Best Affordable Beach Resorts

Escaping to relax looks a little different for everyone, but we can all agree that a reasonable price tag equates to relaxation almost as much as a hammock and a cold one. So here are my favorite affordable beach resorts worldwide, with most checking in between $70 and $300 per night.

B Ocean Resort, Ft. Lauderdale Florida

B Ocean Resort is a modern oceanfront destination. Lounge on their private beach while enjoying delicious food and drink options or catch a one-of-a-kind mermaid show at the world-famous Wreck Bar. With spacious, beach-chic rooms, superior services, and amenities like two on-site swimming pools, this Fort Lauderdale Beach resort was designed to give you the freedom to Just B You! Average Room Rates: $119

Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort, Tobago

Situated along two and a half miles of beach, the grounds offer nature trails and canopy walks through a virgin mangrove forest. Experience Tobago’s oceanfront luxury resort where you will find a rich cultural experience to help rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with exceptional comfort and service during your holiday. Average Room Rates: $215

Plaza Beach Hotel, St Pete Florida

All the suites come with kitchenettes; great for families and couples who want all the amenities of home. Amenities include a beautiful pool overlooking the beach, private beach access with free hammocks, beach chairs, and a professional grade volleyball net for our guests to play. You can also try some other adventures like para-sailing, jet skiing, beach cabanas, kayaks, paddle boards, aqua-bikes, and a huge water slide. Average Room Rates: $115

Mancora Marina Hotel, Peru

This hotel is a new alternative for people traveling to Mancora. It has been created to host the high end traveler who has been looking for a place in the beautiful beaches in the north of Peru. They also have various attractions (rides on our yacht, adventure fishing, surfing lessons, etc.) that will make an unforgettable experience. Average Room Rates: $110

El Sitio de Playa Venao, Panama

This property is located on the Pacific coast of Panama and has a rustic design with modern style. It features free WiFi, a pool and an on-site surf shop that offers surf board rentals and surfing lessons. Each room has it’s own character, uniquely names, colored and decorated. Expect the sound of the waves to follow in you in. Average Room Rates: $84

Islander Resort, Islamorada Florida

Located directly on the beach in the Florida Keys, this hotel offers spacious accommodations equipped with microwaves and refrigerators and easy access to attractions and activities. Relax and enjoy beautiful views from fully furnished private porches or lanais. Spend the afternoon lounging by the Islander’s 2 on-site swimming pools. Enjoy on-site dining at Beachside Bar and Grill. Average Room Rates: $249

The Tides Beach Club, Kennebunkport Maine

Watch the waves push toward shore from the comfort of the front porch, wend your way down the beach path to sink your toes in the sand and splash in the surf, then head back to the hotel to enjoy a classic cocktail in the lobby of The Tides Beach Club. Featuring classic architecture enhanced by modern touches wrapped in coastal-chic decor, The Tides hotel delivers a light, airy vibe and a lively social scene. Average Room Rates: $279

B-Lay Tong Beach Resort, Phuket Thailand

B-Lay Tong resort is a truly unique experience. Their guest rooms feature artistic blends of colors, the courtyard is a peaceful area to relax and read or simply enjoy the weather, and their large infinity pool offers a view of the ocean, perfect for chilling out, and great for watching the sun set on the ocean horizon. Average room rates start at $70.

Cass House, Cayucos California

Start your morning with a complimentary breakfast from their Bakery. During the day, sit and linger, walk through town, or enjoy the beach directly across the street. Cass House is perfectly located to all the Central Coast has to offer: water sports, hiking trails, and the Paso Robles Wine Trail. Average room rates start at $118.

Hallmark Resort & Spa, Cannon Beach Oregon

At Hallmark Resort & Spa Cannon Beach, there’s a room for every whim and every budget. From standard rooms for two, to two-bedroom suites for the whole family, they’re the ultimate Cannon Beach hotel for your perfect oceanfront resort getaway.

