The Best Beach Gear


nikon-coolpix-aw130-digital-cameras-blueWaterproof Camera

The best waterproof cameras were once an expensive, but have become much more inexpensive and designed to be just as happy in the water as you are.  What to look for in an waterproof camera:Depth Rating – Underwater cameras are depth-rated. Water pressure increases with depth, and cameras can only withstand so much. The depth rating tells you just how far down they can go.  Shock Proofing measures the vertical height from which the camera can be dropped, but only under the makers’ precise testing conditions. These won’t necessarily reflect real-world conditions, and the makers don’t offer a guarantee against accidental breakage.  Freeze Proofing indicates the lowest temperature at which the camera is guaranteed to operate. But while the camera may be functional, that’s not to say the battery will be.  Lithium-ion cells are more tolerant than other types, but their capacity is still substantially reduced at these temperatures.  Read Our Review & Purchase Here

Our Top Pick:  Nikon COOLPIX AW130 Waterproof Digital Camera with Built-In Wi-Fi 

RheaFlip Flops

I know we all want to look great at the beach, and that includes our footwear.  But lets be honest not all flip flops work well in the sand or on slippery surfaces.  Here are the best picks for men and women:

Best Flip Flops for Men:  Rhea Vepo Sandals Slip Resistant Comfort Premium Shower Beach Pool Flip Flops  Read our Review & Purchase Here

Best Flop Flops for Women:  Clarks Women’s Breeze Mila Thong Flip-Flops  Read our Review & Purchase Here


Sure, “cool” is part of it. Everyone needs a little cool now and then.  But slipping on your favorite pair of shades before you go outside — every time you go outside — is more than just a nice look. It’s critical for a lot of reasons.  You’ll ward off those little wrinkles at the corners of your eyes caused by too much time in the sun.  You’ll keep the whites of your eyes from getting all red and nasty.  And you’ll block the sun’s eyeball-burning ultraviolet (UV) light.  So grab those sunglasses before you head for the beach, or the park, or anywhere outside. Grab them whether it’s bright or cloudy. And buy some for the kids in your life, too.

Top Sunglasses Pick for Men:  Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses  Read our Review & Purchase Here

Top Sunglasses Pick for Women:  Ray-Ban Women’s Erika Wayfarer Sunglasses  Read our Review & Purchase Here


You may know that sunscreen is a good idea, especially if you spend plenty of time in the sun, but do you know why? If you haven’t gotten in the habit of wearing sunscreen daily, you should… Read more on the importance of sunscreen why we choose Coola Natural Sunscreen.

Check out our Coola Natural Sunscreen Products & Purchase Here

beach umbrellaBest Beach Umbrella, shade & chairs

Enjoy your day on the beach and avoid being overexposed to the sun.  No trip to the beach is complete without a beach umbrella, some beach chairs, and for some a beach shade or tent.  So set up your space in the sand, and enjoy your day at the beach!  Buy the #1 best beach umbrella!

More of the best selling beach umbrellas and tents here


beach bagsBeach Bags

All year round we dream about lounging on perfectly sandy beaches under the scorching summer sun. Whether it’s Tuesday or Saturday, during the summer season, the beach is always on our minds and packing appropriately is crucial. First and foremost, a super cute beach bag is your bathing suit’s best friend so don’t skimp when searching for the perfect one. Using an old water resistant handbag where you may have messed up the liner at one point is always a resourceful option. To lighten your load and avoid taking a cooler, try placing your super cold drinks in the bottom of your beach bag and place your rolled beach towel over the top. When you arrive at the beach you’ll have a cool towel to lay on the hot sand and your drinks will be perfectly cold. A good  beach tote is essential in promising that you’ll have a fabulous ocean-side experience.  Having the right bag and carrying the right things will make your day at the beach awesome.  Read Our Review & Purchase Here    View All of the Best Beach Bags

beachclothesBeach Clothes & Swimming Suits

Beach vacations  tend to bring out some clothing skeletons.  Even if you’re an all-black-everything kinda gal in your normal routine, there’s something about heading to the beach that summons a completely different look to include floral prints, terry-cloth cover-ups, short shorts, scantily clad tops, short skirts, sun dresses, or just your bikini and some flip flops. Though vacations may seem like an entirely different style beast — the sand, heat, and pre-noon margaritas might have something to do with it — you don’t have to sacrifice your look to dress the part.  We have clothes from Planet Blue, Billabong, Roxy, and South Beach Swim Suits.  Come check out the best beach wear.

Beach TowelsBeach Towels

When you head to the sandy shores for some sun, be sure to pack a versatile beach towel. Whether you’re drying off after a swim or applying sunscreen by the pool, an oversized beach towel adds style to your outdoor adventures. Check our list of the best beach towels to suit every personality.   Add a splash of color to your summer beach vacation with a cheery beach towel.  Check out our beach towels and grab one for your next visit to the beach.

beach toysBeach Toys

For kids, the best part of a day at the shore is taking along all their beach toys.   Find everything bitty beachgoers need to have fun in the sun in one convenient place.  Our sand and beach toys selection are a blast.  Get the best beach toys here and have a fun adventure at the beach.  Get ready for your family beach trip with the essential best beach toys.


seawagWaterproof Cell Phone Case

The Seawag waterproof case for smartphone will be your ideal partner during your aquatic activities to protect your smartphone.  They are completely waterproof and tested to a depth of 25 meters (80 feet), even resistant to sand and dust.  These are an absolute must at the beach, and anywhere around water!  Read our review & purchase the Seawag Here!