negative RT-PCR test result when going to Boracay?

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You will have to submit a negative RT-PCR test if you are not fully vaccinated (not including a booster), and you have to stay at a confirmed accredited hotel and show proof of the booking.  Then you are set 🙂  If you are vaccinated, these limitations are a non issue.  Hope this helps.

  10. Ingrid Robins

    I myself have been to Boracay many many Years ago. It is a beautiful island. Very relaxing, I like all the beaches you can visit and explore. Your blog has a lot of useful information for any traveler looking to visit Boracay. I like all the pictures you have incorporated it make you feel as if you are on holidays already.


    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Great Elke, I am glad you enjoyed and maybe another visit to Boracay is in order.  It is beautiful, that is true 🙂  I am glad you enjoyed my Boracay Philippines guide.  Thanks for stopping by.

  11. LineCowley

    With winter having arrived where I live, I would love nothing more than to escape to the beach and Boracay Island sounds idyllic. Snorkeling, kayaking and island hopping would be high on my list of things to do. Tambisaan beach and Crocodile Island seems to be the best destinations for the snorkelers and divers. And it looks as if there is a lot on offer for those that want to party the night away. 

    Hotel prices seem to be very affordable, but are there any campsites in Boracay? Would it be considered safe to camp in Boracay, or are other parts of the Philippines better for camping? Thank you. 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      There are camp sites and also glamping sites 😀  So you do have some options.  I have not done camping at such a destination, but I think it would be wonderful!  Thanks for taking the time to leave me comments.

  12. Daniel Tshiyole

    In your opinion, out of all the beaches mentioned, which one is the best beach and why? I have always wanted to go to the Philippines but I do not want to go alone. I am surrounded by people that don’t really like traveling but I will go one of these days 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I would head to Puka Shell Beach.  I’m not one for huge crowds, heck I live on a ridiculously crowded beach, so finding relaxation and serenity….the only way to go!  

  13. Ephraim Edeh

    Yours is a tourist guide that can help any one desiring a holiday in Philippines not to miss anything at all. I’m thrilled with the full explanations of what to expect, what not to miss and set of guidelines and tourist requirements to follow before finalising arrangements for the travel. It’s marvelous and nice and no tourist will miss it after reading this.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Very true and glad you found the information helpful  Thanks for visit my Boracay Travel Guide.


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