What to Pack For a Luxurious Beach Vacation:

You have your plane ticket booked and hotel reserved, and what to pack still remains. But if you think that any accessory or swimsuit will suffice, think again. A luxurious beach vacation involves so much more than shedding clothes and jumping in the ocean. You have to look good, especially if you staying at five star resort. Such resorts warrant items that have a little more posh than practical. For the basics you can visit our best beach gear page. Here are the items you’ll need for your luxury beach vacation:


Swimsuit: This is a must, whether you are exploring the beaches or just chilling in the pool, you must have at least one swimsuit for your luxury beach vacation.

Beach Shorts/Denim: You need something casual to wear around the resort during the day, like these.

Cover-Up: Easy breezy just to cover up that swimsuit and move around the resort during the day.

Summer Tops: Stay cool with a cute summer top to go with your denim shorts.

Sunglasses: Gotta have a good pair of sunglasses to wear around the resort and the classic Ray Bans do just the trick.

Sunhat: Try this fashionable Fedora Hat to make you look more elegant and casual.

Beach Bag: Don’t forget to bring a beach bag to keep items like your kindle, phone, ipod, room key or camera while your chilling on the beach or around the resort.

Maxi Dress: Maxi dresses are hands down the best way to be super comfortable and look glam in the evening! Rock them with a nice pair of sandals and you are ready to party all night long!

Sandals: Try Plaka Sandals, with unique designs using high-quality materials and special color mixes you’ll love. Also great to have is a good pair of platform sandals for going out.

Face Cream: You will want a a good face moisturizer with sun block to keep your face looking vibrant and healthy.


Board Shorts: You’ll need board shorts with that are functional and colorful for relaxation, by the pool and for a day at the beach.

Tank Tops: You’ll want a few cool and fun tank tops to take with you.

White Dress Pants: A good pair of white dress pants will be great for your evening out, or a comfortable pair of dress shorts.

Polo/Button Down Shirt: Required by some of the restaurants for dinner, we commend something like this.

Hat: Men need to keep the sun off their face too. Try this great twill hat.

Sunglasses: Gotta have a good pair of sunglasses to wear around the resort and the classic Ray Bans do just the trick.

Flip Flops: Get these great beach-ready sandal featuring a fabric thong strap.

Dress Shoes: A must have for dinner, casual yet comfortable and stylish. The classic boat shoe silhouettes designed to perform on or off shore.


  1. Patrick

    Hello Leahrae,

    Thank you so much for your beautiful site. It is full of a lot of important information for beach lovers like my family. My family is planning a trip to Virginia Beach early next month. And probably to Florida in July. I think there’s a lot of other valuable information on your site. My wife and I will take some time to search for better deals from your site when we have a chance. Once more, thank you!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Great Patrick. If you need any additional information, please feel free to ask. I live in Florida, so I can also help you with that 🙂

  2. smac

    Hi I really enjoyed your website, it is very inviting and the photos are absolutely amazing!.  I have not heard of some of the places that you showcase and that I find very interesting which makes me want to go to all of them.  When a person wants to travel sometimes it is difficult to find the best place to go and you give many options and new ideas on your website.  Thank you for the information and sharing some of your favourite places to travel to that are also very affordable.  You have given me the inspiration to travel.  Happy Trails!! 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Great!  Traveling is awesome, especially to great beaches 🙂  Thanks for visiting the best affordable beach resorts.

  3. HighLife101

    Love this article about the Best Affordable Beach Resorts.  I have bookmarked this because I feel like I will be referring back to it again and again because you have a lot of my favorite destinations on your list. In the short term however, my family who lives in Boca Raton keeps inviting me to come visit them.  They want me to stay in their house but as much as I love my parents and the rest of my family, it gets too stressful staying in the same house with them, and it usually ends in a fight.  So instead, I am thinking of reserving the B Ocean Resort in Ft. Lauderdale, as it is only 20 minutes away from Boca Raton and averages $119 a night for a room, that’s awesome!.  That way I can spend time with my family but retreat to a wonderful retreat when they drive me crazy.  Also I think this way I could spend two weeks there getting in some relaxation and spending time with my family, I might even invite them over to the resort to enjoy all the amenities, I think it will really be nice and a win-win all the way around.  Thanks for this AWESOME information. 

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You are very welcome.  And…I couldn’t agree with you more!  I know I feel the same way.  Love my family, but staying at the house with everyone 24/7 can be very stressful.  This way, I can take the family in smaller doses and also enjoy some me time.  Glad you enjoyed and found your next beach destination!  Thanks for stopping by the best affordable beach resorts.

  4. Cathy

    Funny how I keep coming back to your blog while researching for beach holiday destinations. After reading your last recommendation, we look up some hotels in Hawaii and found them to be way off our budget. Not to mention the cost of traveling there with the whole family. I guess luxuries do come with a price, but we are still trying to work things out. 

    While looking at other options here, I found that the ones in Florida aren’t bad either. Will definitely check them out. Thanks!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I live in Florida Cathy, and I can say that the beach resorts here are a LOT more budget friendly than with other destinations.  Of course there are some that are up there with the rest of them, but there are bargains to be had fo sure.  Thanks for visiting beach travel destinations.

  5. Vicki

    I love, love LOVE this website. I just want to know one thing. Will you come and pack my bags and fly me to each of these destinations. They all look so incredible and I am ready 🙂

    It’s winter here in New Zealand and I got transported to simmer just like that.

    My Goal is to visit friends in Florida when my biz really kicks off and I am already relaxing by the pool in my head and seeing these gorgeous places, including Florida makes me so much more determined to work hard and travel to at least 4 of these beach resorts.

    You rock, Thank you

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thanks Vicki!  I live in Florida and you will love vacationing here 🙂  Please let me know if you need any questions answered.  Thanks for visiting beach travel destinations.

  6. Robert

    Thank you for this affordable beach resorts review. This is what I was looking for as I am now planning a trip to somewhere warm for the winter in another 6 months. Though I like Florida and will have to check out Plaza Beach Hotel in St. Pete, the two that interest me the most are Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort in Tobago and El Sitio de Playa Venao in Panama. Does the girl in the picture by the pool come with the room? 😉

    It will probably be the one in Panama because my girlfriend is Panamanian and she has been wanting to go back to Panama and visit some of her relatives she has not seen in a while. Going to the resort there would be a nice relaxing time in between the visits so we do not have to sleep over at her relatives homes. And being that this resort is on the same side of Panama that her relatives are is a win-win.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Hey Robert, I don’t think your girlfriend would like the girl coming with the room!  LOL  I live near St Pete and the Plaza Beach Hotel is wonderful and they have the best bartender and the best little tiki bar 🙂  My favorite place to go actually!  Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful time in Panama.

  7. Ronald L Washington

    Your page is very interesting and engaging. The architecture is sound and the writing highlights the beauty and serenity of the places you showed in your pictures. Their placement on the page grabs your eye and gets your attention. You can’t help but sink into the pictures and imagine being at these lush locations Good job!.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Thank you Ronald!  I am glad you enjoyed!

  8. Alexa7

    Hi, Leahrae.

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your website. Lots of interesting and informative post; you make it tough to choose just one destination. They’re all so tempting. After narrowing it down though, I have a question regarding the Cass House, Cayucos, California. It’s stunning and would be the perfect setting for my sister’s upcoming wedding. My inquiry – Would you happen to know if they are hosting wedding receptions too. Of course, we’d book the entire weekend, but I couldn’t find any information regarding weddings. I’d sure be grateful to hear back from you because the location is simply fabulous. 

    Thank you so much in advance.


    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      The Cass House is beautiful and a popular site for weddings.  And they will help you plan your wedding.  They are that popular for weddings.  If you go to the Cass House link and then give them a call, they would be more than happy to help 🙂

  9. Ann

    I honestly never really considered vacationing at a beach since I come from the tropics but maybe when I get tired of going to below freezing places for vacation. I’ll take a closer look at your choices 🙂 Are beach resorts usually that expensive? Forgive me for being a bit ignorant on my part but like I mentioned earlier, I’ve never vacationed at a beach resort before.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Yes Ann, usually beach resorts have a pretty hefty nightly rate.  I know I live here in Clearwater Beach Florida and the average room rate is $300 to $500 a night for a nice room.  There are motel like hotels (doors lead to the outside) that will save you.  But beach resorts are expensive.  Especially if you want to be right on the beach and have decent amenities.

  10. Dominic

    Hi Leahrae

    Thanks for the handy comparison, when I do get a chance to get away from work there’s nothing like the beach, I particularly like the idea of going to Thailand and spending time in the tropics.

    Is there any one of these resorts that you would consider to be the best for a budget minded family?

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Hi there, well of these are on my affordable list 🙂    You did mention Thailand and there are lots of choices that would be nice and budget friendly.  You can email me at with your dates and how many people and I can send you a list of options.   I look forward to hearing from you.

  11. Khobayer Khan

    This is a wonderful and helpful article about Best Affordable Beach Resorts. In your article, you collect beautiful resorts. Now I am a fan of your article. I am a traveler and I love traveling. Your article helps me a lot to find the best place to stay in. This article is really helpful for everyone. When I visit one of those countries I must read your article again and try to stay one of those resorts.
    Thanks for write such a wonderful and helpful article.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      Great, glad you enjoyed!  Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Alblue

    This is an interesting list. I plan to have a summer holiday in the USA, but I’m still considering to spend our holiday budget on the beach resort or something others. Based on your list above. I like the Cass House in California. We may allocate our remaining budget for enjoying Disneyland in California, if we choose this destination. I will need to discuss with my family. Thank you very much for your information here.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You are very welcome.  You will love the Cass Hiouse.  Just plan in advance as it does get booked up quickly.  When you visit, let me know your thoughts on this B&B.  Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Henry

    Hi! I have wanted to visit Tobago for quite a long time. So, Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort caught my attention. Tobago was selected by the Walt Disney Company back in 1958 for a film loosely based on the 1812 novel Der Schweizerische Robinson written by Johann David Wyss. The film is called the Swiss Family Robinson and I’m sure you have heard about it because besides receiving positive reviews by critics, it also gained large revenue at the box office. It is one of the most iconic live-action Disney films!

    What’s remarkable about Tobago is that when producers saw the island for the first time they “fell instantly in love”. I’d like to experience it myself, as you have stated, going over nature trails and canopy walks through a virgin mangrove forest.

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      I agree Henry, wonderful.  The history about Disney and the movie something I had not knew before, so thanks for sharing 🙂  I hope you can visit the Magdalena Grand Beach & Golf Resort soon 🙂  When you do, let me know what you thing.  Thanks for visiting beach family desinations.

  14. Joshi

    Wow Leahrae,

    What an excellent article. Thanks for digging out these affordable yet beautiful gems for us. After reading this page, I really want to go on a holiday :-). 

    Among suggested options, I really like the Plaza Beach Hotel (St Pete Florida) since I tend to be fussy about food and like the option of having a kitchenette to whip up something of my own. Will one suite be OK to fit in us and our two young kids?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestion as well as for inspiring me to travel 🙂



    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      You are very welcome. I live close to St Pete Beach and the Plaza Beach Hotel is wonderful!  Plus they have a great little Tiki bar on the beach that I love to frequent 🙂  Thanks for stopping by the best affordable beach resorts. 

  15. Judy

    Thanks so much for such a beautiful review… you’ve inspired me to take a vacation! There are some really wonderful looking places to explore here and the rates that you have highlighted are really good. I haven’t visited Thailand yet but after seeing such stunning accommodation for a really reasonable rate I’m in. Will be watching for some great airfare packages. Any ideas of what season is best to visit Thailand? Thanks again!

    1. Leahrae (Post author)

      The best time to visit Thailand is during the cool and dry season between November and early April.  I can also help put together a vacation package for you, just let me know 🙂


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